Sensible Washington Money Bomb

This week, we’re putting out an urgent call to all organizations and individuals who believe in this cause; that cannabis should be a legal substance. It’s both a medicine and a safe recreational choice that, despite years of propaganda, has no lethal dose. For those who understand the necessity of legalization, we call upon you to donate whatever you can to get Initiative 1149 – which ends criminal and civil penalties for adults – on the November ballot. We have a strong, dedicated and extremely proud group of volunteers that have put us in a position to win, but with your help we can augment our gatherers with paid professionals, assuring cannabis legalization in Washington has a better chance of becoming reality. Initiative 1149 offers up an opportunity unlike any other we’ve seen in recent years, a chance for true reform, and this is our chance to make a difference. However we need the help of everyone. The importance of achieving legalization in even one state and what that means for future attempts cannot be overstated.

With this call, we are holding a Sensible Washington Money Bomb starting on Wednesday June 8th and running through Wednesday, June 15th, with the help and sponsorship of National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), Cannabis Culture, Seattle Hempfest, Tacoma Hempfest, and the Cannabis Freedom March.

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  1. Windy says:

    Even if you can only donate $5, every little bit helps. Let’s get this done in WA, the first domino.

  2. liberalize says:

    Here’s an important message regarding ending the War on Drugs:

    Pro-legalization Republican Gary Johnson is being kept out of an important Republican presidential debate in New Hampshire. Call CNN and tell them that this censorship is unfair and un-American. (404)827-1500. (It’s especially important to call if you’re in NH.)

  3. ET says:

    We need everyone’s help to get this on the ballot. If it gets there it has high probability of passing. Come and collect signatures or donate.

  4. DdC says:

    Sensible Washington?

    You Can Be Fired for Using MMJ, Justices Rule By J.B. Wogan
    CN Source: Seattle Times June 09, 2011 Washington State

    It turns out that you can be fired for legally using medical marijuana in Washington state. The Washington state Supreme Court ruled Thursday that TeleTech Customer Care, a Colorado-based firm that handles customer service for Sprint from its Bremerton facility, was allowed to fire a woman for failing its required drug test. The plaintiff, who sued under the pseudonym Jane Roe, was pulled out of her training class after a week and fired Oct. 18, 2006, because she failed a pre-employment drug test. She had a valid medical-marijuana authorization from a doctor.

    WA Court: Workers Can Be Fired Over Medical Pot By Mike Baker
    CN Source: Associated Press June 09, 2011 Olympia, Wash.

    Medical marijuana patients can be fired from their jobs in Washington state even if they only use the drug outside the workplace, the Washington Supreme Court ruled Thursday. Justices said in their 7-1 decision that state law does not provide any employment protections for medical marijuana users and does not require companies to accommodate those patients.

    Ask NORML: Right to Marijuana Privacy?
    June 9th, 2011 By: Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Coordinator
    A new installment of ‘Ask NORML’ is now streaming on NORMLtv. In this episode, listen to founder and legal counsel, Keith Stroup, as he talks about the concept of “Right to Privacy” and how it has been utilized as a marijuana legal defense.

    Drug Test Protestors
    Send Urine Sample to Florida Washington Governor

  5. Craig B says:

    To all who consider donating: thank you. We’ve been doing this as an all-volunteer effort, but it has been difficult for many who have full-time jobs, families, etc. Paid signature gatherers could make our campaign really work in these final weeks (we have to turn in signatures by July 5th, so time is of the essence).

    Thank you for your consideration!

    Pete, thank you for the post — much obliged.


  6. darkcycle says:

    Donated. Gonna donate again before the end of the money-bomb.

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