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bullet image Gary Johnson officially announced his bid for the Presidency today. Regardless of how that campaign goes, my hope is that it will spark additional debate regarding the drug war. Of all the candidates, his is the candidacy that is most likely to do so.

bullet image Welcome new readers from Illinois State University where I talked briefly at Hempfest yesterday. It was a good group that showed up despite inclement weather and bravely stood up to my challenge to take and wear a button saying “Legalize Drugs: Ask Me Why” (based on the successful LEAP campaign).

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  1. darkcycle says:

    Awesome, Pete! Brave move indeed for a college kid. Welcome back all my 4/20 friends, I trust we’re all feeling great, well rested and ready to go! Not what you expect from the day after St Patrick’s day, I will happily add! 4/20 was a fantastic, and PRODUCTIVE day for yours truely. In spite of the fact that there was a little Honey oil tasting party at 4:20 on 4/20. All was well when I could re-focus my eyes.

  2. berik says:

    I like Gary Johnson’s stance on cannabis, but he is way off base with everything else. lets fix our debt problem by putting the sick and the old on the chopping block. nice.

    • liberalize says:

      He wants to get out of Afghanistan… tomorrow.
      He wants to get out of Iraq… tomorrow.
      He wants to end the War on Drugs… tomorrow.
      He want to end the Department of Education and give money & choices to underserved parents and suffering children… tomorrow.

      Only one candidate is against all the stupid wars, in favor of fiscal realism, and ready to return freedom and opportunity to every individual in America.

    • DdC says:

      Johnson’s a half assed libertarian trying the same stunt as Ron Paul under the Boner banner of Neocon GOPerverts. If he hasn’t the conviction to run on his own merits and plays the moneyslut card then he is no different no matter what his campaign slogans are. They sell them on bumper stickers in head shops but that doesn’t mean he can actually make his claims come true. The GOP started the wars. The Kratz are doormats. The Greens are too addicted to Bureaucracy fixing the problems and not enough against corporations creating the problems or Ganja and Hemp as an alternative. I just revoked my greenpeace donation. Gave em 6 months to put Hemp on the front burner and they still basically just whine about things. Still playing the political correctness card.

      So using a GOP razor blade as a band aid doesn’t seem too smart. You can not physically be against prohibition and retain membership as a Moneyslut. Oh I’m not a cop I just like wearing the uniform and shooting people. The money is in the drug war. He can’t be invested in the corporations making profits directly or indirectly from the drug war. And be against the drug war. Or eliminate reality and appease to get something rather than nothing. Band-Aids have to be changed on a regular basis or they become the problem.

      I’m seeing people who still retain some humanity, like Johnson, feel the pangs of guilt. Their intelligence dictates the drug war is wrong. Yet their entire money driven life gets in the way. Nothing wrong with making money unless it hurts people. If you can be a typical GOPervert you can probably dismiss some American citizens from others. Separate them into boxes your pinhead can fathom. Not reality but less stress than admitting to yourself that you are caging innocent sick people for relieving their pains and spasms. Or ruining productive citizens lives for choosing a safer alternative than the legal crap.

      Johnson and Ron Paul want their perfect utopia without regulating the sick bastards making profits on polluting the rest of our lungs. Doing damage to those abstaining from the natural expectorant that has saved humans health for thousands of years. From camp fires to coal burning fire places in London. So buy the dude a hemp oil smoothie for the publicity he brings but the system is too fucked up to believe it will assist anyone in its own destruction. You’re dealing with machines and endentured servants with herd mentalities believing in their heart of hearts that obedience is goodliness.

      Questioning authority puckers their ass like lemons do lips. I’m satisfied with my deduction that over 5 generations of prohibition has changed the DNA of drug worriers. If eating carrots for two weeks can turn your skin orange, why not? Cannabinoids are just beginning to be mapped and understood. The past 60 years corporate and government “Science” has been studying the human cells only for DNA, discarding the protein half of the cell. Recently they find that the protein part houses a receptor, functioning as a binary switch. NO or NC. Electrical relays normally open as a gate in a fence, meaning no flow to the object or cell. Or normally closed, the opposite.

      So these receptors in the protein have 17 “locks” to activate the cell. (the diagram used different shapes and colors to describe it) The skin senses everything, so actually most if not all of our decisions are made by the skin and our brains are computers carrying out the orders. Then it sends signals to the brain to send juice to make body functions happen. Relays, limit switches. Safety shut offs, we could be boilers. This UCSB lecture didn’t mention cannabinoids, but other research suggest its the cannabinoids that adjust abnormal functions. Both Obesity and Wasting syndrome. Whatever levels reach the parameters it sends an alarm to stop.

