Bill Piper takes on Bishop Ron Allen

A Ron Allen train wreck.

Bishop Ron Allen: “It’s a deadly and dangerous mantra that marijuana is safer than alcohol. I’ll offer you, sir, a cobra or a rattlesnake. Which one would you say is safer? Neither one.”

What I’m thinking: “Get your snakes away from me, crazy man. I’ll take a drink and a joint, and be safer than hanging out with you.”

Bishop Ron Allen: “We as a society are trying to say that ‘Hey, look. Let’s smoke marijuana and let’s not drive drunk..’ Look, they just had a bad accident in Italy. Come on and let’s look at that…” [was mercifully cut off] […]

“But now, we have a very serious problem on our hands. We have drug dealers and drug pushers such as the Drug Policy Alliance…”

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44 Responses to Bill Piper takes on Bishop Ron Allen

  1. Duncan20903 says:

    The existence of “Bishop” Allen certainly validates the fact that there is no god.

  2. primus says:

    I love that guy, though I can’t stand to listen to him. He is the best they have to defend prohibition? He is a babbling fool, and Bill just calmly refuted every one of his arguments, citing facts and statistics to counter his rampant hyperbole. Keep him on; the more people hear his nonsense, the less they will buy the prohib line.

  3. primus says:

    His bit about the snakes is wonderful; “If I held up a rattlesnake and a cobra and asked you which was safer?” What the prohibs do is hold up a garter snake and a bull snake and say:”Snakes kill you by biting you (rattlesnake) or crushing you (anaconda, boa constrictor) so these here snakes are evil and must be expunged.” Never mind that neither a garter snake nor a bull snake will harm a human in the least.

  4. That Guy says:

    I need to spend more time with the Drug Policy Alliance. They are way classier than my regular dealer. They even have a website and stuff where you can learn all about the drugs they are selling… <looking at site> hey, wait a minute…

    It is just amazing that people can be so wrong.

  5. jhelion says:

    It’s great to have spokespeople like the bishop on the prohib-side 🙂

  6. DEA says:

    The fake Bishop sounds like he is still smoking crack

  7. kaptinemo says:

    I’ve never understood how those who seek to be spiritual leaders for Black communities can possibly support drug prohibition with its’ devastating effects for Black citizens. Especially when you consider drug prohibition’s undeniably racist origins.

    It cannot be blamed on honest ignorance; even if you were limited solely to printed matter with no Internet access, it’s been plain for decades that the DrugWar was, is and remains a racist enterprise. Harry Anslinger’s infamous 1937 Congressional testimony and writings regarding cannabis alone make that abundantly clear.

    The racism that spawned drug prohibition cannot be glossed over as being a sad artifact of a benighted past; it’s still going on today, as many of the ‘Reverend’s ‘flock’ (of what, sheep?) would attest courtesy of daily police harassment via traffic stops and street frisks.

    So…why continue to support drug prohibition, if the effects of it are so detrimental to one’s own minority? There has to be a reason. Perhaps…self-interest?

    As in being seen to ally one’s self to the White power structure at the expense of your own people?

    I believe there is a name for that. A name that rightly elicits disgust when uttered, particularly by Black people about Black people:

    Uncle Tom. The kind of person who in Apartheid South Africa was a ‘good kaffir’, who could be counted on to do the bidding of the very openly racist White masters who spurned him and his kind for being so low.

    I have no doubt that, after the fall of the Botha Regime, a great many scores were settled in a very quiet, brutal way with such ‘good kaffirs’. When drug prohibition finally ends, Reverend Allen and his ilk may yet get a chance to place a great deal of hope and faith in the charity and mercy of those whom he helped subjugate.

    But I wouldn’t want to bet on it…

  8. darkcycle says:

    Bishop Allen is a ‘true believer’. As a ‘true believer’, he is immune to rational arguments, truth, and statements of fact of all types. He is even incapable of formulating a rational argument, because his ‘truth’ comes from faith. And don’t even try to point out that ‘faith’ is the steadfast belief in something for which there is no objective proof. He just “knows”.

