Cops Say Obama is “All Talk, No Game” on Treating Drugs as a Health Issue

Press Release from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition:

President Maintains Bush Administration Ratio Favoring Punishment Over Treatment

Just Weeks Ago, Obama Said We Need to “Shift Resources” But He Didn’t Do It

WASHINGTON, DC — A group of police officers, judges and prosecutors who have waged the so-called “war on drugs” is criticizing President Obama because his federal drug control budget, released today, doesn’t match up to his rhetoric on treating drug abuse as a health problem.

Obama’s federal drug control budget maintains a Bush-era disparity devoting nearly twice as many resources to punishment as it does for treatment and prevention, despite his saying less than three weeks ago that, “We have to think more about drugs as a public health problem,” which requires “shifting resources.” The president’s comments came during a January 27 YouTube interview, in response to a question from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition member MacKenzie Allen, a retired deputy sheriff. Video of that exchange is available at

“I don’t understand how the president can tell us with a straight face that he wants to treat drugs as a health issue but then turn around just a few weeks later and put out a budget that continues to emphasize punishment and interdiction,” said Neill Franklin, LEAP executive director and a former narcotics officer in Baltimore. “The president needs to put his money where his mouth is. Right now it looks like he’s simply all talk and no game.”

In releasing the drug control budget today, the administration did reverse a Bush-era accounting trick that hid some costs of the “war on drugs,” such as incarceration. But the drug control budget breakdown, available online at, clearly shows that under both the new and old calculations, supply reduction receives far more resources than demand reduction does.

“The Obama administration does deserve credit for bringing to light some of the costs of the ‘war on drugs’ that the Bush administration tried to obscure from public scrutiny,” said Franklin. “But mere accounting changes aren’t going to reduce our prison population, improve our economy or put violent gangs and cartels out of business. Only real changes to drug policy, like legalizing and regulating drugs, can help us achieve those important goals.”

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) represents police, prosecutors, judges, prison wardens, federal agents and others who want to legalize and regulate drugs after fighting on the front lines of the “war on drugs” and learning firsthand that prohibition only serves to worsen addiction and violence. More info at

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25 Responses to Cops Say Obama is “All Talk, No Game” on Treating Drugs as a Health Issue

  1. This is not my America says:

    So far as I can see, nothing Mr. Obama says matches what he does. Thats not an opinion based on whether I like or dislike him, its just the facts.

    I would like to correct something Mr. Franklin said if he wouldnt mind.

    Neill Franklin, LEAP executive director and a former narcotics officer in Baltimore. “The president needs to put his money where his mouth is. Right now it looks like he’s simply all talk and no game.”

    Should read:

    Neill Franklin, LEAP executive director and a former narcotics officer in Baltimore. “The president needs to put OUR money where his mouth is. Right now it looks like he’s simply all talk and no game.”

    I realize its just word play but, I just wanted the right word there…and it is ALL GAMES when it comes to what is being done on the part of ONDCP. Games with our money, games with the truth, games with our lives…all of which they get paid to do…time for pink slips.

  2. denmark says:

    By all accounts Mr. Franklin is an intelligent person. For some reason though I cannot get behind the “administration deserves credit” … No, my little love bug, he deserves nothing but a slap in the face and then the cold shoulder for the rest of his useless life.
    What a frakking waste of a lifetime Obummer. That’s o.k., you’ll eventually have to pay the karmic load off that you’ve created. Then you can scratch your arse and wonder like the idiot you are, what did I ever do to deserve this?
    Bunch of game playing lying scum bags.

  3. Cannabis says:

    Now it’s easy to see why Tom McLellan resigned as ONDCP Deputy Director last year. He knew that he was brought on board to make it look like they were going to reverse the funding for demand reduction (law enforcement) and treatment (harm reduction). Once he realized that the budget was not going to coincide with the National Drug Control Strategy, he did the honorable thing and bailed. That’s why ONDCP delivered the Strategy three months late last year. We should start a pool to see how late they deliver the Strategy this year. February 1-15 are already gone. Dates anyone?