      The discarded protein part of a cancer cell could theoretically be dormant in everyone. (Maybe it had a job like the appendix and now its supposed to stay quiet?). Then it receives a signal from the skin that radiation or dioxins are being sent. If their frequencies or mini-micro-voltages act as keys and find the right lock. The cancer cell could become active. Then also, if cannabinoids could send a signal to reverse or close the switch and put the cancer cell into remission or destroy it. (Oh but thats a cure and there is some legality about claiming a cure getting you 5 to 40 years in the Fed Prison system.)

      Seems the DNA is only a recipe to manipulate atoms and once again or rather still, the goal is to make products to sell. That is the entire gist of today’s Science. Not to serve our needs but to make crap that we don’t need last longer. Or war appliances. No one is looking for a cure because it takes profits from the treatment conglomerates. I’ve been busting my ass telling people about the warehousing market taking seniors out of their homes because they can’t afford home care for assistance. 1/3rd of their expense is Fed and State taxes on disease. Where are the Cayman tax cheats protesting that?

      Gravity, I’m sure some teabog rushbutt will find something to argue and deny about it too. Climate change, just say no, why, because, because why, I already told you! Don’t Question Authoritah! They went to many schools many years memorizing facts from many censored and edited books depriving them of reality. Graduating with honors to teach others the ways of Dysfunction, smiling, kicking horse turds in contemplation of the day it finally trickles down. Just say no, why? Because I told you too! Yes sir may I have another?

      Kucinich was and still is the only American running, at least as a Democrat. Without blaming the teachers for the Wall Street Bankster bailout. Or the cowards like Ryan trying to bilk seniors out of their medicare. On his best day Johnson never garnered enough support to carry more than NM. Another John Bircher pretending to be a GOPervert. The Moneysluts don’t need a Johnson, they don’t even need to win. They have unlimited financing to place any obedient politician slave anywhere they choose. To gut more safeguards from tax payers to trickle down into jobs overseas and in Mexican border towns. Cheap labor always wins out over ethics and morals with the GOPerverts. We’re not sure about Kratz since they’re always doormats and goals become treading water. Klintoon was pretty much a bastard son of a Boosh.

      Now both sides have to woe the corporations and both sides will be expected to pay back the favor. We the people will continue to smoke illegal buds and buy Hemp from other countries. You can’t “reform” prohibition anymore than finding good, voting lesser evils. You still end up with, maybe a little less, but still prohibition and evil. Have to kill it. Have to remove all money influence from anything you have to trust to determine fair outcomes. With Humans it is imperative to have checks and balances. It is also required to regulate corporations doing harm to communities, rivers and the planet in general. They will never regulate themselves against profits. Doh!

      Al Capone and Watergate were red herrings to divert the countries attention from the Fascist acts of eliminating competition. Booze/Ethanol or Ganja//Hemp.

      • DdC says:

        Big Pharma Set to Take Over Medical Marijuana Market
        By David Edwards | Raw Story
        Meanwhile, state-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries that provide relief for thousands of Americans are under attack by other federal agencies.

        Is The DEA Legalizing THC?
        So, in other words, if a pharmaceutical product contains THC extracted from the marijuana plant, that would be a legal commodity. But if you or I possessed THC extracted from the marijuana plant, that would remain an illegal commodity.

        Wait, it gets even more absurd.

        Since the cannabis plant itself will remain illegal under federal law, then from whom precisely could Big Pharma legally obtain their soon-to-be legal THC extracts? There’s only one answer: The federal government’s lone legally licensed marijuana cultivator, The University of Mississippi at Oxford, which already has the licensing agreements with the pharmaceutical industry in hand.

        How Big Pharma’s Deceptive Advertising
        Helps Addict Patients, Screw Over Doctors and Jack Up Insurance Rates

        Vested Ignorance will always lie and cheat to maintain their dysfunctional profits. If left to the Politikan ConPromisers, as I suspect. The AMA would lower it to a schedule#2 and permit Big Pharma to control it. Barthy and Bayer and Boosh’s Ely Lilly won’t give up profits to Homegrown. The only solution is to overturn the Controlled Substance Act for the bold face lie it is
        ~ DdC November 28, 2009

        Chomsky: Who Owns The World?

