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November 2011



Remember Newt?

With a number of the GOP Presidential candidates imploding, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to mean that the media will give more credence to Paul or Johnson.

On the other hand, it has apparently bizarrely given Newt Gingrich a renewed hope that he could be a legitimate candidate.

Jeralyn at TalkLeft reminds us of Newt’s past…

Newt Gingrich, via the New York Times, said in 1995, while he was weighing whether to run for the Presidency:

Speaker Newt Gingrich said on Friday that he would ask Congress to enact legislation imposing the death penalty on drug smugglers, and he suggested that mass executions of people convicted under such a law might prove an effective deterrent.

…”The first time we execute 27 or 30 or 35 people at one time, and they go around Colombia and France and Thailand and Mexico, and they say, ‘Hi, would you like to carry some drugs into the U.S.?’ the price of carrying drugs will have gone up dramatically.”

Mr. Gingrich said his proposal, which he said he would make in a bill to be filed next month, would impose a mandatory death penalty on people convicted of bringing illegal drugs into the United States.

Why? because he loves children.

I have made the decision that I love our children enough that we will kill you if you do this.”

Yeah, Newt’s definitely one of the crazies.

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22 comments to Remember Newt?

  • Jhelion

    Unfortunately there are many neo and pseudo-conservatives who share newts’ murderous ideology

    • Duncan20903

      Kudos, there aren’t many who can differentiate a conservative from a pseudo-conservative.

      Real conservatives don’t embrace proven failure and/or squander trillions upon trillions of borrowed resources to prosecute a blood feud.

      I wonder how a Star Trek epic revolving around the blood feud between the House of Bush and the House of Hussein would actually play out. Saddam qualified as Klingon blood, but are there really Klingon weenies? I think the House of Hussein would have eaten the House of Bush for lunch had that drama played out on Qo’noS.

  • darkcycle

    Running against Newt is Obama’s wet dream. Against the Newtster, even he has a chance. I’ve decided that if Michelle B. or Sara Palin get the nod, I’ll vote for one of them. If this country is going to be destroyed and the population stripped of everything, including our future, I’d rather look at a president and imagine her in a bikini at the same time.

    • Leonard Junior

      eww. Michelle Bachmann is gross; I bet she packs roast beef camel toe in that bikini, or worse.

      • Servetus

        Michelle Bachmann puts ground glass in her vagina before she goes out at night.

        • Peter

          leonard and servetus. whatever you think of bachmans pplitics lets not drive people away from our cause by using sexist or biggoted language. leave prejudice to the prohibs

    • Duncan20903

      I really want a date with Ms. Palin. Gosh BDSM can be fun and I’ll bet she loves to follow orders. C’mere you little heifer, it’s time to squeeeel like a pig.

      Oops, did I really say that out loud?

      Peter, I apologize. I actually have met the lady face to face and didn’t say that to her. But then I am a very married man. Sure, when I’m out on the town I read the menu at the restaurant doors, but I stick to the home cooking.

  • Servetus

    Belkar: So, I did what I always do—murder people horribly—but because I killed the people everyone else wanted me to kill, I get presents instead of prison time?
    Roy: Uh, well, it’s a lot more complicated than that, but—
    Belkar: HA HA HA HA HA HA! It’s working! It’s WORKING, SUCKERS!
    — The Order of the Stick, demonstrating the extremely rare ‘fake character development’”

    Even Newt’s own staff say, “Yeah, he’s a psychopath, but he’s our psychopath.”

  • Jhelion

    I wonder if that penalty would be retroactive and apply to political hipoctrites

    • ezrydn

      Newt left the Speaker’s Chair a raving loon and nothing has changed. Unfortunately, most have very selectively short memories. Who will be the “John Galt” of 2012? It’s still a toss-up. Besides, there’s probably more blondes under the carpet, awaiting their “15 minutes.”

  • Peter

    it was newt and his cronies aided by a compliant bill clinton who introduced the illegal immigrant responsibility act of 96. this removed the right to judicial review in immigration cases involving drug convictions. since then the courts hands are tied and any provable involvement with drugs will result in a lifelong bAn on immigration

  • underkat

    Mexico: Widespread Rights Abuses in ‘War on Drugs’

    Impunity for Torture, ‘Disappearances,’ Killings Undermines Security

    By Human Rights Watch

  • Ben

    Politicians want higher prices. Cartels want higher prices. Wonder what’ll happen.

  • claygooding

    It really doesn’t matter which Republican wins the nomination,,,can we afford another Republican in the Whitehouse right now,,shouldn’t we at least wait till the Democrats grow enough balls to cut the federal budget enough to get our economy back on track b4 we let the Republicans steal all the money again?

    • Windy

      On the contrary, it truly DOES matter which Republican wins the nomination, if they choose Ron Paul the whole world will breathe a sigh of relief, any of the others and any change we can expect will be more of the same but worse. And, just btw, the Democrats are never gonna cut the federal budget at all, that’s a pipe dream, they’ll just keep spending, taxing, and borrowing. And any of the GOP contenders (except Ron Paul) will just keep spending and borrowing, the only difference will be the percentages given to the various “issues” (and the taxes, of course). Ron is the only with a brain and a fiscal plan that’ll benefit all of us and the rest of the world, too.

      • Duncan20903

        One big difference for Ron Paul this election season is that Saturday Night Live is making fun of him. But in a good way. Make sure to watch the clip if you haven’t seen it, especially if you are a supporter of Mr. Paul’s candidacy. It really is complimentary.

        They really beat the hell out of Rick Perry on Saturday. Mitt Romney ended up shooting him in the head. But it was all good because Mr. Perry’s head has a particularly high molecular density so the bullet just ricocheted.

        “Ron Paul, not going anywhere. Ideologically pure and tough as nails!”

  • Duncan20903

    Newt’s giving me Dick Nixon flashbacks.

  • Duncan20903

    I learned some Latin today!

    Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur.

    “The world wants to be deceived, so let it be deceived.”

    (ascribed to) ~ Petronius, a Roman satirist from the first century, CE.

  • Duncan20903

    You know, until today I never really grasped just how horrifying this movie scene is:

    q: What makes you think she’s a witch?

    a: well she turned me into a newt!

    q: a newt?

    a: I got better.

    That’s really no laughing matter, now is it?

  • ezrydn

    If you caught the debate, you see that Newt hasn’t changed a bit. Now, if he can label reformers as “terrorists,” well, you get the picture.

    • Duncan20903

      It just struck me that Newt’s death sentence hyperbole is just that. There isn’t going to be a death penalty inflicted on for a drugs law violation without the SCOTUS overturning their rulings from the 1970s, you remember, the reason why Charlie Manson is still alive today.

      Did that 91,000 plant grow in Oregon result in any arrests? That one qualifies for Newt’s death penalty statutes.

  • […] *Impose the death penalty on drug smugglers. All of the problems Mexico is experiencing will get worse, and arguably spill over into the US, with such a policy. Gingrich himself states the price of drugs will go up dramatically when we “execute 27 or 30 or 35 people at one time.” The increase in price will mean a greater financial reward for drug traffickers, resulting in a greater incentive for them to supply their product to the black market, fueling more violence to retain or gain market share. […]