Happy Black Friday

Ten years from now, will we all be camping outside the big box cannabis store to get the best Black Friday deals on Christmas bud?

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  1. Duncan20903 says:

    10 years from now Black Friday will be known as Black Thursday.

  2. allan says:

    aaah… consumer cows grazing the corporate meadow… it’s interesting (socio/anthropologically speaking) how buying shit has become such a powerful force that even one of our favorite holidays goes down in flames when touched by Mammon.

    The potential is staggering. I mean imagine…

    – End of Life Black Friday! Terminal illness? Get 25% off this Friday on any item in the store!

    – Lost a loved one? Come on down! Bring that death certificate for a bonus 15% off!

  3. thelbert says:

    i hope that ten years from now i will still be growing my own, not buying from the man.

    • Common Science says:

      I hear you thelbert. Wouldn’t even cross my mind to be that unimaginative, going ‘big box’ for herb. A little seed swap from the couch for some veiny little cocoanuts would always suffice as the best choice to start a garden with.

  4. darkcycle says:

    What seems like a stupid mistake is actually an Argentine politician’s pot protest. Good one at Alternet. Pieces falling everywhere:

    • allan says:

      speaking of pot plants… I’m putting this year’s cannabis calendar together this weekend. Last year’s modest profit I split w/ Pete, donating 50% to DWR (and I meant modest) but this year, because the pics were taken at S Oregon’s High Hopes Farm, I’ll donate 50% to HHF’s legal kitty. I’ll post the link when it’s done.

      • claygooding says:

        I wish I was as smart as the camera I bought to take my own pot porn pictures with,,I get good pics but I know it’s capable of better.

        I call it porn because like porn,people that appreciate it can sit and look at it far longer than they should.

      • allan says:

        Well, the calendar is done. This year I called it High Hopes. As it was shot at High Hopes Farm and as HHF was robbed at harvest time by the DEA and local LE of medicine for 200 patients, this year I’m splitting the profits with half going towards HHF legal fees.

        2013 Cannabis Calendar – High Hopes

        As always, feedback welcome. Hope you all enjoy!

  5. Jeff Trigg says:

    Sorry Pete, not in Illinois, and especially not in Chicago where they limit and stifle all big box stores. We have no referendum or initiative option in Illinois, and won’t in the next ten years either, so we will still be at the mercy of the Democrat overlord Daleys, Madigans, Jacksons, Strogers, Cullertons, Burkes, Jones, etc. Unless our idiot voters, like the ones who just re-elected Jesse Jackson Jr and Derrick Smith, wake up very soon we will still live in one party dictatorship in ten years. Under Democrat control, we’ll be lucky to finally have medical cannabis in Illinois ten years from now. Put a Green or Libertarian in the Governor’s mansion and that person could finally implement the 1970s medical cannabis law in Illinois, but our idiot voters will continue to be idiots.

    The odds are Illinois will have a total financial collapse before the voters stop being little Democrat sheep, and even then they’ll still try to blame Republicans and still consider everyone who isn’t a Democrat a kook. I’ve got to get out of this state like the rest of my family has already done. Michigan, of all places, looks like my new target if I can’t get back to CA.

    One good thing to see, is that big box store Meijers sells just about everything one would need to grow cannabis indoors, except the seeds. They sell Humboldt Nutrients and Earth Juice, which is rarely used for anything but cannabis. I’m a PureBlendPro guy, but still, its encouraging to see Meijers carry cannabis fertilizers. Probably due to Michigan’s medical cannabis laws and Meijers seeing a demand for those products. Harder for cops to sit outside a Meijers writing down license plate numbers than it is for them to do that at Hydroponic stores.

    • claygooding says:

      It is still a good investment to open a hydro shop in any state considering mmj or legalization,especially if no competing outlets are within a couple of hours drive.

      I would imagine someone on the couch is watching the stock market on some of those items such as lights and nutrient companies stocks.

  6. claygooding says:

    Black Friday indeed,,and a friend came in for his families T-day and dropped off a teaser/taster sampler kit,,diesel and two other indica strains,,and one of them had a perfect looking seed in it,,now rubbing hands together waiting for the waning moon,,2 months vegetation,,take clones,when they are rooted firmly,,into the flower cabinet and in two weeks I will know if I have a female so I can turn one of the clones into a mother plant.