  9. Sukoi says:

    I guess that the good Bishop hasn’t read the very first page of the Christian bible which includes this:

    “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.”

  10. Servetus says:

    Not only is Bishop Allen wrong about cannabis, he’s clueless about snakes, too.

    A person can survive a bite from a rattlesnake, and they often do. Surviving a bite typically involves puking up everything you’ve eaten in the last three days and passing out for 24 hours.

    By contrast, with a single bite a cobra can deliver enough venom to kill 30 men.

    Which would you choose?

    So it’s no wonder Ron Allen can’t seem to distinguish pot from crack. Why do people keep talking to this guy?

  11. claygooding says:

    Apparently the suggestion by the ex-drug minister pissed the Commons off.

    400,000 addicts to lose welfare benefits if they refuse treatment

    “Drugs matter to the whole of society, as all of us feel the impact. From the crime in local neighbourhoods, through families forced apart by dependency, to the corrupting effect of international organised crime, drugs have a profound and negative effect on communities, families and individuals.”

    Instead of ending prohibition as recommended by science,doctors and economists, because of the costs and damage to their society,they gear it up and in such a way as to harm even more people.
    Apparently the US does not have a monopoly on stupid politicians owned by big pharmacy and the industries that still want to keep hemp/marijuana off the open market.

  12. DdC says:

    Tolerance implies no lack of commitment to one’s own beliefs.
    Rather it condemns the oppression or persecution of others.
    ~ John F. Kennedy

    Power always thinks…
    that it is doing God’s service when it is violating all his laws.
    ~ John Adams

    One-fifth of the people are against everything all the time.
    ~ Robert Kennedy

    “Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man;
    that which cometh out of the mouth defileth a man.”
    (Mat. 15:11)

    Ancient Temple Hashish Incense! Did Jesus Inhale?

    And I will raise up for them a plant of renown,
    and they shall be no more consumed with hunger in the land,
    neither bear the shame of the heathen any more.
    Ezekiel 34:29

    In Hebrew the word for hash also means incense…

    The Tree of Life

    The Lord… hath sent me to bind up the broken hearted,
    to proclaim liberty to the captives
    and the opening of the prison to them that are bound. Isaiah (61:1)

    Signs of Sickness and

    (Jesus:) ‘Verily I say unto you,
    inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethern,
    ye have done it unto me.”
    Matt. 25:40

    ‘Relax Your Muscles as Much as Possible’

    Archeology is archeology, thereology is thereology. The ship sails were cannabis canvas, the burlap sackcloth and ropes and riggings. Carpets and Tapestry, tents, “tow”els and those famous fishnets. Mortar from the hurds and feed for the animals. The seeds are still gruel, and as nutritious. The flowers were used by everyone in the region. And since none of its mentioned, it must have been censored. The same as American schools and media. The covered wagons or canvas for portraits. The army tents, backpacks, uniforms and leggings. The medicine still rolled into joints by the government. Denied and avoided and then pray it goes away. More abortions from the chemicals used to eradicate it, and used in competition to it than Roe v Wade. While $7 – 10 billion is diverted from safety nets to arrest Ganja users. Money going into the same pockets perpetuating this hideous Ganjawar. Including the church, always in concordance. I’d say he most definitely inhaled… DdC

  13. Its called choice ....... says:

    …If I grab a rattler or a cobra its my choice…dumb or not.

  14. allan420 says:

    snakes… handy critters. The ones I ran over on the road to the ranch in southern oregon always were appreciated by the local eagles. They liked the jackrabbits I hit too… and the big old king snake that lived under the ranchhouse kept my daughter safe while she played outside…

    Is Bishop Ron really Linda Taylor in blackface?

