Drug Policy Reform on Facebook

I know a lot of you aren’t on Facebook, but for those who are, there are more and more good drug policy reform resources all the time.

Here’s a good one I hadn’t seen before:

A War on Drugs: A War on People

This excellent page discusses the global ramifications of the drug war and is:

Committed to raising awareness about the human rights violations that occur under the auspices of the war on drugs

And, of course, don’t forget to join Willie Nelson’s Teapot Party on Facebook (which has organized its first national meetupevent.

Of course, Students for Sensible Drug Policy have a strong presence on Facebook, not only from their national organization, but individual chapters around the world with their own pages.

There are active pages for Law Enforcement Against Prohitibion, Drug Policy Alliance, NORML Women’s Alliance, Marijuana Policy Project, Marijuana is Safer, Transform Drug Policy Foundation, International Centre for Science in Drug Policy, Flex Your Rights, The Vienna Declaration, and more.

And don’t forget, you can follow Drug WarRant on Facebook as well, where all Drug WarRant posts are also duplicated with its own audience of over 1,000 daily views.

Are there good drug policy reform Facebook pages that I’m missing?

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17 Responses to Drug Policy Reform on Facebook

  1. Just Legalize It says:

    you got the NORML womens alliance but there is also just a normal NORML page which posts a lot of good articles as well http://www.facebook.com/norml over 250,000 strong

  2. darkcycle says:

    Ah Yes, I had sworn to never join a social networking site. I belong to the Church of the Pathological misanthrope, and as such, it is against the precepts of my religion. However, My alter ego, darkcycle, did join under a pseudonym I’ve published under before, primarily to scope some of the SSDP sites. For issues like ours it is an invaluable tool. However, coming from the generation that locked all the doors, closed all the windows, and hid in the bathroom with a towel shoved under the door, IN OUR OWN HOMES, (see the scene in “Animal House” where they smoke pot in the bathtub, that’s REAL), it’s nigh on impossible to come out in public now.

  3. claygooding says:

    LOL,I got tired of the game and have put the revolver to my head,so to speak,in a mouses attempt at convincing the owl that I will kill myself before he can eat me.

  4. Chris says:

    Miley Cyrus Trippin On Salvia With A Bong At Her 18th Birthday Party!


    Uh huh, sure it was salvia. Also, I remember my first bong hit. You’re supposed to clear it!

  5. Duncan20903 says:

    If you missed it, here’s a head to head competition between Tommy Chong after smoking pot vs some guy tripping on Salvia.


    “I’m on Craigslist” by Weird Al.


    Well we shared a quick glance
    Saturday at the mall
    I never took a chance
    Never approached you at all

    You were a blonde half-asian with a bad case of gas
    I was wearin’ red speedos and a hockey mask
    Come on let’s find that love connection that we missed

    On Craigslist!
    Yeah, Craigslist, come on!
    I’m on Craigslist
    Oh, baby, maybe you are too!
    Be bom ba chomb cadonk bin bam boo!

  6. claygooding says:

    And just like the owl,our jackbooted opposition could give a shit less:

    As Juárez Falls @ the Nation asks:
    One should perhaps ask: if this is the case, how many powerful people in the US do not really want to end the drug business but rather to keep it under control and eliminate the small guys, while the big guys continue to bank and invest the money? I do not know the answers, I merely ask the questions.”


    Jeremy Scahill Testifies Before Congress on America’s Secret Wars


    All to protect the illicit drug market money men and the bankers,bureaucratic empires and industries that use the WoD as their moneymaker.

  7. Taylor Wray says:

    The “legalize it” Facebook group is also pretty legit. It’s no surprise that the grassroots are WAY ahead of the politicians on this issue, and Facebook is good evidence of that.

  8. Duncan20903 says:

    Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. I actually ran across a Know Nothing that self identifies as a Know Nothing.

    Tb0889 Yesterday, 12:46:24 PM:
    I am pretty sure thats a good thing she knows nothing about marijuana. I am proud to say i know nothing about marijuana , any illegal drug, or any prescription drug that is used for recreational purposes. I have never and will never try any of them.

    The text quoted above appears in the comments section of:

  9. darkcycle says:

    “I will parade my ignorance around like it was a magnificent sheild against anything I fear. My rank and willful stupidity will be my monument against progress. I will repel with fear that which I don’t understand, nor wish to. All shall tremble before this stupidity, for I shall use other stupid people to institutionalize it and make it yours.” H. Anslinger
    I’m not sure if Anslinger said this, or anything remotely like this, but it sounded good and I couldn’t admit to having made it up….
    Anyway,it should be the know-nothing’s creed.

  10. darkcycle says:

    Hey Clay, remember back in the day, that poster “Defiance”? So you’re the mouse, huh?

  11. B-roll says:

    nevermind, it does it on its own

  12. DdC says:

    Click “You can use these HTML tags”

    EU Ready To End Drug Prohibition

  13. darkcycle says:

    WOO-HOO!!! The E.U. just UNILATERALY broke the U.N. treaty on drugs! Yes! Harry Anslinger’s crown jewel, his greatest acheivement trampled to dust! along with the final fallback arguement of the prohibitionist! The UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs!
    This is real news, that dike is breaking up and they’ve clean run out of fingers!

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  15. allan420 says:

    @ darkcycle… is this that to which you refer?

    EU holds breakthrough discussions on cannabis (funny the only place I found this was on Cork Student News, Ireland *rollseyes*)

    The EU has said that it will not block any possible Member State initiative to move towards legalizing cannabis or other previously illegal plants.

    Yeah, kinda int’restin’ that coverage is so slim… and the Dutch coffee shops are under some pressure to ban non-Dutch EU citizens… (holds fingers in “L” shape on forehead)

  16. rita says:


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