I love it when opponents make our arguments for us.

I just about dropped my coffee when I read this letter to the editor by Shirley Bradley of Bloomington this morning: Marijuana law would send mixed message

Of course, it’s in opposition to the medical marijuana bill in Illinois. But the key line:

Legislators are not doctors, and they do not have the expertise to determine what constitutes medicine.

Ummm…. right. And that’s supposed to be an argument for asking legislators to keep it from being a decision made by doctors?

Thanks for playing, Shirley!

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22 Responses to I love it when opponents make our arguments for us.

  1. ezrydn says:

    Unfortunately, that same rationale doesn’t seem to stick when it comes to LEO types. They know EVERYTHING! Cross trained in every vocation imaginable. Don’t think so? Just listen to them.

  2. Chris says:

    The propaganda translator I used said “mixed messages” means “inconsistent with the lies we’re trying to get people to accept as fact”.

  3. Chris says:

    Also, it confuses me when they put “recreational” in quotes when referring to weed. What, do they think that people are using it as a suicide aid or something?

  4. claygooding says:

    “The Illinois Senate passed SB 1381 last year, and the House could vote on the issue at any time. This bill sends a mixed message to teens: If marijuana is medicine, how can it be bad for you?”

    Are any prescription medicines “bad” for you? Do we prohibit big pharmacies medicines because they could cause harm?
    I don’t recall ant scientific proof of marijuana being bad for you. I remember a lot of studies saying “could be linked with” or “possibly leads to” but the drug czar has said that the only scientific proof of harm has been that marijuana causes a “dependence”.
    How many people can’t start the day without a cup of coffee or a power drink? That is a dependence,and if that is the only harm that the government has found in over 40 years of searching,screw them.

  5. allan420 says:

    and a home drug test ad in the column to the right… in case anyone’s interested.

    Drug Free or Die! Give me Pee Tests or Give Me Death! America, Land of the Free (From Drugs!)

  6. claygooding says:

    Although the AMA has come out in a “soft” approval of research being done on marijuana as a medicine,we need a poll of all doctors across the entire country,since they are really the only people that matter in a decision of whether cannabis is a medicine and would they use it for their patients.
    ant = any in former post,,,,oops

  7. Duncan says:

    Clay do you recall that back in the ’90s there was a poll of oncologists which showed 43% had recommended cannabis to their patients? That poll was done before SCOTUS ruled that doctors couldn’t be punished for having opinions and discussing those opinions, and doctors were regularly stripped of their medical licenses for doing so.

    A similar poll with wildly differing results was done by prohibitionist when the heard about the poll above and came up with a wildly different number. That number being 1%. I think we can safely assume that one of these polls used a stacked deck.


    It’s not anywhere near as controversial among doctors as the prohibitionists and politicians with a political agenda would have us believe. Israel, Canada, and the Dutch have all embraced whole cannabis as medicine. But there’s still the claim that it’s just hippies hiding behind a stalking horse trying to fool us. Wow, so a bunch of worthless, amotivational hippies with the munchies have fooled the governments of 3 first world countries as well as the people and/or legislators of 14 states and the District of Columbia?

  8. Gunther Gilmer says:

    The Idiocracy is now. Smoke some green stickies, enjoy a cold brew and enjoy the collapse.

  9. Just me. says:

    I could care less what they gotta say. I wanna know when our rights to control our own bodies were stripped from us and if it wasnt then why are we being told what we can do with our bodies.

    Doctors,LE,legistators….I say..not you.

  10. nt109 says:

    “Legislators are not doctors, and they do not have the expertise to determine what constitutes medicine.”

    If legislators aren’t doctors than why in the F’ are they making the decisions that doctors should be making! ? There was some guy in Florida who had MS and they gave him probation for a couple grams! Yeah, that is science that is good! I’m not going to be your peasant bunch of corrupt individuals. I’m just a working class hero i won’t follow your “RULES”.

  11. strayan says:

    They may be making our arguments for us, but they remain blissfully unaware of the fact.

  12. nt109 says:

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  13. Ned says:

    Lets see, what would the cannabis ad have as far as warnings goes? If munchies persist for more than 4 hours order a pizza? If you experience dry mouth go get some ice cream? Certainly nothing like what the normal prescription drugs do. Too much tylenol (an OTC drug) can cause liver damage! Prescription drugs can do all kinds of serious things, cannabis does virtually nothing in comparison.

    These people toss the word “dangerous” out with no explanation as to what this alleged danger is. If pressed I don’t think they could even offer a credible or coherent response.

