Refreshing honesty in Nevada

… yet still disturbing.

Cristina Silva of the AP has an article: In Nev., booze, bets, brothels OK, not selling pot even as nearby states allow it

The question:

How is a state that has long lured visitors with promises of unconstrained debauchery stricter with pot than its more wholesome neighbors of Colorado, Arizona and California?

Apparently that’s a misunderstanding of the character of Nevada. And the political leaders and historians will set you… straight.

Sure, they say, the state has libertarian leanings and is generally willing to prosper from activities that most states have declared repugnant.

For many, however, pot is for hippies.

And Nevada, borne in the rugged days of the Wild West, is no place for hippies.

The attitude was real men drank, whored and gambled — these are the vices of frontier men and women,” said Guy Rocha, Nevada’s former archivist.

“When it comes to drugs, Nevada has looked at it as, ‘that’s what those wild people in California do, or New York or Oregon,'” he said.

Sad. But refreshing honesty.

To adapt The West Wing’s Ainslee Hayes’ quote to a different issue …

Your marijuana control policy doesn’t have anything to do with public safety… It’s about, you don’t like people who do like marijuana. You don’t like the people.

Yes, Virginia, caveman-testosterone-fueled public policy does exist.

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18 Responses to Refreshing honesty in Nevada

  1. Dudeman says:

    At the Rainbow Gatherings they keep the drunks in an enclosed area called ‘A-town’. Just sayin’.

  2. claygooding says:

    You have to look very hard in Nevada to find many people that don’t do drugs.

    Increase in Marijuana Rehab Matches Increase in Arrests
    By “Radical” Russ Belville

    “”According to the TEDS, 57% of the people admitted to rehab for marijuana are court/criminal justice referrals, a figure that largely represents people who have merely been caught with marijuana. Only 15% of referrals are folks who refer themselves for treatment of a marijuana dependence.””

    “”The facts are that arrests for marijuana lead to rehab admissions for marijuana whether the users need treatment or not. This is a shift of drug rehab resources from alcoholics and hard drug addicts who need treatment to marijuana users who don’t. I suspect it’s also much more likely a marijuana user is employed and has the kind of health insurance that pays the bills for drug rehab compared to the average heroin addict.””

  3. Pete says:

    Clay, I’ve been debunking that for years.

  4. claygooding says:

    I know Pete,but Russ has charts. :<)

  5. jhelion says:

    I apologize for my state – there is no excuse. We are firing teachers, police, firefighters, and closing 4 out of 7 museums here in reno, but we still have funds for the war on (some) drugs. Go figure.

    here is an article from our local paper about this AP story if you want to play…

  6. LOL.... says:

    …Hasnt Neveada figured out yet that cannabis knows no borders?

    …and thats the scoop, its not cannabis thats the problem, its peoples born in breed in propagandize view of people who consume it.

  7. Servetus says:

    Of course Nevada hates hippies. Hippies are smart enough to know gambling is a fraud, and gutsy enough to reject the whole materialist shtick. For hippies, sex is always free. Nevada’s economy would implode if hippies ruled. And one day hippies will rule.

    Which is why Nevada needs an immediate back-up plan: legalize cannabis.

    Nevada was a bit hesitant to become the hedonism capitol of the world. Gambling, sex and drugs? Too much. Gambling and sex were recognized, while drugs were seen as being the straw that breaks the camel’s back, thereby threatening the whole gambling/sex empire.

    Today, things have changed. California has both a gambling industry in the form of the lottery and Native Americans who own the casinos. San Francisco has decriminalized prostitution in the form of men’s clubs and massage parlors. Nevada is being edged out at the same time it’s being marginalized in the ever profitable sin market.

    This is the time for Nevada to make a business decision. Forget about ideology. What did ideology ever do for anybody? All ideology does is create ideologists who suck money out of your pocket in the form of excessive taxes and church tithes.

    It comes down to a question of whether we want to hand out our hard-earned cash to ideologists; or to casinos, hookers, and drug merchants. Ideologists give us nothing in return for our money. The choice is clear. Legalize cannabis in Nevada or face economic ruin in Nevada.

  8. pt says:

    Legalizing would do nothing but increase tourism and revenue. Hippies or not, isn’t it all about the bottom line? Weird to me that they haven’t legalized.

  9. Peter McGee says:

    Alcohol is much safer than Cannabis. Cannabis is evil it causes all sorts of problems which alcohol does not cause. So drink alcohol! Stay safe and drink alcohol and take the pills from big pharma! Much safer than weed. those drug companies man they know what they are doing come on man. The FDA approved them after all *sarcasm off
    All those lives which weed has led to the destruction of. All those lives think about the kids man! Just think! It’s terrible. All the Doritos that have been eaten in the name of cannabis. Every day i morn for the death that cannabis has caused to all those Doritos. Why cannabis? Why? Why you make me eat doritos why?

  10. panther says:

    Scary Hippies suck their joints, the real tough cowboys take the fix. Will Nevada thus legalize Heroin, the frontier line of vice?

  11. warren says:

    Ugh. Get me shot beer liver feel to normal.

  12. sandy says:

    Would not surprise me if those places who do have it legal experienced a healthier existence as a result of consuming cannabis.I actually believe it is what’s missing in our diet.I wondered if it had been removed intentionally as a population control.Especially since no one seems after all these years to have found a cure for cancer and never intended to, even with vast amounts of cash made available for grants to find cures.Only evil would not permit the public a cure for cancer.(especially based on the concept that big pharma profits greatly treating the symptoms,but never curing the disease.)But I think we are going to find that it is more than this.Big industry is really messing up the planet with its tree cutting and chemical based crops and crude oil pollution.We now have Seas of plastic soda bottles..all of this could be eliminated with bio degradable hemp containers.I feel certain the planet s health would improve with the legalization of cannabis/ hemp.The push to make it legal is so much more than just copping a buzz.Those who choose to keep it illegal for money will one day see that that paper stuff will not do them any good once the food chain is gone.I am actually crazy enough to believe that cannabis was a very vital part of mans food chain till the robber barons took it upon themselves to make us dependent on them for their poisons.

  13. Kells says:

    Yeah, as silly as it sounds, a lot of manly-man conservatives still do have that caricature in their head of the tie-dyed hippie that talks like Tommy Chong that they like to trot out to this day to characterize the opposition. All marijuana users are like this, no exceptions!

  14. vicky vampire says:

    Yes Sandy you make a fascinating point about places with Heathier existence consuming Cannabis I’ve smoked medically for almost three years so been reading and I quess totally amazed and obseesed with cannabis and its effects on Health just read in High Times Medical Marujuana Issue Winter 2011 on page 26 a story about a young woman with endromiteris and other bad arthritc contitions and incredible journey smoking and juicing with Cannabis and how it helped her ailments trendously but eventually had to move from Ilinois to a more friedlier Cannabis State of California.

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  16. Tim says:

    Servetus: exactly about cannabis users immune from the lure of gambling (well, some anyway). I heard the same thing in a news story when someone wanted to organize a medical marijuana convention in Vegas. One of the security staff at the casinos said they prefer drinkers because they gamble more.

  17. Patriot Henry says:

    “Yes, Virginia, caveman-testosterone-fueled public policy does exist.”

    Great quote. I like this one too:

    ‘”Niebuhr was right” said Goethe, “when he saw a barbarous age coming. It is already here, we are in it, for in what does barbarism consist, if not in the failure to appreciate what is excellent?”
    —ECKERMANN, 1831.’

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