    Patience jackass,,patience.

  7. Nick says:

    Won’t need to.
    I grow everything I ever need or want.

  8. Landis says:

    Always I read the same old chior preaching to the same chior. Thank-you Pete for putting out the information. It is just the comments that are Stupid!!!

    • allan says:

      and this is your version of brilliant? Step up the quality then… let’s hear what ya got. Dazzle and amaze… it’s a free (tho’ far from shtoopid) couch.

      • darkcycle says:

        Yet he obviously reads them. Go figgur’.

      • Landis says:

        Who will hear? The deaf? Who see? The blind? Just hear, then see, then act or re-act. Talk, thoughts, words are useless, power in #’s….not. Be your own!!!!!!

        • allan says:

          really? That’s it? Oh c’mon… don’t hold back this time.

          besides Landis, I call BS – “Talk, thoughts, words are useless”

          What the hell is that? When I talked myself out of getting my head blown off by a cuppla guys high on PCP pointing a big pistola in my face, I found tremendous value in words. In fact in all my life I don’t think words have ever mattered as much as then. They were all I had.

          C’mon, give it another go.

        • Freeman says:

          Pretty lame response, Landis.

          Sure, a lot of the time we’re all singing the same tune here on the couch, but the folks who hang out here regularly have demonstrated the willingness and ability to entertain dissenting opinion (often expressed to us quite rudely — your comments don’t even register very high on our rudeness meter, it having been calibrated against arrogant know-it-all professors and other professional drug warriors). Don’t believe me? Check out the couch’s responses to rude dissent from Dr. Mark Kleiman here and here.

          If someone disagrees with us, we’re happy to calmly and rationally discuss our points of contention, even when we’re called stupid liars. If all you’ve got to say is that the comments here are stupid, without some indication of what it is you think is stupid about any of the comments, we have nothing to discuss and we’re left wondering what your point might possibly be.

  9. DonDig says:

    Maybe a half off deal on a new Volcano? (Or whatever the hot ticket item is by then.)
    It’s nice imagining that even though it is odd to do so.
    Actually I rather doubt that it will be the big box stores, but maybe a chain of leaf and tea houses will criss-cross the states that have legalized by then, (there might well still be a few outliers).
    How wild to be even contemplating such a thing. This is cautiously starting to feel a lot more like freedom to me.

  10. Slightly OT – Too early for shopping for me.

    There is a very nice opinion article in the NYTimes.

    Give Pot A Chance

    “Lead. That’s what transformative presidents do. From his years as a community organizer — and a young man whose own recreational drug use could have made him just another number in lockup — Obama knows well that racial minorities are disproportionately jailed for these crimes. With 5 percent of the world’s population, the United States has 25 percent of its prisoners — and about 500,000 of them are behind bars for drug offenses. On cost alone — up to $60,000 a year, to taxpayers, per prisoner — this is unsustainable.

    Obama is uniquely suited to make the argument for change. On this issue, he’ll have support from the libertarian right and the humanitarian left. The question is not the backing — it’s whether the president will have the backbone.”

  11. Landis says:

    Special Opps USN (Ret.) That is all. Carry on SF Brains

  12. Landis says:

    Besides all that allen… you sure know how to talk “BZ” Now carry on and do something constructive.

    • allan says:

      whatever… you have no idea what I do or have done.

      Again, if you wish to elevate the level of discourse, you may proceed Admiral… so far tho’ your comments are as lame as any. USN (Ret) or not…

      btw? Lots of these folks on the couch are military veterans.

      • Irie says:

        ….And God Bless each and everyone one of you veterans, my brother was in Nam, back when they were sending children in to groups of military men and blowing them up with bombs, he got drunk once and talked about how his platoon was made to line up every man (old or young), women, and child and shoot them, one of the platoon when awall (sorry about the spelling?) screaming into the jungle, 2 became junkies (once back on American soil) and the rest did it against their will. I personally don’t know how you all went through the military and came out still loving the great US of A when the leaders made you do what they make you do against your will and ethical thinking. Thanks again to all you who fought for my freedom!

  13. TINMA says:

    “Ten years from now, will we all be camping outside the big box cannabis store to get the best Black Friday deals on Christmas bud?”

    Naa, hopefully ten years from now it will have already been legal to grow your own….so no reason to wait out side. 🙂

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