Press Release: Many people didn’t die today in the war on drugs.

bullet image Britain joins Canada in approving liquid marijuana as prescription medicine.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — It was announced today that Sativex, a cannabinoid-based liquid medicine sprayed under the tongue, has been approved for use in Great Britain to help treat the muscle spasticity suffered by multiple sclerosis patients. Sativex is a natural marijuana extract that is produced by British-based GW Pharmaceuticals. It has been approved for use in Canada to treat neuropathic pain since 2005.

“Once again, the scientific community has confirmed that marijuana is medicine and it can provide safe and effective relief to patients suffering from certain conditions,” said Rob Kampia, executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project. “Sadly, our federal government, through the Drug Enforcement Administration, has blocked effective research into the therapeutic effectiveness of marijuana. The United States could be leading the world in the development of cannabinoid-based medicines, but instead our government has ceded this industry to the U.K., while intentionally prolonging the agony of patients in this country.”

bullet image Economist promotes legalization debate. Via Transform

As part of its latest promotional campaign The Economist magazine has launched a series of ‘where do you stand?’ debates built around a billboard poster campaign outlining opposing views on a series of contentious issues. One of the issues they have chosen is whether drugs should be legalised and regulated, perhaps unsuprising given their prominent interest in this debate, and indeed support for the reform position

bullet image Danish police officer refuses to arrest pot smokers

[Thanks, Jesper]

bullet image Interesting development in the case of drug war victim Rev. Jonathan Ayers.

GBI agents have arrested the Training Coordinator for the Stephens County Sheriff’s Office in connection with an ongoing investigation into the status of training records of the drug task force officer involved in the shooting death of Jonathan Ayers in Toccoa last September. […] The charge stems from false statements Lt. Wilson allegedly made to agents last Friday related to training records of Billy Shane Harrison, an officer with the multi-jurisdictional drug task force in Toccoa

[Thanks, Jewel]

bullet image Calderon defends drug war, many Mexicans skeptical

Gunmen slaughter 19 men at a rehab clinic. Sixteen bodies are dumped in a northern city. Twelve police officers die in an ambush. Soldiers kill 15 gunmen outside a tourist town.

All this in less than a week, yet President Felipe Calderon believes Mexico is getting a bad rap and wants to hire a public relations firm to improve its image. He might want to start with convincing his own countrymen, who are frustrated by assurances that the drug war is going well.

Yeah, that’s what the drug war needs. A public relations firm.

bullet image

This is an open thread.

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10 Responses to Press Release: Many people didn’t die today in the war on drugs.

  1. denmark says:

    Absolutely loved the video of the police officer from Denmark. Yes, I’m third generation to America from Denmark, actually my family lived on the island of Odense.

    Spot on what the young, probably ex police officer said. He is a good man and his efforts are deeply appreciated.
    Go Denmark !!!

  2. Pdc says:

    Now if only Swedish kops can take the hint…

  3. claygooding says:

    Sativex is also in the final stages of approval by the FDA
    in the US. Waiting to see how they keep marijuana schedule 1 with hemp oil approved as a medicine.

  4. Cannabis says:

    @claygooding It’s not hemp oil!

  5. Duncan says:

    clay, I doubt they’ll have any problem with conflicting scheduling. Methamphetamine and cocaine are both schedule 1 and schedule 2 at the same time. With the former the only thing needed to make it schedule 2 is a manufacturer’s stamp on the pill. With the latter you do have to freebase the cocaine to get it on schedule 1. Then let’s not forget that cannabis is schedule 1 and schedule 3 if you count marinol as being cannabis. IIRC GHB is also dually scheduled, again with a manufacturer’s stamp it ends up on schedule 2.

  6. allan420 says:

    And in Vermont: US VT: Vermont’s Shumlin: Legalize It

    A grassroots effort to decriminalize marijuana has the backing of a Democratic candidate for governor.

    Peter Shumlin, a Windham County senator in the thick of a five-way primary, said he’ll throw his support behind a burgeoning decriminalization movement sparked by a former legislator from Brattleboro.

    “Here’s the difference between Pete Shumlin and other candidates: I think the public is turned off by politicians who don’t stand for what they believe,” Shumlin said this week. “Vermonters won’t always agree with me, but they know I’ll fight for what I believe in.”

  7. ezrydn says:

    Since this is an open thread, I’d like to share something with you that isn’t reform related. During Rolling Thunder this year in Washington DC, a lone Marine appeared at an intersecting and held his position for over 3 hours, bestowing honor on those who honored others.

    This is what HONOR is all about:

  8. denmark says:

    Good video ezrydn, the Marine appeared to be emotional at times. Much love to him.

    CNN just did a five minute blurb on the killings in Mexico. It’s so glossed over that it turns my stomach, although the guy reporting it did say, “it’s not working.” Like anyone who doesn’t understand the drug war is going to get that.

    The Big C, Megyn is back on Fox, hyped up as ever. Won’t watch her anymore, she infuriates me. There should be some back lash as many sites picked up on her and O’R’s bull shit rant.

  9. Servetus says:

    The journal Addiction has just published a new research study on the genetic predisposition to use drugs.

  10. Just checked the Danish policeman, Lars Kragh Andersen, on Facebook. He’s looking for employment in the private sector as of this afternoon. I hope that some time he gets to be a LEAP spokesperson in my country

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