Concepts that need to be staked through the heart and placed six feet underground

1. Drug-free

A drug-free world for future generations in the Sri Lanka Sunday Observer

Drug-related social issues have become a topic of discussion not only in media, but also among individuals in various social strata. The Mathata Thitha concept of President Mahinda Rajapaksa was formulated for eradicating the drug menace from our motherland.

Fortunately, we don’t see this term much any more. The U.S. 1986 crime bill said that we’d be drug-free by 1995. Newt Gingrich then said we’d be drug-free by 2001. And the U.N. was ultimately embarrassed by its bold claim that the world would be drug-free by 2008.

Even organizations like Partnership for a Drug Free America and the Drug Free America Foundation seem to just be keep their obsolete names without really believing that such a thing is possible.

It’s a laughable concept. Drug-free? What do you mean? Aspirin is a drug. Caffeine is a drug. Medical science uses drugs like they’re water (I believe my dad takes 16 pills a day, required by his doctors). Your body manufactures drugs.

In an attempt to understand the morons who use the “drug-free” term, well, maybe they mean that “drug-free” is shorthand. Maybe it really is supposed to stand for the more awkward “free of currently-illicit drugs.” OK, let’s examine that. People have been using currently illicit drugs for millennia and will continue do so as clearly evidenced by the absolute failure of any prohibition scheme to put a dent in use.

But wait! I have a solution. I can give you your drug-free world (if it means “free of currently-illicit drugs”) in one easy step. Legalize. Voila! No more currently-illicit drugs being used.

2. Blood cocaine

Aussie cocaine users have the blood of Mexican drug war victims on their hands – ACC boss

AUSTRALIANS who use cocaine have the blood of those slain in the Mexican drug wars on their hands, according to the head of the Australian Crime Commission (ACC).

ACC chief executive John Lawler says cocaine is freely available on Australian streets and police are making record levels of arrests.

But he says those using the “blood cocaine” were indirectly supporting the drug cartels responsible for slaying tens of thousands of Mexicans.

The Mexican government estimates about 35,000 police officers, gang members and bystanders have died since 2006 in the nation’s battle to eradicate the drug cartels.

This type of ridiculous claim has been made many times before — think ONDCP Superbowl ads after 9/11, where they tried to tie drug-use with terrorism.

Yes, if you eliminated all drug use, you would wipe out the cartels’ profits. And if you eliminated all sex, you would wipe out STD’s. Neither concept can exist in the real world.

The truth is, John Lawler is trying to deflect the fact that he and the rest of the drug war apparatus is what’s responsible for the destruction in Mexico.

If cocaine was regulated, this wouldn’t happen.

This isn’t even a tough choice situation. When it comes to produce, some people buy “organic,” while a lot of people aren’t interested in going that route or paying a few extra pennies and so buy non-organically produced produce. A few people support environmental efforts by purchasing toilet paper made from recycled paper, while many others really want their Charmin.

When it comes to currently illicit drugs, if a legal option was available that wasn’t priced completely out of reach, people would overwhelmingly choose the legal option, cutting off the money supply to the criminals.

John Lawler tries further to justify his deflection…

“I’d like to pose to (cocaine users) the question, if it were an egg they were consuming that had been grown in a battery environment, would they consume it?” Mr Lawler asked.

Perhaps an Australian can clue us in to what Lawler means by “battery environment.” It’s not a term familiar to me, but I can guess that it means some kind of illicit situation perhaps related to violence (and not electrical storage containers).

Well you can bet your sweet ass that if eggs were illegal, Australians would be consuming them, regardless of where they were “grown.” They would be as indiscriminate as goannas seeking out those succulent chicken embryos for breakfast. And they would then rub their bellies in satisfaction with a clear conscience while fully and rightly blaming the government for the tragic and unnecessary “battery environment” its stupid laws were fueling.

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17 Responses to Concepts that need to be staked through the heart and placed six feet underground

  1. Servetus says:

    According to CNN, Mexican authorities have captured a drug kingpin nicknamed ‘El Kilo’.

    His replacement, ‘El Metric Ton’, will be assuming control over El Kilo’s drug empire immediately.

  2. Jake says:

    Pete, in case the ‘battery’ chickens question wasn’t sarcasm, its this And as a side note, millions of Australians, or any other country, consume lots of meat produced in that way without knowing… so yes they probably do consume it regardless of his rhetorical question.

