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June 2010



I’ve really got to come up with a new name for this blog

If the war’s over, why am I still here?

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22 comments to I’ve really got to come up with a new name for this blog

  • Dvq

    so… he “ended” a war that has been eroding constitutional rights, wasted over a trillion dollars and hundreds of thousands of people have died because of it and that’s the best face he can put on? come on man, at least try to act it out.

  • Duncan

    I know! How about calling it the ‘’?

  • Just me.

    Everytime I see that picture I get mad. I just goes to show how blatant our leaders can be with thier lies.

    Im not a part of congress so I can say this…

    You lie !!

    Go look in your local jail, any stoners?
    Some only have to answer thier door(or have it smashed down)to know the war on the people isnt over..Good by civil rights….All for a plant.

    How about we get some real strong medical testing. Maybe we can make some good come out of something that is “so bad.”

  • Just me.

    Droopy Dog @

  • primus

    When POTUS wants to go to war without asking for permission from congress, he just calls it a “Police Action” and goes ahead. Now that they have stopped calling it the “War On Drugs” perhaps now they will call it what it always was; a “Police Action”.

  • Shap

    I think someone else at some point mentioned this but since his face is plastered all over this post, it had to be re-iterated that his resemblance to this looney tunes character is simply uncanny.

  • Just me.

    You mean like this?

  • Just me.


  • Nick

    I’m clueless but your tax dollars pay my bills.

  • denmark

    He’s repulsive to me, as is any prohibitionist. And I really do believe he thinks he’s hot stuff. Hey Kerli-boy, got a news flash for you, you are not hot stuff, what you are is disgusting and you will pay for your mistakes one way or another. There is no sane or reasonable excuse any longer for the lies.

    Institutions are crumbling before our eyes, although some days it’s harder to see this than others. The sooner, the better for me.

  • Shap

    Lol, exactly

  • Duncan

    I don’t know, Droop Dogg (modern spelling) reminds me more of Joe Lieberman than Gil. Then there’s that guy Fred Thompson from Law & Order and he puts me in mind of Foghorn Leghorn. Heck, research bears me out! Wikipedia agrees that Joe L is Droop Dogg! Hmm, Patrick Stewart’s step brother, wow, who’d a thunk those two related?

    Back when I dabbled in high finance back in the late ’90s occasionally everyone would stop trading to listen to Alan Greenspan. He reminded my of one of the adults from a Charlie Brown TV special. No, you never saw any adults in those CB specials but I swear all I heard when Mr. G spoke was “wah, wha, wha, wha” and I didn’t actually recall seeing him while he was speaking.

  • ezrydn

    No idea what Gil’s saying in that pix but from facial expressors, it looks like he’s “pleading.”

  • Tony Aroma

    How about “Drug Armed Conflict Rant”? OK, maybe it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Or “Drug ‘A War By Any Other Name’ Rant”? Am I getting warm?

    Oh, and I’d really like to see the bottom half of that picture. Were Mr. Kerlikowske’s pants actually on fire at the time it was taken?

    War is over! Give peace a chance.

  • Ripmeupacuppa


  • Duncan

    Yes, that’s the look on his face Tony, the ‘oh my god my pants are on fire again, put it out, put it out, oh nutz I can’t, they’re required by law to be on fire” look is unmistakable.

  • primus


  • Just me.

    How bout “Gils_confessional_rant” ? He needs one as much as he and his buddies lie.

  • Cannabis

    Of Substance is taken…

  • Zeb

    Speaking of your blog name, it is a little funny that (as I am sure you are aware) the url can also be read as “drug warrant”. I remember when I first started reading regularly I looked at my browser history and wondered why the hell I had been visiting a site called “Drug Warrant”.