Does President Obama need treatment?

The recent reminders of the President’s extensive past recreational drug use bring an important issue to the forefront. What will we do with the President?

All the relevant authorities have been clear on this subject– there is no such thing as consequence-free recreational drug use.

The “first way” has been deprecated by the ONDCP, so it’s unlikely that we’ll see the President cuffed on the side of the tarmac as they search Air Force One. And the “second way” silver bullet of legalization isn’t an option. It’s just not possible for someone to do weed and maybe-a-little-blow and then, without intervention, just go on and write books and become President and stuff.

Therefore, it’s clear that he needs treatment. Fortunately, based on the thousands of treatment places I see advertising on and spamming this site, there are apparently some choices available. And it’s possible that his health care plan may cover some of the cost.

Perhaps the President can be enrolled in a H.O.P.E. Program, where he can be assured of swift, predictable, and immediate sanctions — a perfect choice for an active man-on-the-go like him. All he’d have to do is make a phone call each weekday morning to see if he’s to be drug tested that day. Simple!

It’s imperative that we get going on this right away. If not, someone’s going to figure out that President Obama’s drug use is exactly like the drug use of the vast majority of recreational users. And suddenly, we’ll have millions of people wondering why the government is destroying their lives, when, if left alone, they could be somebody– maybe not President–but someone living their own dreams and hopes.

And we can’t have that, can we?

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  1. Well, I think if we staged an intervention, required some clean drug screens for at least 2 years, and got a clean bill of health from the nearest addiction therapist, we might be able to forgo any probation in light of the fact that he is ready to begin his quest for a second term. Some concentration on early life trauma incidents as it relates to abusing substances (substance use disorder category in the new and improved version of the DSM V coming in May 2013 to a community center near you) will ensure some balance in the coming four years. Group counseling up to standards approved of by the ONDCP. No fines or costs as it will hopefully all be covered under Obamacare.

  2. Denial becomes a problem here. If expressed during the intervention, care should be taken to remove his belt as suicidal ideation and depression are common amongst those being treated for marijuana usage during interventions sometimes persisting into treatment phases during probation.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      But isn’t that precaution only if you’d prefer that the intervened doesn’t commit suicide? It sure doesn’t sound like a bad thing to me in this particular intervention.

      Oh shit, forget I said that. A horrid thought just crossed my mind…President Biden. Never mind. Double the precautions and strip him naked. He might hang himself with his jockey shorts.

  3. CJ says:

    hahaha that was awesome pete!!! and to you to wrote the replies, that was awesome also!!! while i had a big smile and laugh and truly appreciated you both, doesnt it also get one so angry??

    oh and pete i always wondered about those rehab advertisements!! just so you know, i have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever about using computers or the internet. aside from knowing how to type and knowing how to search the internet i am completely 1 million percent illiterate. I’d always assumed that somehow they contact you or work an agreement out with you as would normally with advertising but im assuming thats not the case? is that right?? are these pieces of garbage, living 21st century gestapo/nazi institutions legitimately basically forcing their advertisements on your page?? oh that gets me so much more angry than i was a moment ago. I know your a busy man and cant reply to everything but if you do find a moment, can you tell me if that is so? these so called “treatment” facilities are invading your page and coercing, forcing themselves upon you as so called “treatment” does in reality?

    • darkcycle says:

      CJ Google decides those adds based on your surfing habits.

    • Dissident420 says:

      Gestapo/Nazi? Fair enough. Everyone hates fascists. But have you ever heard of the Stasi/NKVD? Or the leftists who are opposed to legalization because they are scared of the “evil” capitalists who they think will use weed to make a profit?

      You think “straight-edge” is a right-wing movement?

      Gary Johnson 2012

  4. Pete says:

    Exactly. I don’t choose the ads, but work with google to provide advertising.

    It’s a complex algorithm of how ads end up here. Some has to do with you own surfing habits – which is why I sometimes see a local ad. Others have to do with the content of the page (or a combination).

    Treatment places tend to like to advertise on web pages that have words like “drugs” on them, so we end up seeing a lot of them. But that doesn’t help me at all since I only get paid for ad clicks. Our readers aren’t that interested in treatment. I’d do much better with ads for taco bell or best buy.

    I can block specific ad sources, and I spent some time adding treatment places to the list of “don’t accept ads from” but no matter how many I add, there are dozens more.

    • Matthew Meyer says:

      So Pete, if we just click the initial link, without necessarily going further, you get paid?

      I mean, a feller can spare a few clicks here and there, for sure!

