Red Ribbon Silliness

Every year, elementary students are encouraged to do the most bizarre activities in furtherance of the DEA-glorifying Red Ribbon week. Here’s another one: Creating a drug-free message, which includes things like “crazy sock day with a reminder to ‘Sock Out Drugs!'”

I particularly loved the door-decorating contest with the winner “Toadily Against Drugs!”… particularly when you consider the psychoactive properties of the substance in the glands of many toads.

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7 Responses to Red Ribbon Silliness

  1. allan says:

    man… this red ribbon crap woulda ruined Romper Room when I was a Northwest sprout.

    Ok… now, look at that picture… are those women flipping the bird? I know some anti-drugnuts call ganja a hallucinamenogen but I ain’t trippin’, I know what I see.

  2. Well, I have known for some time that what you put your attention on , you will get more of. Dangle a steak in front of a lion and you have dinner.

    Dangle some drug idea’s in front of some impressionable youth and you get what? …idea’s about drugs. You end having 2 drug camps later in life-users and snitches. The perfect class. Makes life easier for the DEA too. Helps separate the good from the bad. The patriotic from the unpatriotic. The Government snitch and the prisoner. Thank goodness for law and order.

    Can’t call them Hitler youth in this day and age.

  3. Opiophiliac says:

    I bet the kids who made that “toadily” door decorator were totally hopped up on sugar, caffeinated soft drinks and ritalin.

  4. cy Klebs says:

    DARE Dishonest And Ridiculous Embarrassment!

  5. Francis says:

    “We’re toadies to our drug war masters.”

  6. Duncan20903 says:

    …and they wonder why people get high. Sheesh!

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