I’ll take your 21 minutes and lower it to 19 seconds

Every 21 minutes

This controversial billboard has recently shown up in Chicago, causing quite a furor.

I decided to make it a little more realistic…
Every 19 seconds

After all, Obama admitted to drug use, and had he been arrested, that would likely have been the end of his political hopes.

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7 Responses to I’ll take your 21 minutes and lower it to 19 seconds

  1. Paul says:

    Well, can we still arrest Obama? He’s publicly confessed–or has the statute of limitations run out? Fair’s fair, and all that. 🙂

    “All are equal under the majesty of the law. Rich man as well as poor are prohibited from stealing bread, begging for change, and sleeping under bridges!”–Voltaire

  2. This is not my America says:

    That seems to work better pete. The other one is no less true, maybe they should be displayed side by side along our roadways.

  3. denmark says:

    the jerk will win a second round probably.
    get ready for more of the same.

  4. Maria says:

    “Every 21 minutes, the next possible Hitler is aborted.”

    … Sorry, couldn’t resist. This type of emotional “argument” bugs me to no end … -despite- that, I’m adding your 19 seconds image to my sticker roll. 😉

  5. Would fewer abortions mean more drug arrests? Hmmm…

  6. divadab says:

    The sheer stupidity of a government that makes outlaws of the 46% of its population that has smoked marijuana.

    If any of these people were to have to apply for citizenship, and answered truthfully, they would be turned down. Including President Obama – not worhty of citizenship because he tried marijuana in his youth. Can a government be any more retarded and cruel?

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