    The argument that members of the public are fuelling Mexican cartels by purchasing Cocaine is not only intellectually dishonest but unbelievably hypocritical when coming from someone in (any)government. It is only because of their policy choices that members of the public have no other option if they want to consume. The blood is on their hands and they really should stop trying to pass the buck…

  3. Dante says:

    More concepts that should be deep-sixed:

    “Public Servant” – any of you members of the public feeling served lately? Our elected officials serve themselves, and nobody else.

    “Law Enforcer” – Is there even one remaining honest cop who does not abuse the authority of his/her badge? More crimes are committed today by “Law Enforcers”, and they all help each other get away with it by using the Blue Wall of Silence. In other words, obstruction of justice.

  4. Those with the blood on their hands are those that support or do not oppose the USDA agricultural mercantilism started through the U.S. via the figure of Harvey Washington Wiley, chief USDA chemist 1883-1912, who wrote the 1906 Pure Foods and Drugs Act exempting Tobacco while allowing the USDA to declare foreign competitors ‘deleterious to health’ with NO requirment of scientific objectivity:

  5. Emma says:

    So would Lawler support fair trade cocaine?

  6. Black Market says:

    No matter what you outlawed, you will always have a black market.

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  7. Chris says:

    The Dayton Family – Cocaine – Music Video

    I think this perfectly illustrates everything being discussed here. Our society will never be drug free because people love drugs so much that someone will always meet demand. It’s simply a matter of who is given control of that market.

    • denmark says:

      That music video was very interesting. Besides the everybody selling cocaine words they had some interesting things to say in between.

    • SkinUpInPublic says:

      Here’s the lyrics:

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  8. vicky vampire says:

    I like the you posted Black Market about ,how there will always be a black market, Yeah even Rush today I listened to his show do not agree but do with some things on occasion Rush was saying how Black Market for cigarettes is becoming very big because of prohibitive taxes.

    Legal or not there will always exist some form of Black market its just the way it is no matter how much Law enforcement trys to snuff it out it will always exist in some form.

    Yeah good example if eggs were illegal Australians would be consuming them regardless of where they came would then be called Blood eggs. Oh my any day of Bloody Fools.

    A Drug Free World in the sri lanka Obsever run that by me again please: I take about 26 pills a day for pain,allergies,vitamins,bio-identicals hormones and use caffeine plus smoke cannabis and use an E-CIG COME AGAIN ABOUT A DRUG FREE WORLD not in my orbit, any time soon. Oh and I’m also a Sugar addict.Screw that.

  9. Paul says:

    An absurd distinction. What about blood meat?

    Distractions aside, the real blood is on the hands of the men who made the policy in the first place. Don’t let them shift responsibility.

  10. This is not my America says:

    How bout we just ban government world wide. i dont mean laws, we need those to keep stupid people from harming others, I mean governments. They are the cause of all world wide strife. If people cant see that , then you are blind. Man is incapable of being in government for the good of the people, there for government is not needed, just laws to keep stupid people from harming others.

  11. strayan says:

    Yes Pete, we have these morons in Australia too.

    Battery eggs are the opposite of free range ones.

  12. Aaron says:

    The better response would be “why the hell would you want to make eggs illegal in the first place?”

    • Maria says:

      Don’t you even care how many people die from cholesterol related health problems? And how can you not even think about the chicken slavery of factory farms? Blood eggs!

      Do you know that Egg abuse is rampant? Some people will eat up to 3 to 5 eggs a DAY without regard to their health. If this isn’t addiction, I don’t know what is. It starts at one every so often and escalates from there. No one is safe. Some Egg users have been known to go into anaphylactic shock. Nothing that’s safe would cause that kind of reaction!

      Eggs are known WMDs and have been used in violent actions. Do you think gas and impact weapons should be available for anyone to just BUY at the grocery store? You’re driving down the road and some eggs land on your windshield. You crash. Into a tree! And die! Children have access to these things! Thousands have been spent on clean up by the victims of these vicious egg attacks! It’s only a matter of time before these victims start piling up in the streets.

      Egg paraphernalia can even be found in your pantry! Like, bacon! These Eggers have totally corrupted bacon! BACON!

      Are you one of those people who’s selfish enjoyment of eggs overrides the harms they do to our society?

      (I love eggs.)

      • Duncan20903 says:

        Have you heard the Paul Simon song called “Mother and Child Reunion”? He said he got the inspiration to write that song when he went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant and they had an entree with that name made from chicken and eggs. I hope that restaurant kept a close eye on that chef.

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