  15. chris says:

    Snakes now? Its as if facts aren’t something they have to use as arguments.

  16. DdC says:

    Looks like the Bish is the drug pusher…

    I’ll offer you, sir, a cobra or a rattlesnake.

    Animals Used As Drugs

    Although it is common knowledge that many plants contain psychoactive substances, the fact that certain animals also do is barely known. Modern research into the psychoactive fauna is still in its infancy.

    Holy men in India are reported to smoke cobra venom for its psychoactive effects.

    Both the king cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) and common cobra (Naja naja) are used in this way; their dried venom glands or crystallized venom is often mixed with cannabis when smoked.

    There are possible indications that this practice may be of considerable antiquity. The Samgadham Samhita, an Indian text of the eighth century AD, likens the drug bhanga (i.e. bang, see Mang) to ‘the saliva of a snake’, perhaps a hint that snake venom was known not just as a poison but also-as-a psychoactive substance.

    Shock the Junkie: Ibogaine is the Anti-Drug of the Moment
    An obscure hallucinogen has helped addicts kick heroin, meth, and everything in between. Is it the trip that does the trick?

    To be a crime requires ingredients just like baking pot brownies. A crime requires a heaping portion of victim. Ganja toking isn’t a crime, it’s even only a vice do to prohibition. Otherwise its an herb that can be taken safely and enjoyably. The Ganjawar causes poverty. It causes illness, homeless and joblessness. It tries to stigmatize Americans it needs for support against real and usually violent enemies. Our support recovering from the Cayman tax shelters and Outsourced jobs. Send the Drug Worriers and DEAth Merchants into the foxholes of Afghanistan. Let them terrorize violent thugs or terrorize thieves on Wallmart Street. Stop the Treason and Treachery in the name of your god no less. Jesus Christ are they idiots! Yup. It’s Retorical. Oh.

    Stress are the potholes in the road to healing.
    What better to fill the potholes than with pot?

  17. vicky vampire says:

    Before spouting on this drug prohibition maybe ,Bishop Ron should read A book by Wheaton College Professor of Christian studies that was out back in 1994 called The Scandel of The Evangelical Mind premise which states in his book there is not much of one he shows with out adoubt how Evangelicalism has contributed little to our society in a meaningful way to of any substance interaction in science,the arts,politics,or culture in general look he has right right to say what ever he wishes but in my humble opinion sir you want to look evaluate the or lack of your own movements lacking and maybe read some serious science on cannabis your just adding to Mark Knoll disertation ever more that all.

  18. TheTalkingBishopRonDoll says:

    Pentecostals: Rattle snakes are SAFER than Cobras.

    Bishop Ron Allen is the best thing to happen to marijuana policy reform. I hope he never goes away. We need to market this guy: voodoo dolls, mocking t-shirts, dart board pics of him, etc.

  19. Duncan20903 says:

    Sukoi, Genesis 1:29 actually authorizes the prohibition of cannabis if that’s what people decide is right. Shall we start eating deadly nightshade? Does deadly nightshade not progenerate from seed?

    Genesis 9:3 Everything that lives and moves will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything.

    How does that square up against the Levitical code against eating shellfish and pig meat? What, shellfish and pigs don’t live or move? The good lord giveth, and the good lord taketh away?

    Leviticus 11:22 Of these you may eat any kind of locust, katydid, cricket or grasshopper.

    Yummy. I can eat katydids but not scallops. Frankly I have no problem leaving the pig meat alone but I love my shrimp and scallops too.

    Using the bible to justify anything whether prohibitionist or freedom is idiocy. The sooner we retire the thought that ignorant, uneducated people from 5000 knew the secret of life because some ephemeral supernatural tribal god figure “revealed” it to them, the better. For the love of booze these fricking idiots thought that men were more important that women in genealogy. But when scientists finally cracked open the DNA code, we found that mitochondrial DNA enables researchers to trace maternal lineage far back in time. Just about everything in the bible is whacked, when science is finally applied. Faith sucks as a basis for knowledge.

