Drug Czar: meet the Secretary of Defense

Apparently Defense Secretary Leon Panetta didn’t get the message that Gil Kerlikowske had ended the war on drugs.

Panetta set to announce more support for drug war

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta arrives in the Canadian capital Monday, where he is expected to announce new measures to support the fight against narcotics in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

I’m waiting to hear back from the ONDCP how they managed to miss sending the memo to the largest agency in the government.

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8 Responses to Drug Czar: meet the Secretary of Defense

  1. Francis says:

    Well, yeah, Gil ended the first drug war. We’re currently engaged in the second drug war: “Operation Enduring Stupidity”.

  2. tonydfixer says:

    I am just sick of it all, can there be this many stupid people in positions of authority?

  3. Servetus says:

    It’s clear that pointing out facts to the prohibs is useless. They are driven by fear, not facts. The typical prohibitionist lives in a world they see as constantly attacking their culture and tribal hierarchies. They want to purify society of the evil threat. They’ve created a body of sanctimonious enforcers to feed their delusions and direct their crusade, one that provides job security for thousands of screwed up authoritarians and nitwits.

    Since facts don’t work, and fear does, it’s best to speak the language of fear. Give the prohibitionists something to fear for what they do, for being who they are, something they fear more than drugs, and they will retreat like cockroaches into a rotting woodwork.

  4. Cannabis says:

    I seem to remember reading somewhere that the Drug Czar is Required by Law to Lie.

    “Tom McLellan must have forgotten to tell Robert Gates, no, wait, perhaps it was Kevin Sabet who forgot. Anyway, it was one of them. I wasn’t in on the meeting,” said Gil Kerlikowske. “I have such a busy schedule out touring the country.”

  5. kaptinemo says:

    This wasn’t about drugs.

    This is about something a damn sight more sinister, and as usual, the issue of illegal drugs is a lever and fulcrum to accomplish something much more dangerous and destructive of liberties.

    Ever heard of the SPP? Perhaps you know it by another name: The North American Union. Which is what is being very, very quietly engineered behind the backs of Canadians, Americans and Mexicans.

    The reason for all this crap about ‘drugs’ is so it can be used to ‘harmonize’ the laws between the various countries, in essence creating a massive geopolitcal bloc without effective borders between those nations, allowing for the LE organs of the countries involved to operate with impunity within its’ continental confines.

    And just who do you think will be the ‘senior partner’ in all this? Whose insane drug laws will now become Canada’s and Mexico’s? And which nation do you think will bear the brunt of enforcement?

    Think about that, Canadians. That’s why Harper is doing what he’s doing, totally against Canuck traditional governing sensibilities, in essentially making our drug laws yours, now. That’s why all this is being done behind your back…and ours.

    This particularly rancid coffee’s been brewing for over ten years, now.

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