      • DdC says:

        It ain’t easy being sane in a reefer mad asylum, run by the insane. Czars lips move but I cant believe what he’s sayin. Now I got that feeling once again. I cant explain, you would not understand. This is how it is. They have become comfortably numb.

        Vote Out The Cannabis-Hating Conservatives on May 2
        Canada’s Federal Election is just days away! Here’s a list of the best candidates to vote for in every riding to beat the marijuana-hating Conservatives on May 2. full story

        “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile
        –hoping it will eat him last”
        –Winston Churchill

        Two Medical Marijuana Patients to Surrender
        May 2nd for 5-Year Federal Prison Sentences

        Rallies will occur on May 2nd at Sacramento federal courthouse & the Justice Department in Washington, DC full story

        The truly and deliberately evil men are a very small minority;
        it is the appeaser who unleashes them on mankind.
        — Ayn Rand (1905-1982)

        Oklahoma Lawmakers Authorize Life Prison Sentence
        For Converting Marijuana To Hash

        Converting marijuana to hashish could land Oklahomans a life prison sentence under a bill approved in the Oklahoma Senate. full story

        “Corruptisima republica plurimae leges.”
        The more corrupt a republic, the more laws.
        — Tacitus, Annals III 27

        Hypocrites and their Apologists… tsk tsk

        someone who tries to bring peace by acceding to demands;
        To pacify or attempt to pacify (an enemy) by granting concessions, often at the expense of principle.

        No ConPromise…

      • DdC says:

        Atlas Toked: Why Prohibition is Dead in Canada
        Canada’s doctors have shrugged-off the role of deciding who should be a medical marijuana patient, leaving the Conservative government holding the bag. Can the politicians salvage the MMAR or will pot be legal for all? full story

        Column: Our pot laws should be axed, not toughened up for votes
        While I’m not a pot smoker – mostly due to a touch of asthma and not on any moral grounds -I know a lot of people who hold down very responsible positions in this province who are. I could name doctors, lawyers, prosecutors, bureaucrats, business people, politicians, professors and even guess at a few judges well acquainted with Mary Jane. And don’t get me started on journalists.

        4:20 mass stoning @ Vancouver Art Gallery

        Spirits Are High at Saskatchewan 4/20
        It was an extremely good day across the province. This year we helped set up the first 4/20 420 event we know of in Prince Albert, which had a good sized crowd for a first time event. full story

  3. Steve says:

    I agree with Gary Johnson on just about everything, and for great thinkers like “berik” he is not proposing to put the “sick on old on the chopping block.” Berik, you have to quit buying into liberal rhetoric.

    first time here. I like what you are doing. The criminalization of maryjane is a criminal act by our government.

  4. Dante says:

    If Gary Johnson would just come out and say “If elected President, I’ll immediately end the war on drugs and abolish the DEA” there would be so much money flowing into his campaign that he could just buy America (at it’s currently discounted price) and declare himself king.

    {with all apologies to Nike}

    Just Do It.

  5. darkcycle says:

    I support Gary Johnson for president, mainly because he isn’t a mainstream ANYTHING. However, I think abolishing the department of education is foolish. Providing education on a national basis is a huge task to undertake. Such thinking would have you tear down your entire house because you don’t like the furniture.

    • Windy says:

      I agree with Johnson about abolishing the department of education, I prefer this:
      since the government empowered education has been so successful at dumbing down all who attend concerning our form of government delineated by the Constitution and what its real functions are supposed to be and what it is NOT supposed to be (our mother/father/nanny/teacher) and also what are the responsibilities of We, the People (our own personal lives, our businesses, and keeping government honest and within the confines of the Constitution).

      Tho, if we cannot totally return to self-education/home-schooling, it is far better if education returned to local control (not State, truly local), at least in that instance parents would have real input into the kind of education their children receive.

      We also need to abolish almost all federal agencies, as they are unconstitutional to begin with and they have done more harm than good, not to mention the massive cost of such agencies. For instance: “Currently the budget for the DEA is over 2 billion dollars and it has a staff of almost 11,000. In 1972 when this agency was created their budget was 65.2 million and they had a staff of 2,775.” Some of the agencies are extraneous duplicating the official purview of others; but again, they are ALL unconstitutional, their is no Constitutional authority for them to exist. This is a long term effort tho, but we need to begin it with disbanding both the DEA and ONDCP. The money saved by defunding these two agencies, alone, could probably solve the government’s debt problem without raising the debt ceiling (which raising would be stupid and unproductive).