    Did you know that they actually set monetary values on human beings in Leviticus?

    Leviticus 27:3 to 27:6
    set the value of a male between the ages of twenty and sixty at fifty shekels of silver, according to the sanctuary shekel; and if it is a female, set her value at thirty shekels. If it is a person between the ages of five and twenty, set the value of a male at twenty shekels and of a female at ten shekels. If it is a person between one month and five years, set the value of a male at five shekels of silver and that of a female at three shekels of silver.

    The bible is just another example of the mischief that people got into before we had TV. Hell, did you know that in the 18th and 19th centuries people actually did blow smoke up their asses?

  20. DdC says:

    Shellfish and pigs can kill if not cooked properly. Just a basic word of caution. don’t freak, jesus won’t bite. If you’re passing info to evangelicals, then the bibble is the place to relate. Take a breath. Ganja is or it isn’t. Laws of physics says it is. These debates are entertainment.

  21. Duncan20903 says:

    I didn’t ask if the foods were harmless or if the Levtical code didn’t have some validity, I asked how it squared up against the verse in Gen 9:3 which said we can eat it all.

    The Good Fairy God is allegedly Omniscient and Omnipresent, which is to say he exists in the past, present and future equally. So it can hardly be said that it had the opportunity to learn from its mistakes.

    The entire existence of the Good Fairy Jesus was an admission by the Good Fairy God that he had fucked up. It destroys the fantasy of his so called perfection. You do recall that between the time of the cruci-fiction and the subsequent resurrection on the third day that the Good Fairy Jesus went down to Hell and liberated all the people that ended up wrongfully stuck there because god had screwed the pooch, right? According to the Fairy Tale no one got into heaven until after the cruci-fiction. Not Adam, not Moses, not Noah, not Leviticus, not a single effing one of them.

  22. Peter says:

    I loved the part where the bishop says “i used to smoke marijuana but i stopped because of the THC”…..the man is clearly nuts.

    Some posters here have asked what his angle might be in supporting prohibition….. he is the ceo of the International Faith Based Coalition….i haven’t been able to find out his salary from them but clearly he has a financial interest in continued prohibition…

  23. darkcycle says:

    Hey! He’s lying! I just went to the Drug Policy Alliance website to try and score. Nobody would even respond. They must have thought I was a Narc.

  24. malcolm kyle says:

    Unless you don’t want to be accused of “trafficking sex slaves” never post anything about “racial disparities due to prohibition” on the thread of an angry and scared white supremacist.

    Heaton usually pulls his threads when they start making sense, so my apologies, if, very soon, there’s nothing at the end of that link.

  25. darkcycle says:

    Good on ya Malcolm. I wouldn’t have bothered trying to talk sense there, it’s a haven for loonies and ‘true believers’. That Activist1 is quite a piece of work.

  26. vicky vampire says:

    Yes Ddc these debates are entertainment ,this guy a totall parody of crazy preacher jeez and yes Darkcycle he is immune to rational arquements please I’m if not already SNL will be doing skits with this guy,yeah folks the voodoodolls thing that would be hilarious, He reminds me of was it Attorney General John Ashcroft another pentecostal now look I do not give a frak what religion folks adhere too but these folks come off antiquated and silly to finish my comment remember when J.Ashcroft a Pentecostal also had to cover up NUDE Statues one of the DC buildings when he held new conferences there were silky drapes over them Cher had a field day making fun of that what was he doing protecting the children it was beautiful works of art, and I’m sorry just like Bishop Ron with Ascroft there is not rational discussionwith these folks about exposing children and people and educating about the wonderful Art in this country instead of treating it like something dirty I don’t know these folks you can hardly have a rational conversation about sex,drugs,cannabis great works of it sad they become silly parodys of themselves good lord its crazy.