      • Pete says:


        I am specifically prohibited in my advertising contract from encouraging readers to click ads just to generate ad revenue.

        • Matthew Meyer says:

          That is an entirely sensible and honest answer about what is surely a reasonable policy. Thanks.

        • Duncan20903 says:


          Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink. Say no more, say no more.

          What in the world would make anyone think we need to be encouraged to do something like that?

        • Rick Steeb says:

          So I’ll need to disable “Adblock Plus” for this site to see what y’all are talking about… ?

  5. Matthew Meyer says:

    This whole thing has been getting enough mainstream media coverage that I hope it leads to something.

  6. primus says:

    Formerly, I clicked on the links because I thought the same; give Pete a little love. I was informed that Pete receives nothing for the clicks, so I stopped. If it will get you money, I will click and click and click because if it gets you money, it costs them money without them getting any benefit. I hope to cost them lots and give you lots. If everyone does this, we might bankrupt a couple of these parasites. Please let me know whether to click or not.

    • Pete says:

      I am specifically prohibited in my advertising contract from encouraging readers to click ads just to generate ad revenue.

    • Duncan20903 says:

      primus, forget about Pete. Even better than lining his pockets is the thought that it will cost those people money. Sometimes it isn’t important who gets paid, but who pays.

    • darkcycle says:

      My error, Primus, I’ll ‘fess up. *in his best Emily Littella voice* Never mind. Apologies, Pete.

  7. Auggie says:

    I’ve often wondered the same thing. Can we benefit the cause by simply clicking on ads displayed here?

  8. Auggie says:

    Cool, click away everyone!

  9. TeaPot Party says:

    I say we stage an “Interception”…
    Turns out that not only was he a stoner but he was that dick-head friend who’s always trying to scam that extra hit.

  10. Duncan20903 says:


    This stuff may be drawing a lot of attention, but I just can’t get a word in edgewise because of all the imi-cons who see it as entrée to gratuitously denigrate Mr. Obama.

    • claygooding says:

      Goto his facebook page and put your thoughts on his “casual” drug use and even more casual sense of justice.

      • Peter says:

        Interesting that his example of what he’s doing for small businesses features a start up brewing company. No word about all the small businesses closed down in CA because of Obama’s raids on cannabis dispensaries.

  11. Hey folks, here’s your chance to comment on Barry’s weed hypocrisy in the New York Times! (The Grey Lady generally doesn’t allow backtalk, so take advantage of this.)

    • Peter says:

      most of the comments at nyt seem to completely miss the point of obama’s hypocrisy and double standards on this issue…..

      • Peter says:

        to nyt readers its as though hes only being attacked on this issue by conservative republicans. banal comments in abundace along the lines of “so what if he smoked weed all those years ago, whats the big deal?”
        the big deal, nyt reAdersis is that there are some victims of the drug war that obama supports who have been in prison since he last smoked weed and who did nothing “worse” than what he did. he needs to be called out on his hypocrisy and minimalizing of the drug war

  12. allan says:

    I asked my doctor, Dr. Bud Aday, about this and he recommends an enema of truth and a daily regimen of meetings with drug war victims. Maybe if he met that kid in Columbia, MO who had his vicious Welsh Corgie shot by SWAT, or he could go to TX and visit Zeke Hernandez’ parents and familia (it was Zeke’s story that jump-started my activism).

    The major problem w/ avalanches? When one is coming your way ya just can’t stop it. Ignore it, tell it to stop/go away, wave your arms… nothing will hold it back. Obama’s avalanche is building momentum.

    Pick whatever metaphor tickles your peaches, the wo(s)d will end, with or without Mr. Obama’s help. It behooves him tho’ to get on the right side of the issue.

    Anybody else notice the Secret Service – Hooker story still has legs but nary a peep about the real story? Truly the emperor wears no clothes.

    • claygooding says:

      The “hooker” incident was a well executed propaganda ploy that worked like so many others the government has used and reused.

      • Matthew Meyer says:

        They wouldn’t *really* do that, would they? (OK, it was my first thought too.)

  13. darkcycle says:

    O/T but too good not to post: Here is your full list of words that will get you noticed by Homeland Security Gestapo. Just TRY to compose a sentence without one (BTW, Looka at the “border” section…no doubt AT ALL they are watching us.)…

    • allan says:

      lol… and a hearty whatever. If anybody is paying attention to me I pity the foo. What a waste of time. I have a federal misdemeanor. I’ve never been involved with violins. Besides I smoke pot and we all know potheads are lazy, amotivational and prone to dementia/insanity – and often turn into bats. Does that then mean the government is tracking lazy and crazy night flyers? Do bats sit on couches or do they suspend their couches from the ceiling and you know, just hang out?

