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Refreshing honesty in Nevada

… yet still disturbing. Cristina Silva of the AP has an article: In Nev., booze, bets, brothels OK, not selling pot even as nearby states allow it The question: How is a state that has long lured visitors with promises … Continue reading

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Being on an Editorial Board doesn’t require actually knowing anything

The Daily Herald (Chicago suburbs) editorial board shows just how ignorant it is: A suburban war on drugs is vital to stem the tide We must wage a war on drug abuse. That should be the resolve of law enforcement, … Continue reading

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Old news – DEA is an out-of-control rogue agency

The leaked cables, which various journalism organizations such as WikiLeaks and the New York Times have been publishing, have been interesting historically, but have produced very little in terms of startling or radically new information that had previously been hidden. … Continue reading

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