  6. Benjamin says:

    Gary has zero chance of winning any primaries. He is pro-choice. He might as well be a liberal, as far as red Iowa is concerned.

    • Pete says:

      Of course he isn’t going to win. Unfortunately, about the only way to win the Republican primaries right now (given the level of discourse out there) is if you come out as a Birther who believes the world is flat, that sex is wrong unless it’s with your cousin, that anybody with a dark skin should be nuked, that government should be able to put people in jail without a trial, and that Obama is a socialist comin’ to git yer guns.

      The Presidential campaign process is seriously ill now.

      We’re not very likely to win drug policy reform through electing a President.

      It’s going to happen because we’re reached the American people. And Gary’s candidacy insures that at every step of the way, there will be a discussion about drug policy.

      • liberalize says:

        Pete, you’re right that Gary isn’t going to win. But, um, the End-the-Drug-War movement (as opposed to the MMJ movement or even the decrimijuana movement) isn’t lookin’ so hot, either.

        Even though it’s just a joke to us, most Americans actually believe this famous line:

        drugs are bad, mmmkay?

  7. allan420 says:

    I’m in Gary Johnson’s camp for sure, I might even register Republican just so I can vote for him in the primaries. His nick name was Governor Veto. He’s closer to being a real conservative AND a real human being than any other in the mix so far.

    We could of course write in our votes for ‘Marijuanaman’

  8. allan420 says:

    an interesting (and definitely relevant) read at Mother Jones: The Science of Why We Don’t Believe Science

    We’re not driven only by emotions, of course—we also reason, deliberate. But reasoning comes later, works slower—and even then, it doesn’t take place in an emotional vacuum. Rather, our quick-fire emotions can set us on a course of thinking that’s highly biased, especially on topics we care a great deal about.

    Consider a person who has heard about a scientific discovery that deeply challenges her belief in divine creation—a new hominid, say, that confirms our evolutionary origins. What happens next, explains political scientist Charles Taber of Stony Brook University, is a subconscious negative response to the new information—and that response, in turn, guides the type of memories and associations formed in the conscious mind. “They retrieve thoughts that are consistent with their previous beliefs,” says Taber, “and that will lead them to build an argument and challenge what they’re hearing.”

    In other words, when we think we’re reasoning, we may instead be rationalizing. Or to use an analogy offered by University of Virginia psychologist Jonathan Haidt: We may think we’re being scientists, but we’re actually being lawyers (PDF). Our “reasoning” is a means to a predetermined end—winning our “case”—and is shot through with biases. They include “confirmation bias,” in which we give greater heed to evidence and arguments that bolster our beliefs, and “disconfirmation bias,” in which we expend disproportionate energy trying to debunk or refute views and arguments that we find uncongenial.

    • strayan says:

      The confirmation bias and confirmatory research bias is probably the most pervasive bias in drug policy today.

      It unfolds like this:

      Drug are bad – look at those derelicts who use them. Let’s do some research.
      Wow, our research indicates that injecting heroin into your groin in dirty toilet blocks with used needles is associated with some health problems.
      Let’s do some more research.
      Wow, our research indicates that lots of young people don’t know that injecting heroin into your groin in dirty toilet blocks is a bit risky.
      Let’s create a government agency to educate people about the dangers of injecting heroin into your groin in dirty toilet blocks.
      Wow, our research shows that people are still injecting drugs into their groin in dirty toilet blocks. Haven’t they heard about the dangers already? Obviously we haven’t spent enough money. We need to study this some more.
      Let’s do some more research.
      Wow, our research shows that the more heroin you use the more likely your are to end up in prison. Prison is bad. Heroin is dangerous.
      This confirms what we already know – drugs are bad.

    • Malcolm Kyle says:

      “A man with conviction is a hard man to change. Tell him you disagree and he turns away. Show him facts or figures and he questions your sources. Appeal to logic and he fails to see your point.”
      — Leon Festinger

  9. Servetus says:

    Ken Burn’s Prohibition on PBS this fall.


  10. Malcolm Kyle says:

    Police said on late Thursday that some 37 bodies have been recovered so far from the mass grave in a residential area of Durango City and search for more continued in an around the site.

  11. Servetus says:

    A Vancouver injection site is proving to be a life saver, establishing once again that prohibition kills:

    “Deaths from drug overdose decline 35 percent after the opening of supervised injection site”

    Press Release:

    Lancet publication:

    • Maria says:

      Funny. It hit me like a ton of bricks when I realized that there are humans who genuinely believe that “it’s best they die” when it comes to drug abusers, growers, consumers, activists, any “criminal” etc. Or essentially, any group they don’t approve of.