      • Duncan20903 says:


        Have you ever heard that bats only defecate when asleep, hence the expression “crazy as bat shit?” Was somebody just pulling my leg?

        (Please forgive me, my router failed and I have no Internet at home until Tuesday. Bad, bad withdrawals. I might detail them once the fix works and the jonesing quits.)

        • darkcycle says:

          I feel your pain. I have issues with modern technology. Hence my inordinate affection for old cars and motorcycles. AFAIC, we should have gone to the moon and then STOPPED RIGHT THERE. Think about it, 1969…best rockets, best cars and motorcycles,…and miniskirts, bikinis and hippy chicks and Thaistick, red hash from Afghanistan…we shoulda left well enough alone. But noooo, we went and… Awwww, now I’m in a funk, and it’s all your damn router’s fault. I’m gonna go watch the DVD of Woodstock and burn some incense. Thanks alot, Duncan.

    • Servetus says:

      This is old news in many quarters. When the espionage community’s hard-on for terrorist-like vernacular was first exposed ten or twelve years ago, computer people went ballistic and loaded all their email messages with suspicious sounding vocabulary and unbreakable, industrial strength encrypted messages. AOL experienced a 14-hour delay in delivering email that day.

      • B.Snow says:

        It was a pretty “epic” time to be apart of the ‘internet world’…

        I often wondered (back then)
        1. How many totally unnecessary uses,
        2. The full extent of the veritable plethora of “in-context”, “out-of-context”, or “completely-out-there YET plausibly-bell-ringing” uses,

        of the words *Carnivore* & *Echelon* there were back then??

  14. SCOOBY says:

    HEY DUNCAN, Are you honestly attempting to imply that Barry OBLAMER does not deserve ?? all the denigration that we can provide ?? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      SCOOBY, I can see your a guy that needs no facts at all before you start regurgitating nonsense. Liberals make me nauseous SCOOBY. Particularly those liberals that dress in conservative drag and call themselves Republicans. Just FYI, an imi-con is shorthand for “imitation conservative.” You know, the clowns like Mitt Romney who defend borrowing and squandering a $trillion + interests to fail, fail, and fail again prosecuting the proven, epic failure of public policy which we call the war on (some) drugs? No sunshine, I don’t particularly care for Mr. Obama either. DINO or RINO, there’s very little difference between the two.

      True conservatives simply don’t approve of borrowing money to squander on proven failure.


  15. SCOOBY says:

    Darkcycle……….I could less give a damm if I am being watched or not. I WILL say what is on my mind. Paranoia is reserved for those warriors that over indulge…they are not usually found here.

    • darkcycle says:

      Do I look worried? Watch this…PORK, PORK, PORK, CLOUD, CLOUD, SMART, SMART and mutherfukkin’ WAVE. See, I live on the EDGE, bitch. 😉

      • Francis says:

        Damn, dude. Dropping an orkpay and an oudclay in the same comment? I have to admit, that takes some pretty serious balls. But it the couch gets hit by a predator drone strike, I think we’ll know who to blame.

        • darkcycle says:

          JEEEZUZ!!! Francis, you’re using ENCRYPTION! They will go NUTS at that! And I thought I was living dangerously!

        • Francis says:

          Yeah, unbreakable encryption. I’m not worried. Besides, I figure the more CPU cycles the boys at NSA throw at trying to crack that particular nut, the fewer they’ll have to devote to actual mischief.

      • Matthew Meyer says:

        We will put pork clouds on their maritime domain awareness! And human to human national preparedness standoff.

        • HenryScarsdale says:

          Emergency management and domestic security is mitigated when evacuating gangs of militia who are involved in dirty bomb making.

      • allan says:

        thrill seekers! Living life on the edge I tell ya… I’m still waiting for the franchises to Big Bong’s Burger Bars to become available. I can’t help but think an Obama Choom Burger would be a big hit. *cough* Let ’em unencrypt that.

        Speaking of crypts… saw Bubba HoTep for the first time last night. I do believe they hit Elvis’ real death scenario dead-on. And Ossie Davis as a zombie-mummy chasing JFK is alone worth the viewing.

        • Duncan20903 says:


          You’ve been waiting far too long allan. I mean too long literally, they’ve been selling “toasted” subs at Cheba Hut for a number of months now.

          The quotes around the word “toasted” is their idea, not mine.