  14. ezrydn says:

    Wow. That arguement was easy to knock down.

  15. Voletear says:

    This brings to mind also the terrible cases of cops playing doctor such as that of Dr. William Hurwitz and the fact that DEA apparatchniks control whether, and how much, pain relief we can obtain from our physicians. To make another human being suffer pain needlessly merely to make drug diversion less likely is a great evil, IMO. It’s also incredibly stupid.

  16. Just me. says:

    Once again, they dont have the title right.

    My Link

    Then we have stoies like this that contradict one another.

    My Link

    My Link

    I seen a story from the AP stating that government data now says violence at the border not as bad. Humm…. Me thinks they are backing off the violence issue as a means to promote more prohibition. Making thier “fight” look bad.

    I will post a link to that story if I can find it again.

  17. Just me. says:

    Link didnt work above. Try this one.


  18. Kells says:

    Yeah, if mainstream Republicans weren’t so obsessed with the commie hippies and/or those unsavory minorities that smoke the devil weed, they’d realize this is exactly the sort of stuff they’re supposed to be against, a blatant case of government usurping what seems like it should be a pretty basic right, the right to follow your doctor’s orders.

    And of course Obama, like any Democrat politician that makes it far, is too afraid of playing into that commie hippie caricature to come out of the closet as a reformer.

  19. Guy#1 says:

    At least she played, reminds me of a Lincoln quote.

  20. Scott says:

    @Kells (and everyone else)

    The following quote from a comment attached to the WSJ opinion piece “Slouching Towards Athens” is typical of “conservative” belief:

    “Essentially, this is the flaw in the Progressive paradigm. They presume that ‘Laissez Faire’ equals complete freedom for businesses to screw over society and the environment for personal gain. Thus, they think that there is a role for altruistic individuals to step in and ‘manage’ these businesses and society.

    This is not actually what Laissez Faire means. Laissez Faire means that you allow actions to have their subsequent consequences. You refuse to step in and interrupt this necessary link. Laissez Faire means that you recognize that the only role for government is to make sure that one party does not use force to prevail over another party, to make sure that one party is not allowed to skip out on bearing the consequences of their actions. Government’s only role is to be the referee. That’s it. They should not try to be the coach, because they know nothing about the game.”

    I wonder how many “conservatives” believe in Laissez Faire when it comes to drug use. Obviously not enough.

  21. Christopher says:

    I am 41 yrs old. I’ve tried pretty much every drug out there, and in the mid 80’s, I was a high level methamphetamine dealer. At the time it was fun, and I made a great deal of money. I did potent meth evryday for over 10 yrs, sometimes staying up for over a week at a time. It eventually made me paranoid, and I was turned over to the DEA, and on their list. I’ve also abused heroin, cocaine, and crack. I no longer use illegal drugs, because i believe in the end they are very bad for you. However, I strongly believe they should all be legalized. Anybody with any sense, knows this is a war we can not win! The amount of money that is derived from drug sales is mind-boggling! Now, we have very powerful cartels, gangs, and plain criminals that are rrich beyond belief because of drug sales. All we have to do is look back in history to the 1930’s and prohibition. Gangs became rich because of alcohol! They finally got fed up with the violence, and realized they couldn’t stop it, so it was repealed. When is this going to happen with drugs? Much of Mexico’s economy has been the sale of oil, however, they are running out. The cartels become more powerful everyday, and we send billions of dollars to Mexico because of drugs. We need to manufacture and sell drugs legal here in the u.S. We can grow marijuana, and we have chemists and scientists that can produce other drugs. All we have to do is tax them, and then use some of those funds for rehab programs! Alcohol is legal, and it causes more deaths than all the other illegal drugs combined! We are taking productive members of society out of the community and putting them in prison because of a “Moral” law. This has a domino effect-the mother has to get on welfare, the children have no father, and the man the was once a highly paid member of the comunity will find it very difficult, if not impossible to find a decent job once he is released from prison. People, what do we need to do to change the laws?? People are dieing just like in the booze wars, yet nothing is done. The influx of drugs will NEVER be stopped, so why are we spending so much on a war we can’t win? I had an intertesting question put to me once, which I still think about. Me and a friend were in a car, stopped at a light, and across the way, there was a police car. My friends said”You see that cop?” I said yes, and then he asked me, “does he make you feel protected, or do you feel threatened?” Think about it!And finally, when the DEA takes out a Cartel, or Drug gang, all it accomplishes is making the other cartel or gang stronger and more powerful! can someone tell me how we can change the drug laws?? Chris

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