  4. denmark says:

    FYI Pete. Went looking for the Harry’s Law post and couldn’t find it.
    I’ll never watch the show again. Last night Malcolm turned SNITCH and Kathie Bates supported it.

  5. Rookie says:

    Soon you will all realize.. It does not matter what we the People want. All that matters is the self interest of Government in continuing to keep the masses under control. The war on drugs allows the government and business to exercise dominance over the masses by controlling all unhealthy behavior. Tobacco has come under fire. Obesity, now mountain climbing, surfing, and I dare to say being older will allow business to come to the conclusion that age adds to health care costs.. We allowed the horse out of the barn many many years ago with workplace urine testing and now it has enslaved us..

  6. anyone demanding more resources for “prevention and treatment” needs to exercise great caution or they may very well get exactly what they are asking for.

    read the first page of the National Drug Control Strategy: then, for god’s sake STOP hammering on the idea that not enough is spent on demand reduction.

    when these fuckers say “zero” tolerance they mean ZERO — and that particular exercise is geared toward the absolute elimination of all drug use.

    are you really sure that you want to see more effort expended on preventing drug use? in the name of “health” they are planning on greatly expanding the use of drug testing — forewarned is forearmed

  7. Is anyone still surprised that Obama could care less about drug policy?

    Ditto to what Brian said…

  8. vicky vampire says:

    Pres. Obama IS our average Tax and spend control Freak politician same shit different day, and yet we are told he will be a great Pres, We just have to wait a little longer.Ok.yeah right.I can hear his greatness coming anytime now.haha.

    Yeah Rookie and everyone else posting her today yes every damn thing in America is under Fire, I feel like every day this sounds cliches but THIS IS NOT NOT MY AMERiCA, BEAM ME UP SCOTTY!!!!! Christ, it never lets up for a mili second.
    Here is link to Story ,Utah may pass Bill that will inadvertently Ban most flavored Tobacco’s It’s a Legal product for God’s sake hello we have hookah bars in this state use these products anyway read story it nuts and no I do not even use Tobacco only Cannabis but I will defend the right of fellow Americans to freely use a legal product whether its healthy or not they have sovereignty and freedom over their own body at lest that’s how I see it.

    Did any one see the view tv show Whoopie, was saying the CHILLEAN Miners that were trapped a few months back wanted get these SEX DOLLS and POT well isn’t that special people yes Marijuana is so damn popular everhwere is it not lets spot playing this game, LEGALISE NOW.

  9. ezrydn says:

    I’ve been saying that since Obama had his first Questions from the Public bout where he made his snivelling, sarcastic comment about us. Sorry folks but this is truly OLD NEWS.

  10. Cliff says:

    I was hoping the Chilean Miners Story was a little happier, with the cannabis actually being supplied openly and shared by the miners. Sadly that was not the case with the ones getting it from family members hoarding it and smoking it alone, causing further tension rather than relieving it. Of course the officials wanted to get dope dawgs to find it before it reached the miners, oh the horror.

    It would have been nice to read about some people trapped underground who enjoyed more freedoms over their bodies than we do on the surface. Talk about underground economy. 🙂

  11. This is not my America says:

    Im in total agreement with Brian Bennet. Be very careful what you ask for. They could push that idea to a edge none of us want on top of the the law enforcement side they already rule with an iron fist.

    They care not for the people but what they can do to keep us under thumb. Your all forewarned.

  12. claygooding says:

    They would not,cannot and will never reduce the size of their budget so any increase in demand control will just add to their present budget.
    Because that is what bureaucracies do and at that rate,in order to bring treatment and demand reduction on too a level field will require appx 8 or 9 billion more per year,plus the costs of the drug courts,rehab funding and the personnel to oversee all that new branch of a federal bureaucracy that has become a cancer in America.
    We speak of reducing harm and they plan maximum family destruction.

  13. Cliff says:

    Forced Drug Rehab = Prison With a Nice Name

    Didn’t Soviet dissidents get either insane asylums or the gulag? Not seeing much of a difference here. From the Government, here to help, etc…

  14. allan420 says:

    well, shit… we gave the Prez his shot. He in turn has raised the cynicism level about US politics even higher.