  27. Bruce says:

    Similar scene in BC with horror at a bit of nudity in an artwork at the legislature.
    Nudes in an art piece; 10 minutes news.
    Dead soldiers; not mentioned in the news.
    Mexican great escape being milked as logic for more resources to be dumped into prohibition.
    Remember to snitch on your fellow man this Christmas!
    Our daily BORG

  28. Duncan20903 says:

    Hey! He’s lying! I just went to the Drug Policy Alliance website to try and score. Nobody would even respond. They must have thought I was a Narc.

    That reminds me of the time back in 1980 after I started buying my own groceries. I just can’t put into word how excited I was to find that the grocery store sold pot pies, nor to express the disappointment I felt when I sat down and ate 6 of the suckers in less than an hour without catching even a little buzz. Those things are a total rip off.

  29. Cliff says:

    So Bishop Ron Allen has a problem with snake handlers? Does he have a venomous or non venomous sections in his church for his Pentecostal Serpent handling brothers and sisters? If not, then that’s racist!! (snark)

  30. Cliff says:

    I guess in Bishop Allen’s world, if you get bit then you must aquit.

  31. denmark says:

    Religions are beneficial in some degree for people, preferabbly beneficial in a sane fashion. This ordained man has allowed religion to be damaging to his “mission”. Sad, very sad indeed.

    One of my first thoughts when I saw this was, if God wanted to talk to Allen he would most likely say to him, and let’s throw some thunderous voice in here,
    God talking: “Bishop Ron Allen, shut up”

    Spot on comment kaptinemo.

  32. DdC says:

    Book of Ganja Ch: 4 V: 20

    Squared up? Shirley you jest. Its not supposed to square up. Its political banter to gather coinage from the congregation. They banned Ganja because the young novices were finding God without the priests and slacking off on their wine imbibing, which gave an income to the Monks. Like banning meat for the fishermen. Outlawing competition isn’t new. Obviously the Marijuana Tax Act had a different description of Ganja than Rasta’s or sane people give. The bible was edited as it went. Duh Making fun of their gods isn’t nice. Being afraid of them is weird. Like Atheists afraid of Ganja giving them “that spiritual stuff” See grumpy, humans fuck up all the time. They would kill themselves without rules. Even with legitimate warnings like Kosher laws every year thousands die from food poisoning. No one from eating hemp seed. The passage of Jesus I left was more about hypocrites than food. Pertaining to Ganja and prohibition it is worse to cage someone for toking what goes in, than obeying the unjust laws spewing blasphemies out of the mouth and harm on the public with lies and deception.

    Opportunity to learn from its mistakes. There are no mistakes other than humans. Animals and plants don’t make mistakes. Only humans. Even then one mans mistake is another’s good fortune. The tree of life wasn’t prohibited. It was hidden. The tree of learning human crap to kill nature and convert it into for profit products was prohibited and stupid humans ate it anyway. Then couldn’t be trusted with the tree of life. Seeing the manipulation of the drug laws does anyone in any semblance of a rational world truly think anyone actually gives a shit? Except for their own selfish well being or profit.

    Religion is the opiate of the masses and alcohol numbs the brain to forget. Ganja has always been at the forefront of every revolution and outspoken critic of the status weird making one think maybe those kids ate the Ganja and then rebelled against the prohibition of the pomegranate or apple or whatever. Now we’re just trying to get back to the garden… with a road map and SUV guzzling toxic waste gasoline. Plastic people serving their masters with cheap labor and silent obedience. Now with humans being so blood lustful and selfish its no great wonder why they need to graze in protected pastures like Christianity or the other human fabrications.

    It destroys the fantasy of his so called perfection.

