Drug Czar making a career out of intentionally confusing correlation with causation

Most Men Arrested In Atlanta Test Positive For Drugs

ATLANTA — According to a new federal report, most men arrested in Atlanta test positive for illegal drugs at the time of their arrests. […]

National Drug Control Policy Director Gil Kerlikowske: “Drug addiction is too often the root of crime in our communities.”

Feds: Most Indianapolis men arrested were on drugs

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A new federal report has found that more than two-thirds of Indianapolis men arrested last year were under the influence of at least one illegal drug.

White House drug czar Gil Kerlikowske (kur-lih-KOW’-skee) says the findings show that “drug addiction is too often the root of crime”

Here’s the actual report. Some of it is interesting, and could provide useful information, such as how arrestees in some cities are more likely to have used heroin than in others.

But the overall percentage of arrested men testing positive for drugs figure is mostly meaningless and entirely meaningless in the way the drug czar is touting it — by far the most common drug showing up in the report is marijuana. That’s because it’s popular and easy to obtain and because this population is unlikely to care that it’s illegal.

It has absolutely nothing to do with drug use causing crime.

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10 Responses to Drug Czar making a career out of intentionally confusing correlation with causation

  1. pt says:

    And ofcourse it stays in the system for up to, an sometimes over, a month, so there is no way to infer whether they were actually high at the time of the crime.

  2. Ben says:

    Drug warriors are usually found near illegal drugs. Therefore, drug warriors cause the presence of illegal drugs.

  3. caj says:

    I bet all those guys were breathing oxygen when they were arrested. Clearly oxygen is the root of crime.

  4. tintguy says:

    I believe that is in the job description.

  5. vickyvampire says:

    Most folks arrested test positive for drugs,on any given night Americans despite weakened economy like togo out and eat at least maybe a third or more depending on what restaurant there are eating at would test positive for Booze, Hello people most now regard Cannabis a regular part of their lives, no different than having a daily glass of Fraking wine so of course they and many will test positive Duh.

    Yes HOW Drug czar puts it is meaningless, and what are they doing more prison and rehab for Drug use that is stricly recreational for folks not addicting except for was it 2
    percent? I think someone posted.

    Oh and many folks are using Heroin cause they are being cut of from pain meds due to regulation Doc fearing DEA, its your own Government regulation that are making some folks get pain relief from cheaper street drugs.

    In some cities it looks like many are Meth rates come in second to Cannabis I thought we were told that meth epidemic had been tampered down by taking cold meds of shelf, or is it that those meth users just happened to get arrested a higher rate maybe. not sure.

  6. vickyvampire says:

    By the way can not resist I heard Hugh Heffner is 85, Let’s see he had loads of sex still smokes tobacco,and drink Alcohol and smokes pot from accounts of those around him and has done plenty of other drugs.

    Now that’s damn good for an 85 years old, of course folks will say he is a rare case most with his lifestyle do not make it to old age,I just wonder how many more like him and some women Imbibe and use plenty of drugs recreationaly for many years and smoke Cannabis with regularity and live past their eighties,
    I’m sure positive studies on this would be ignored, it would show health hysteria and safety overblown you think.

  7. Servetus says:

    While the government spreads mass hysteria about the evils of smoking marijuana, the real dangers lie elsewhere. Here’s one they missed.

    “For every two hours of TV viewing per 100,000 adults, the researchers calculated there were 176 extra cases of diabetes, 38 cases of fatal cardiovascular disease and 104 deaths each year. These rates persisted even after the researchers accounted for other known risk factors for chronic disease, including obesity and smoking, Hu and Grøntved report June 15 in the Journal of the American Medical Association.”


    Pot smokers might want to guard their health by avoiding fatally toxic TV addictions.

  8. Heather Lopez says:

    I wonder if Legal Kush and herbs like http://www.greatamericanherbal.com/ are going to stal legal, I love that stuff

  9. Duncan20903 says:

    Well it certainly proves that people that break the law are willing to break the law. Just ask any musician in Judas Priest:

  10. Duncan20903 says:

    BTW, I’ve always wondered how many of the people that have confirmed levels of cannabinoid metabolites in their system at the time of initial incarceration were arrested for cannabis law violations. I notice that Chicago, IL is 82%, but Charlotte, NC is 56% for the confirmed presence of metabolites. They arrest you for petty possession in Chicago, but North Carolina is a catch and release State.

    It sure would seem stupid to me to count someone for testing “positive” who was arrested for getting high since that number should be very close to 100%.

    Bah, I just noticed Sacramento is on the list and only 2 points lower than Chicago.

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