Deep Thought

If the government shuts down, will the DEA continue to raid medical marijuana operations?

My understanding is that the DEA will continue to operate as a “critical public safety” component in case of a shutdown, which is completely baffling.

If you really care about public safety, you should shut down the DEA even if you don’t shut down the government.

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10 Responses to Deep Thought

  1. paul says:

    They will mostly shut down the parts of the government which focus on providing tangible services to people, rather than the nasty stuff going on in the background like the raids. This makes people more sorry than happy the government is shutting down.

    You’ll notice that whenever the state of California talks about shutting down services, the first thing they talk about is closing libraries, parks, and emergency rooms. They never talk about highly paid paper pushers doing God only knows what in some office somewhere. If they did, people would say, fine! Shut ’em down!

    On the other hand, a nice, looooong shut down could eventually cut into the DEA. Maybe they would have to close down some of the offices they operate in other countries for their oh so important work.

    I can only hope this is but a taste of things to come. If we are all going to be bankrupted by the federal government’s inability to stop spending, then maybe some of the evil things government does will stop.

  2. Chant down Babylon says:

    DEAth is a profit maker. Why shut it down?

    • daniel says:

      Is the DEA really profitable? I would guess they waste billions.

      • Duncan20903 says:

        Don’t worry, it’s not even close to being remotely possible that drug enforcement is profitable. Anybody that claims that bureaucrats care a whit about making money just don’t understand human nature. Bureaucrats have their own internal currency and they can pocket mad stacks of it while squandering public resources like they were drunken sailors on shore leave in New Orleans.

      • DdC says:

        One man gathers what another man spills…

        It’s only waste if you’re not receiving it…

  3. darkcycle says:

    I know it’s not an open thread, but thought those here would find this interesting. Heads up, Eastern Washington….
    P.S. Filched this link from a comment posted at

  4. kant says:

    I’ve said this before (on here i’m pretty sure) but i’ll say it again. Our government will fight the drug war to it’s dying breathe.

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  6. Duncan20903 says:

    If the Federal government shut down, would anyone notice? It seems that the intuitive answer would be yes. But the Belgian government has been off line for 300 days as of today.

    I’ll make a motion that we should give it a try! Do I have a second?

  7. paul says:

    Seconded. All in favor Aye?

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