Back home again

It’s good to be back, although I had an incredible time in the Big Apple. Took 70 people around the city, and saw six shows (which combined ended up receiving 11 Tony awards). Just got back last night, exhausted. It’ll take a bit to get caught up.

bullet image If you haven’t seen this yet, you should. But be prepared to have not particularly nice feelings for Megyn Kelly, who lies through her teeth.

Oh, by the way, when she says that alcohol has an addiction rate of 10% and cocaine has an addiction rate of 75%, she’s just making that up completely. Those numbers exist nowhere. According to the government’s Institute of Medicine report “Assessing the Science Base,” the percentage of those who use alcohol and become dependent under DSM-III-R criteria is 15%. For cocaine, it’s 17%.

bullet image What the hell, let’s add the one with Megyn Kelly on O’Reilly.

I really don’t know how these folks manage to talk with their brains completely disconnected.

bullet image How can America’s ‘War on Drugs’ succeed if their Prohibition laws failed? by Johann Hari in The Independent.

When you ban a popular drug that millions of people want, it doesn’t disappear. Instead, it is transferred from the legal economy into the hand of armed criminal gangs. Across America, gangsters rejoiced that they had just been handed one of the biggest markets in the country, and unleashed an Armada of freighters, steamers, and even submarines to bring booze back. Nobody who wanted a drink went without. As the journalist Malcolm Bingay wrote: “It was absolutely impossible to get a drink, unless you walked at least ten feet and told the busy bartender in a voice loud enough for him to hear you above the uproar.”

So if it didn’t stop alcoholism, what did it achieve? The same as prohibition does today – a massive unleashing of criminality and violence.

bullet image An unlikely evangelist for legal marijuana, in the San Francisco Chronicle, is a nice feature on Richard Lee of the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act.

[Thanks, Tom]

bullet image

This is an open thread.

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24 Responses to Back home again

  1. kool-aid says:

    Megyn is an expert her teleprompter would never lie. Experts know best. Nothing to see here move along.

  2. kant says:

    I still can’t figure out why stossel is working at FNC. Although me makes some very good points and arguments, his best line was his rebuttal to her claim that addiction and crime go up with legalization “What studies?”.

  3. Sukoi says:

    Stossel did an outstanding job. However, I can’t wait to see Pete on national TV; I’m quite confident that you will be asked at some point Pete and I know that you’ll do us all proud.

  4. Jared says:

    Welcome back, Peter!

    These two videos certainly show the receptiveness of these anchors to both conservative and liberal figures, which I believe can lead to a successful strategy on our part in the anti-drug war movement. I think we should strive to persuade more “politically-centered” peoples before attempting to change the minds of such stubborn-in-their-correctness folks as O’Reilly here. Look at how open Kelly is to Stossel’s account, while O’Reilly is constantly yelling about Sting’s tantric sex and ivory tower. Kelly at least gave Stossel time to defend his position, if not totally competently.

    Still, these videos show a problem: even when we mention the correct statistics and figures, opposition believes we’re lying or spinning the data. Perhaps they’ve been in the political business too long, they don’t know truth and fact when it’s honestly placed in front of them. A solution could be to cite (correct) data that our government itself has gathered, notable and respected research teams have found, and anecdotal evidence. Make them know that their own government has done testing on these substances, and have found that an increase in addiction reports is really just misread data! Call them out on their lies! Sure, you might not get the best reception by the host, but how many times do you think you’ll be on with O’Reilly?

    See how O’Reilly controlled the interview with Reason’s Jacob Sullum? How about the activists out there take control? He’s spinning you! You know you’re right, and this guy will make you look like a joke, even if you’re right. That is, if you don’t own the interview. I guess it’s at this time we need supremely well-spoken orators on our side.

    Oh, and welcome back, Pete!

  5. Cannabis says:

    Yes, welcome back, Pete! Thank you for leaving the site in good hands while you were away.

  6. ezrydn says:

    Good to have ya home, OM. Hope you totally enjoyed your disconnect time.

  7. Just me. says:

    Kelly speaks of Stings”ivory tower”. LOL what the hell does she think the rest of us poor souls think about her and O? How bout your Ivory towers dear?

    This is the problem with Americans, they dont worry about things til it effects them directly.

    Hey Megan, your door could be accidently busted down and your dogs shot too. Your not immune.

  8. claygooding says:

    Welcome back,now,onward thru the fog!
    The AG was cornered up at a Judiciary Committee meeting by
    Rep Cohen the 13th concerning rescheduling marijuana so everyone in the nation has access to marijuana for medical uses.

  9. BruceM says:

    Wow that Kelly slut is the biggest liar I’ve ever seen. Talk about biased. And the worst kind of bias is that based on erroneous facts.

    I can just hear her saying “Come on, you don’t really believe niggers can work the same jobs as well as white people, do you? Their brains have been shown to be up to 32% smaller.”

    I don’t see why the White House and other political establishments/politicians give Fox News a seat in the press pool. It’s not news. It is right-wing christofastist entertainment. Fiction. No news.

  10. denmark says:

    Definitely missed you Pete.

    We’ve been discussing this very thing on other threads here and I am still pissed off. Megyn hasn’t been on Fox this week and it was shared that Alertnet was on this.

    I want Megyn and O’Re to fall off the planet, the sooner the better. And I want them to come clean and admit to their lies.

    As far as her being a slut, well, female to female she is a whore, a lying whore to boot. Bitch slap doesn’t describe what I’m feeling as I am fed up with the lying media, aka MSM, aka Main Stream Media.

    Enough said, when we get moved the gloves are coming off.

  11. Servetus says:

    Megyn subconsciously betrays her hots for Sting with her references to tantric sex and Sting’s money.