    Again with the human terminology that doesn’t exist in the real word. Perfection is an opinion. By the strongest or those writing the instructions. This is perfect according to humans claiming god said so. Now we try to be good little sheep and become that definition. That doesn’t really exist so it makes us schizophrenic as drug worriers trying to believe the gossip they spread. Ganja helps rejuvenate cells and liquor stupors us into believing we have a chance someday if we just wish or believe or pray hard enough. It lines people up for cheap labor dude. Its always about cheap labor. Good and bad are also part of the vocabulary to enslave the population into cheap labor. Everything in nature starts and ends in a linear fashion.

    Only humans try to make up shit to understand things or manipulate atoms into dividends. There is no 212*F in nature, just a theoretical starting point for molecules in motion known as heat, called absolute zero, where molecules stand still. A place no one has ever been. Linear. Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Réaumur, or Rankine scales are human inventions. There is no cold, just less heat. No bad, just less good. We always, in the laws of physics do the very best we can at any given minute because its the path of least resistance. That doesn’t mean we always do the best that can be done. We do the best the energy we have from the food we burn into energy, creating heat units called calories, gives us. If we’re out of energy we go to sleep. Then procrastinate or get lazy, more human terms. Sometimes emotion or fear will give us a temp meth rush called adrenalin to overcome normal lack of energy to do good. But if being good comes from outside sources like gods, and being good makes us feel good, then we would all be good. Since being intentionally not good or “bad” is impossible as water running up hill, maybe we shouldn’t take so much stock in it. No one is born evil, its a learning experience like racism or drug worriers gossip. Just realize we all do the best we can because doing not as good things makes us feel not as good.

    God in the proverbial sense is perfect, not humans even though the inventor is. The Free Will claus in the contract relieves any liability to heaven or its affiliates for the fuck ups humans will inevitably commit. Its our choice to not replenish our bodies with natures choices. Instead we consume human chemical crap inventions for profit. Even if its aspartame, (the silent killer). Fast tracked by Donald Rumsfeld/Searle Pharmaceuticals and called nutrisweet. A popular sugar substitute made from synthetic aspartic acid, phenylalanine, and methanol. 50% phenylalanine, 40% aspartic acid and 10% methanol (wood alcohol). In the body methanol breaks down into formaldehyde. “Why you believe what you believe” is from something called PR (public relations) and it was created to manipulate public opinion. Same as nuclear and fossil fools sickening us over and over for generations now. Same as Hearst yellow journalism or the modern press highlighting Watergate while the CSA zipped through Congress, again same as the MTA, without much debate. Same as the DEAth Merchants and Biczars fibs for the sake of the kids. Or the bibble.

    So Ganja gives us natures choice of Omega 3, hemp fibers without 90 million pounds of poison as with the cotton crop or plastic fiber from OPEC crude oil. A safe stress reducer without the hangovers of booze or body damage of the white powder inventions. Am I a hermit in an Afghan cave, no I’m a typical American somewhat middle class blue hemp collar stoner. I try to eat organic and I wear Hemp clothing because its comfortable and last longer even with imported prices. Much lower if grown locally. I use fossil fools products because I can’t carry a patient to the doctors. If I had a choice of ethanol or solar and it was in my price range I’d use it. Until then its a future goal and more to it than pretending its something its not or blindly siding with the status quo over their profits saying it ain’t.

    Right? Not even in your opinion of misconstrued bits and pieces. Moses never made it because he sinned, by doubting god. Noah got wasted and had sex with his grand daughters. The dude eliza/elisha? who summoned up two great she bears to devour a group of teen age punks teasing him about his bald head. Before the soccer moms. He was sucked up into heaven by a great tornado if memory serves. 1/3rd of the angels were kicked out for following Lucifer, gods favorite. The charge of Vanity. Glad we cured that. Leaving 2/3rds. To be born in the flesh is sin and doing good deeds won’t give you time off for good behavior. So just being born is enough to keep you from heaven. The only Christians are those who camouflaged themselves in the blood of christ and snuck past St Peter, the father of the church who can’t even get in. So I guess the Christian god doesn’t check ID or pisstaste for sins. But now you’re trying to quote cartoons to prove a point in reality. Taking the humans science fiction and trying to prove it scientifically wrong in the land of physics? To people who obviously are content with their delusions for it to last so long. Like I said there is no debate. Ganja is or it ain’t. Who wants vouchers? Those requiring believers with faith to overcome physics. Like drug worriers and born again fortune 700 clubbers.