      I recall that this realization harshed my young mind and effectively finished off my naive outlook on life; it also made the world a hell of a lot clearer. And it highlighted that in all battles there are the people worth trying to convince because they are misguided; and there are the people to be fought against because they are simply harmful. People that oppose treatment and safe havens are just that.

  12. darkcycle says:

    Governor Gregoire says she won’t sign dispensary bill. She’s angling for a big position in a second O-bummer admin.

    • liberalize says:

      She’s a disaster. Young people, progressives, and minorities need to punish the Democrats for their heartlessness, recklessness, and stupidity.

  13. berik says:

    Well, thanks for the flame job. Just because we dont agree doesnt mean you need to be a jerk. Also, whats the problem with my name chief?

  14. Duncan20903 says:

    You know I hadn’t realized that Mr. Johnson wasn’t claiming the protection of a medicinal cannabis law. Got it from the black market he did.
    If he gets elected he’ll be the 3rd. 44 Presidents with two Adams, two Bushes, and 3 Johnsons. What are the odds? Do you think we could talk him into selecting some other Johnson as his running mate?

  15. darkcycle says:

    And, just when you thought some progress was being made. Red States are insane. This is just a little unbelievable, but it’s April 22, not April First:

  16. berik says:

    I was refering to steve and his “great thinker” crack. I think we need to get to the point where we can have civil discourse over political issues if we want to be able to come to a consensus on anything. Its hard to agree with someone when you are pissed at them.

    • Duncan20903 says:

      berick, I really don’t think your going to have much luck selling your bill of goods here. You’ll find more people that agree with you over at the NPR website. That’s 3 nodes over and take a sharp left.

  17. darkcycle says:

    Berik, I don’t think there was anything meant by that. When people disagree on this site it’s better if they don’t toss around that sort of slur, but it happens. Best to ignore the attacks and colored characterizations, they occur. If you stick to you guns, stay with the arguement at hand at keep you dialog civil(mostly, after all, ths is darkcycle talking here), you look better in the end. And if there are sufficient facts at your disposal, you win. Here you CAN win, you can’t at the Fox News site, or the Socialist worker site. Or any of the “true believer” political sites.
    Most of the posters here are above the norm for intelligence and they have been around a few blocks, so sometimes they are kinda short when they see an opinion with which they disagree. Best to not personalize it and go about your business. Your posts will be valued here if the are civil, and bring something substantial to the conversation. Welcome.

    • allan420 says:

      Berik… I’d have to say this is about the most civil site around. The discussions carry on at a higher level more often than they are at a lower one. When a poster makes a comment like “but he is way off base with everything else. lets fix our debt problem by putting the sick and the old on the chopping block” w/o any substance or depth it’s likely to be challenged, especially when it’s about one of our high profile compatriots.

      Besides, Pete’s couch seats a lot of folks and what w/ the bong being passed back and forth (speaking of which… Michael Phelps wants a puff. Pass it over will ya DarkCycle? I’ll load him a hit of this Vixen…) we rarely get too excitable over the little things. I’d say you didn’t even come close to being flamed Berik.

  18. allan420 says:

    “The War on Drugs is about a lot of things, but only rarely is it really about drugs.”

    – Dan Baum

  19. Duncan20903 says:

    I’m getting a definite feeling of deja vu from Mr. Johnson’s candidacy. It seriously reminds me of Bill Clinton in 1991. Obviously not because they have similar political philosophies. But no-one saw George the 41st getting beaten in the 1992 election. If that hadn’t been the case better positioned Democrats would have tosed their hats into the ring and Slick Willie wouldn’t have had a prayer. Ah well, pay me no mind, it’s probably just wishful thinking.

    But I must say that while Mr. Johnson has little chance of winning the nomination a strong showing could change everything. Mr. Obama may not win the general election but he’s still going to have to be caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy to not get the nomination. I’m with Allan. I’m going to change my registration to Republican even though the thought makes me nauseous, and actually vote in the primary. You know, New Hampshire has a very strong tendency toward Libertarianism. There used to be people promoting Libertarians moving there to try to take political control of the State. I suppose that didn’t work out, but one of the reasons they picked NH because it was already a Libertarian stronghold. New England is also only a step or two behind the left coast in cannabis law reform. One of the best times of my life was in 1992 in NH the week before the primary. Almost everyone in DC NORML packed up and went up there. Eric Sterling was in rare form that week. The near riot when we ran into the College Republicans for Bush was simply precious. Those idiots thought our videographer was from the media, and we were all tripping that evening. Hilarity ensued. I think I still have the video somewhere on VHS. I wonder if that College Republican that bumped into my elbow with his abdomen ever thought about me after that evening. He certainly left me with a sore elbow.