  16. Servetus says:

    There’s treatment and then there’s ‘the treatment’. Setting aside the statute of limitations, Obama’s treatment would likely differ from that of the typical white, petit-bourgeois citizen who’s been possessed by demon drugs.

    As a non-Aryan, Obama’s drug treatment would likely occur inside a jail cell, if it occurred at all. If he were lucky enough to be granted a diversion into a drug treatment program, it probably would be accompanied by hundreds of hours of community service, which in many drug cases, in many parts of the country, involves highway litter cleanup.

    Hundreds of hours of labor, and no financial remuneration. Sort of sounds like slavery, doesn’t it? Oops.

    Jim Crow just won’t let go.

  17. N.T. Greene says:

    Clearly the Prez is just hogging all the weed and blow.

    Make enough busts and you’ll have a lifetime supply.

  18. As a former recreational drug user (by current standards he was an abuser), how does president Obama feel his own current policies would have affected his own career earlier in his life if he had been caught?

    His own current policies would have prevented his rise to the Presidency.

  19. Tony Aroma says:

    I think it’s far too late for treatment. After all these years, he’s probably a hopeless addict by now. Most likely he’s graduated to heroin or crack, like most marijuana addicts do. No, the only way to deal with a serious addiction is incarceration. I don’t know if there’s a statute of limitations on drug crimes, but our president has confessed to committing a federal crime. Not only that, but he admits to being a repeat offender. I think the DEA needs to send a SWAT team to his home, terrify his family, shoot his dog, and haul his drug-using, multiple-federal-crime-commiting ass off to a federal house of corrections. If that doesn’t straighten him out, nothing will.

    • Francis says:

      I agree that incarceration is (sadly) our only option, but a SWAT raid is out of the question. SWAT raids are a great way for fat trigger-happy cops to act out their soldier and domination fantasies while terrorizing low-level pot dealers and raw milk sellers (or, not infrequently, their neighbors). But they’re completely inappropriate when the target is actually known to be dangerous. Like many drug kingpins, Obama’s house is a veritable fortress guarded by many, many heavily-armed men. The guy has snipers on his friggin’ roof. No, in this case, I think it would make more sense to arrest him when he’s in public — maybe at one of his next bajillion-dollar-a-plate fundraisers.

    • I would not wish the DEA on Bo – that is just cruel.

    • claygooding says:

      Sorry Tony,,but since the worst dog I ever met was still better than most people I meet,,don’t shoot the dog.

  20. allan says:

    if doctors follow the hippocratic oath, Mr Obama is merely following the politicians’ equivalent, the Hypocritic Oath. An oath btw that is always followed by a hearty yet whispered exclamation along the lines of “nanner nanner! my fingers were crossed,” or the undeniably powerful “did not!” or… that semenal and unconquerable “can’t make me!

    • claygooding says:

      I like James Garner’s line in Sunset,,it is the truth,,give or take a lie or two.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      I like the part in the Hippocratic oath where the newly minted doctors swear not to have sex with their patients’ slaves. Even more amusing is that he specified that meant that both slaveboys and slavegirls were off limits. Hippocrates was an anti-abortion and a pagan as well.

      As I understand it, the Hippocratic oath has been rewritten a number of times, so it’s hardly the work product of Hippocrates anymore.

  21. NorCalNative says:

    Yes, President Obama needs treatment, but not the kind to do with drug abuse.

    This President and his administration are choosing to continue torture despite U.S. LEGAL obligations and responsibilities under the Convention Against Torture.

    If he’s going to pull that “I can’t ignore federal law bullshit,” then how about prosecuting war crimes under our treaty obligations?

    If he was ACTUALLY interested in law and order, Bush,
    Cheney and a lot of former Bushies would be in prison.

    I WILL NOT VOTE FOR A POLITICAL PARTY THAT APPROVES OF TORTURE. That means I’ll be voting for a 3rd Party candidate if one happens to be on my ballot.

    There are things more important than my beloved cannabis, and killing and torturing for American Empire MUST END.

    • You don’t have much choice in the presidential campaign. But for US Senate, you can vote for a Democrat who opposes torture and marijuana prohibition and is running against a Democrat (Dianne Feinstein) who supports both those things.

      Check this guy out. He might be able to take down Feinstein.

  22. NorCalNative says:

    Forgot to mention how sore my “clicking” finger got before commenting.

  23. How about this. If anybody needs government money they are going to need treatment first.

  24. SCOOBY says:

    Hello Clay, I agree with you completely in relation to dogs met….good post.

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  26. I keep feeling like I am missing something. Obama should UNDERSTAND all this stuff. Why doesn’t he? Maybe he just can’t make up his mind.