    “Secular schools can never be tolerated because such schools have no religious instruction, and a general moral instruction without a religious foundation is built on air; consequently, all character training and religion must be derived from faith . . . we need believing people.”
    Adolf Hitler, April 26, 1933, from a speech made during negotiations leading to the Nazi Vatican Concordant of 1933

    No magic tricks but some reality unknown as the quartz theory of what lies in-between the atoms. The smallest particle that has mass is a neutrino. What are these Subatomic particles made of? Some say atoms are 98% empty space, but what is that? Nothing is made of nothing. Air is made of atoms. The AMA and its corporatists greed junkies in Pharmaceuticals etc. has cured cures and prevention taking away profits and give us white powder “treatments” to those who can afford them and the ER for the rest. @10 times more to the tax payer. So until politics leaves the scientists, and it won’t. We have to figure it out for ourselves. I toke Ganja but typically I don’t break laws that have victims. Because its easier. I don’t lie because you have to remember too much. Not that I haven’t made unintentional mistakes. But its linear. No lies just a lack of truth, on purpose or by accident.

    Did Jesus Go to Hell?
    The short answer to this question is: “No.” The biblical authors were more accurate in their use of words than some of our Bible translators or creed writers. There is no biblical evidence that anyone has gone there or will go there until after Jesus’ Second Coming (Revelation 19:11-16). This includes Jesus Himself. The meaning given today to the word “hell” is that portrayed in Dante’s Divine Comedy and Milton’s Paradise Lost, which meaning is completely foreign to the original definition of the word. Note that Hell comes in centuries after the new testament was edited to what it is.

    The greatest sacrilege is censorship, especially of such a staple as Ganja/Hemp. If it was “bad” it would have been mentioned. Since it grew in the area and archeology has given us trace amounts of hashish in incense censors and burlap and canvas from Hemp growing in the area. Why wasn’t it mentioned? Editors. Jesus never claimed to be king of the jews. He preached against titles and classism and wealth so its an insult to claim he’s some kind of christ, one upping the kings and emperors. Ganja heals and lessens pressure to aid Glaucoma and possibly cure the blind. Antiseptic and antibiotic for the skin diseases and most claims made towards him could be ancient marvels long forgotten because of censored books. Until them damn hippies started questioning it. Raise the dead? I’ve seen Pink Floyd do that. Garcia used to get them bones shaking.

    Chronic Christians: Did Jesus Heal with Pot?
    As the day of Jesus’ birth sweeps across the land, a sect of Christians will be celebrating with more than Christmas trees. A rising tide of Christians not only smoke pot, but think Jesus used the drug.

    Read the Jefferson bible and see the human non christ Jesus for what he was. Even if the entire book is fiction, the sage wisdom and advice is good for humans. Jefferson removed all the hocus pocus. The virgin birth etc and basically made the point that Christians use Jesus and God more as a rabbits foot than heed the advise of the ages. Trial and error made the Kosher laws the same as safety nets like welfare for the poor and foodstamps use less taxes than caging someone in prison for stealing food. Over the ages we figured that out, and that it was the most compassionate thing to do to fellow Americans. Now we’re heading back to stealing from the poor to bail out the rich. Prenatal health care saves tax payers catching things before they progress into deformities or diseases. Not in the best interest of moneysluts. Again manipulating the masses for cheap labor has been the rule of thumb since before the Pyramids.

  33. Bud Spencer says:

    Now YOU can be a bishop, too! Regardless of how ignorant you are. Just send me a check for $100, and I’ll send you a diploma, and you’re a bishop…or rev. Then you can give me 10% of your income….because god says you should.