    My only regrets about that road trip came last year. We were primarily there to support the nomination of Jerry Brown. I don’t know about the others but I was pretty green back then and wasn’t particularly familiar with waffling. Oh well, if you don’t like Jerry’s politics just wait 15 minutes.

    • Windy says:

      Those of us in the State of Washington will have to attend caucuses if we want to influence who gets the nomination, since the legislature suspended our primary due to the budgetary shortfall of Gregoire’s administration, and darkcycle is correct about her angling for a position in Obama’s 2nd administration (which, hopefully, he won’t get so she’ll be SOOL — GOOD!) she’s got her head so far up Obama’s ass she’s looking thru his eyes.

      • allan420 says:

        for Gregoire it was a case of CYA… the AUSA’s letter gives her cover to veto w/o looking like a total schmuck. It’s been noted that the governors of New Jersey, Arizona, Maine, and Rhode Island (which have state-authorized dispensary systems) didn’t receive any such warnings.

        I really feel some days like Costello asking Abbot “who’s on 1st?” when I listen to any Prohib “argument.” Again the other day I saw Leonhart saying the deaths in Mexico are a sign of the WOD’s success. I mean seriously, wtf?

        Here in Oregon, 13 years after passage of our OMMA we still get reps putting forth bills every year to limit/restrict/gut/castrate/mutilate the OMMP. Which of course is the drawback to such limited attempts at undoing the wrongs of Prohibition… there were voices back then that predicted all this tug o’ war over mmj.

  20. Duncan20903 says:

    Wow Georgia, who’da thunk it? Well better late than never.

    Georgia to Begin Medical Marijuana Research Trials

  21. Duncan20903 says:

    Oh my word, a Republican big shot (state level) gets popped for DUI-merrywanna in RI.,57596

  22. DdC says:

    “To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful and tyrannical.” – Thomas Jefferson

    2011 Legislature May Destroy the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act
    Recently, Law Enforcement worked with the Stormy Ray Cardholder’s Foundation ( SRCF ) to craft a new dispensary bill. Unfortunately, SRCF chose not to invite the other 99% of the medical marijuana community.

    Cops, cops and damn cops always fracking with the patients.
    Stress prevents healing, they ought to be busted as state sanctioned terrorists.

    It has saved a few lives, but what a shooting gallery really represents is Vancouver’s ill-conceived tolerance of a killer drug epidemic, which grows worse in that city by the year.

    Time for a jab in yo face motherfucker…
    Such waste of humanity and to think his mother could have had an abortion and kept the world a cleaner nicer place without such mean spirited idiots. Oh ya it may save lives, but…

    Taliban tunnel more than 480 out of Afghan prison

    “The Taliban say they spent more than five months building a 1,050-foot tunnel to the main prison in southern Afghanistan, bypassing government checkpoints, watch towers and concrete barriers topped with razor wire.

    The diggers finally poked through Sunday and spent the night ferrying away more than 480 inmates through that same tunnel without a shot being fired, according to Afghan officials and the Taliban. Most of the prisoners were Taliban militants.

    Send in the drones and another trillion bucks!

  23. Duncan20903 says:

    It seems that the Canuckistanies have identified yet another “gateway” drug! And this one is probably mostly Pete’s fault for publishing his socio-commie pro-addiction manifestos.

    High net use linked to teen risky behavior

    Lead researcher Valerie Carson, a doctoral candidate at Queen’s University, found a strong association between teen computer and Internet use and engagement in multiple-risk behaviors — including illicit drug use, drunkenness and unprotected sex.

    “This research is based on social cognitive theory, which suggests that seeing people engaged in a behavior is a way of learning that behavior,” Carson says in a statement. “Since adolescents are exposed to considerable screen time — over 4.5 hours on average each day — they’re constantly seeing images of behaviors they can then potentially adopt.”

    In terms better understood by ignorant laymen, it’s the “Monkey See Monkey Do” theory of human behavior.

    • Maria says:

      Oh dear. I’ve been told that a high rate of music consumption, the devils noise, dontchiaknow; is also a clear indicator of youth at risk.

      Satan’s Media Machine is turning our children into dope addicts.

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