  27. paul says:

    I for one am really enjoying these presidential topics. It’s shootin’ fish in a barrel, but still good fun. If Obama is reelected, we’ve got another four years of easy comedy and shaming ahead of us.

    What’s got me worried, though, is Romney. Has the man ever admitted to smoking pot? He seems squeaky clean–no drug war hypocrisy to attack, nothing but his basic robotic inhumanity to strike at. What will we do if he wins?

    • claygooding says:

      All Romney said about using pot himself was that he went to college,,which means,too me,that he is just another hypocrite.

    • darkcycle says:

      We do the same thing we’re doing now. Changing public opinion and using that lever to change the minds of the PTB. Rombama or Obamney, it’s THE SAME GUY.

    • Peter says:

      in some ways it may be the best choice for drug reformers to have an unreconstructed cold war/drug war type in the white house. obamas prohibition lite with its deviously marketed “Third Way” of moderation (but youre still fucked) has been harder to to oppose with undecided voters

      • B.Snow says:

        Ooohh, I Know = Biden can “get ahead of his skis” on that issue too! He was an “OG Drug Warrior” for decades…

  28. claygooding says:

    It was June and the monsoon season was starting,,or winding down,,can’t remember,,humid and hot anyway,,when 7 men took a deuce-and-half loaded with rice and fruit(never saw any GI’s eat rice in the messhall except with beeftips)to a local village to be handed out amongst citizens,,Charlie hit and took the rice,killing all the troops and destroying the truck,,,to these good Samaritans and all that died in that and every useless war,,,thank you.

  29. claygooding says:

    Michigan OKs medical marijuana for 44 children

    LANSING, Mich. (AP) – Michigan has issued medical marijuana cards covering 44 children. Most are teenagers, but 3 of them are under 10 years old.

    Cannabis has been used as a medicine since before written history,,with Chinese medical scrolls describing the multitude of uses the plant has for every person,every age,,,or do you think hippies took a trip in time and added all that info?

    • Duncan20903 says:


      Heck, they couldn’t even research far enough back to realize that the MSM in several other States has printed the same hysterical rhetoric. No mention of Cash Hyde even? I’ve gotta confess that this particular character defect of prohibitionists is one of the most heinous…medicine should be age restricted?

  30. Duncan20903 says:

    Apparently the NFL has been successful in getting at least one of the Detroit Mugglers Lions to stop choosing to enjoy cannabis:

    Lions’ Fairley arrested for DUI in Alabama

    • claygooding says:

      He must have been on his way to his dealers house,he wouldn’t drive that fast on the way home..

    • Duncan20903 says:


      Now that’s just plain silly. You were supposed to infer that he was drunk because he fears the urine collector and the ghost of Ricky Williams.

      Do NFL players get suspended for drunken driving?

  31. Duncan20903 says:

    This isn’t your usual Keystone Kops story. At least it was their intention to do the right thing this time.

    Bizarre: Deputies Raid Wrong House, Attempt to Arrest Wrong Family, Burn Down Kitchen

  32. Memorial Day.

    ‘Use marijuana and go to prison’ – Gil Kerlikowske’s message to Veterans on Memorial Day

  33. My brother suggested I may like this website. He was once entirely right. This submit actually made my day. You can not believe just how much time I had spent for this info! Thank you!

  34. kaptinemo says:

    OT: why we can’t get anywhere in Mexico: In Bad Company: Mexico Arrests Three Army Generals, U.S. War for Drugs Continues.

    This is just like what happened with ol’ Barry McCaffery and and Gen’rul Rebollo. Again and again and again, this kind of thing happens. Doesn’t anyone in government have a memory longer than 3 milliseconds? If the Mex government is hopelessly corrupted by the cartels, how can anyone think the Mex military is immune? That they’re not is proven every single day. Stoooooopid.

    • claygooding says:

      We are giving Mexico approximately 1/10th of the financial backing that the cartels are making as profit,,even the US drug war budget is not equal too the cartels profits,,so we are fighting people that have the cash to buy more corruption than we can buy loyalty,,removing their funding or as much of it as you can is the only way to level the playing field and end this insanity yet our government and it’s corporate owners seem willing too take America into bankruptcy.

      I wish one legislator would stand up in congress during the next budget cutting debate and ask why we are increasing the ONDCP’s budget by 33% while trying to cut spending.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      War FOR drugs??!? No need to go to war, there’s plenty of drugs for anyone who wants them.
      clay, you’ve forgotten that bribes are a cost of doing business for the cartels and as a result are deducted before gross profit is calculated.

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