  34. Duncan20903 says:

    Aren’t snake handlers pretty much limited to the mid-atlantic region? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of them being outside of West Virginia. They really must have a hard time getting people to join.

  35. dirty dirty says:

    old allen makes me laugh after he enrages the hell out of me. but piper did a poor job representing his position. there are some of you on here that need to say some shit, because you guys on here have the shit on point! if i need an answer to something concerning cannabis, i’ll check out the compliments from comments instead of the blogger, you guys on here have the real truth, because we live it. fyi, some of you people on here need to be spokepersons, serious. peace

  36. Cliff says:

    Too bad it wasn’t “Rowdy” Roddy Piper interviewing Bishop Allen.

  37. allan420 says:

    @dirty dirty… I agree, there are a few of us here who will do it. It’s about passion (and money). These prohibs need a serious ass-kicking but it can’t be done for free. I really have to believe that the folks at LEAP are preparing another barrage of some sort… this is just prime territory right now, ripe fruit. Ol’ Droop Dogg is Col Custer standing on the hill saying “oh shit…”

    And actually I like that… hmmm… because we are a buncha pissed off injuns.

    I was just thinking that drug policy reform is a lot like the military… if you want something done you deal with enlisted folks and just skip the officers.

    And ya know (*cough*) I’d really like to sell some more calendars: The World’s Most Beautiful 2011 Cannabis Calendar!
    … and sincere thanks to those that have bought one, every penny helps (well not really pennys, they’re dead weight, but ya know what I mean).

  38. DdC says:

    What The Stats on Teens and Marijuana Don’t Show By Bill Piper
    CN Source: Los Angeles Times December 18, 2010

    The latest numbers are in and it’s clear: For the first time since 1981, fewer high school seniors report having used cigarettes in the past month than marijuana. This is a victory for U.S. tobacco policy, which has used education, prevention and regulation to massively reduce cigarette smoking; it’s also an embarrassment for marijuana prohibition, which has wasted enormous amounts of taxpayer money arresting millions of citizens with very little to show for it except construction of new prisons and shocking racial disparities.

    Yet instead of asking what can we learn from historically low tobacco use rates that might improve U.S. marijuana policy, White House drug czar Gil Kerlikowske points a finger at state medical marijuana laws, the national debate on Proposition 19,and, well, anything but the failed, counterproductive marijuana policies of the last 40 years.

  39. ezrydn says:


    Linda Taylor in black face? Close. He’s undoubtedly one she looks up to, highly. Sorry for being quiet lately. Computer problems, moving, seasonal stuff, got me a bit under pressure. However, just a small bump in the road. Things should move faster for me after the 1st of the year.

    As the Arnold said, “I’ll be bach!”

  40. Sandy says:

    Brain washed is all i can think of when I hear this man talk.People do not take brain washing seriously.But with some of the rehab programs and even in the military brain washing is probably used.It is just like in the school programs,YOUNG HUMANS ARE”PROGRAMED”TO THINK LIKE POLICY WANTS THEM TO THINK.No one in the government has the guts to stand up to the industries who wish to(for very very selfish reasons)keep cannabis illegal no matter how many lives are lost.Again I do not think we are dealing with humans here,if this is possible,or the efforts to keep cannabis illegal are some kind of population control mechanism,to make industry rich and eliminate half the population AS TO REDUCE CHEMICAL POLLUTION CAUSED BY CRUDE OIL..when all they need to do is make cannabis legal and the pollution will not be a problem.

  41. Rory says:

    get ron allen on the TV as much as possible. He is hysteria personified. The hysterical point man for the war on drugs.

    Please remind me – he got addicted to drugs under prohibition right?
    Im not sure how he can then logically argue that prohibition continues, so that others can get addicted to crack.

    Oh – hang on, I just used that word LOGIC. Not in his vocab I dare to suggest.

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