    Having an email exchange with a teacher friend telling me about education rollbacks in Idaho… drastic reduction in teacher numbers, major pay and benefit cuts for teachers… giving kids laptops instead of more teachers…

    The common thread connecting those filling our prisons and jails is their education levels. 8th grade literacy and lower… and *shock* the more educated we are the lower the chances that we’ll end up criminals.

    Ergo… an increasingly iron fisted gummint, with an increasingly illiterate population… a for-profit prison system… a populace that no longer understands that the Constitution is OUR document to beat them over the head with, not versa visa… rising food prices… rising unemployment… 100s of 1000s of vets with untreated PTSD… a gang war raging across our border… a planet that seems to be energizing itself to scratch hard at some irritating fleas… I mean heck. Like Alfred E Newman says, “what, me worry?”

    • Cliff says:

      “Having an email exchange with a teacher friend telling me about education rollbacks in Idaho… drastic reduction in teacher numbers, major pay and benefit cuts for teachers… giving kids laptops instead of more teachers…”

      Right here in Colorado, we are looking at another $375 million in cuts for our K-12 in addition to substantial cuts last year. The colleges and universities have long since been thrown under the fiscal bus, with students and parents bearing a greater burden to help their kids with a college degree. $20,000 or more in student debt after graduation with no job prospects is not a good way to start a life.

      The bureaucrooks and politrixters also raided the medical cannabis registry of $9 million last year. That tree will bear little fruit for this fiscal year as June approaches and they are looking down the barrel of a $1 billion shortfall they will have to cover.

      This year the pickings for them will be mighty slim on the medical cannabis market. The dispensaries are being regulated and taxed out of business. Meanwhile the Department of Revenue and Department of Public Health are finishing the job that the legislature started by trying to track and control medical cannabis. All of these dispensaries were contributing to the state and local economy in taxes, in rents, salaries, utilities and other valuable contributions. Now these buildings will join the other empty commercial real estate out here in NOCO.

      Everyone I have talked to are getting out of the medical cannabis business or getting on the registry and growing their own or getting a caregiver. There’s a lot of bartering for services going on too. So much for taxing and regulating.

      Get the popcorn folks we are in for some fascinating political gymnastics here in Colorado.

  15. This is not my America says:

    Me worry? naw, ..

    Now dont bother me, I gotta swallow some sleeping pills and TRY to sleep.

  16. Duncan20903 says:

    Good lord, Indiana? Mark Souder is turning over in his grave. There’s some seriously stunning rhetoric coming out of the Indiana House today.

    Then again I’ve heard a lot of people wish for a sitting lawmaker who could benefit from medical cannabis.

    Another darn Republican too.

    • Duncan20903 says:

      Oops, it looks like I’m a victim of wishful thinking. It seems Mr. Souder is still alive. I must have had a happy dream one night in the past.

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  18. strayan says:

    The message that needs to be sent is to quit drinking and start taking MDMA:

    Safer drugs for all!

  19. vicky vampire says:

    Yes Cliff,you are right on spot from everything I have been reading and folks,I talk to,Lately The Medical Marijuana Dispensaries have been constantly raided more creeping, taxes,and regulations.I know the they want outlaw tinctures,and Ointment,How crazy is that in Colorado that is especially excellent for strong pain but of course we can’t have that.
    They could legalize Medical Cannabis in all 50 states tomorrow,but the populace warned the authorities you screw us with over taxation and regulation its back to underground Pot Economy get my scenario,its that pathological greedy tinkering that wrecks everything and leads to chaos and destruction God its so FRAKING Depressing somebody cheer me up.

  20. David Marsh says:

    “All talk, No game” The permanent straggly of the prohibition and reform movements.

  21. DdC says:

    Obama Proposes 43 Percent Cut For Murtha’s National Drug Intelligence Center
    A project championed by the late Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) got the axe in the fiscal year 2012 budget proposed by President Barack Obama on Monday.

    Hil and Gil on the Drug War

    The Obama Admin’s Anti-Marijuana Manifesto (thread)

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