  12. Shap says:

    What kind of retard names their kid “Megyn.” Were they shooting for Megan? Also I love how they have a caption under her in the O’Reilly interview that calls her an “Attorney.” What a joke. They teach this course in law school called Constitutional Law. I guess in her cunty brain she believes that “regulate commerce among the several states” can somehow constitutionally be stretched to mean the federal government can prohibit you from growing a plant in your back yard and consuming it yourself. I would really love to watch someone who has seen past O’Reilly interviews with drug policy reformers who also knows their shit go on O’Reilly’s show and give him a verbal beat-down on this issue.

  13. the atomic punk says:

    Bwahaha that Malcolm B. quote made me laugh.

  14. BruceM says:

    Also, celebrities who are trying to advance a cause need to keep an eye out for Fox News and avoid speaking with them. You’re just hurting your cause, making yourself a symbol against your cause to all those who oppose it. Tell Fox to go fuck themselves, no comment. See how she attacks Stossel and his point of view merely by saying he shares it with “that liberal elite Sting, who doesnt care about people and who spouts the same position from his ivory tower.”

    What shitheads. But sting shouldn’t be giving them soundbites.

  15. Scott says:

    The more I experience the “always sober” crowd express themselves, the clearer it becomes that such eternal sobriety has done nothing good for them.

  16. kaptinemo says:

    You’re seeing propaganda in action.

    Notice how she emphasizes the words that a negative connotation with social conservatives? “Celebrities”. “Liberals”. And of course their favorite boogeyman, Soros.

    Push this button, watch them foam, throw that lever, watch their faces get red. Turn that knob, and they’ll growl at their TV’s and be ready to do anything the propagandist says to do. Pavlov must be smiling in Hell. The FAUX Nooz crew are experts at using his techniques on the rubes.

  17. ezrydn says:

    Stossel probably won’t be invited back any time soon. Why? He actually had something to say and retorted with a question the interviewer couldn’t answer. That’s the culling process shows go through. “Don’t endanger the host.”

    What I like about Stossel is he gives you the facts and points about a story, a little of his own idea, yet allows you to decide for yourself.

    And, yes, Megyn is a law school graduate. There is a class in law school on Ethics that I think she missed a few hours of. If she’s a “listable” attorney, then why is she on a lower pay scale prostituting herself? I think it goes to her quality as a barrister.

    When she first started at Fox, she wasn’t so bad. Then, she began drinking the Kool-Aid.

  18. Nick says:

    I noticed at the very end that Megyn confused use with abuse and Stossel didn’t have time to correct her, when Stossel said, “The people at the DPA are not drug-abusers,” and Megyn replied, “Yes they are, it says right here (reading)… the members of the DPA are all responsible drug users.”

    Therefore in Megyn’s dumbed-down little mind, responsible drug users = bad drug abusers who will rape your children.

    This woman is not smart, she’s just another pretty prohib whore and idiot.

  19. the extremists demonstrate for us quite well what we are up against (albeit not to that degree). as jared pointed out, those people are not an important audience — indeed they merely sap our energies. they do however, represent the mind set that exists due to 100+ years of propaganda about drugs and drug users.

    the good news is that reasonable people can and will be persuaded to help end the war — so let the harpies screech as much as they wish. they actually help us a lot — clearly not by giving a voice to one of our own, but by being as bitter, hateful clueless and delusional as they are.

    the only way we will prevail, though, remains through acquiring superior numbers. two things are still largely missing: real drug users who can both counter the stereotypes and be able to effectively use the abundant data supporting our contentions; and a consensus among those working toward reform that we need to focus on the singular message: no more drug war. period.

    we will continue to spin in circles until we get the reformers marching in the same direction all singing the same song.

  20. ezrydn says:

    I told ya months ago that this was coming. The outrageous reporting, slandering of facts, out and out lies, and it’s finally here. And it’ll get more and more outlandish as November approaches.

    Megyn has shown us a good example of how they’ll reach for anything, even lies, to bolster their uneducated position. Fox isn’t News. It’s ENTERTAINMENT, and bad entertainment at that!

    And, with her being in broadcasting, “Megyn Kelly” may not even be her given name. Another way the “do-gooders” hide.

    • Pete says:

      You’re right, ezrydn. It’s going to get ugly.

      Remember: “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.”

      I remember when we couldn’t get these people to even acknowledge our existence, let alone take time on national television to complain about us.

  21. ezrydn says:

    Here’s an odd one. Newsmax, the Repub journal, runs a story on Stossel and the Drug War:

    I wonder if this means we’re getting through to a conservative platform?

  22. Duncan says:

    I truly believe I’m losing my mind. I actually thought heard that woman in the first clip say that if we legalized cannabis that cops would be high on crack while on duty.

  23. James Bain says:

    I was reading an extremely entertaining and enlightening essay by H.L Mencken, entitled “The Forward Looker”, after which I stumbled onto this hilarious piece and thought to share it with all of you, in response to one commenter’s lament as to why Ms. Kelly continues to purvey this gorgeous avalanche of effluvia. It appears to be because she has a very lively and receptive audience, in a nutshell. That they might similarly be sociopaths, or have a few brain cells missing in crucial areas, or, as I prefer to believe, are simply intellectually lazy, is probably irrelevant, never mind quite difficult to ascertain.
    No, her and her ilk survive because of a will to believe; I see it more as a disinclination to disbelieve on the part of her followers. Oh, and that word-followers-is the best clue to her slavish attachment to statistics retrieved from some deep, dark recess in the corner of her colon.
    Having said all that, I am of a like mind with Mr. Mencken. Free speech is just that; if we had to pay for it, we’d probably be more circumspect about shooting our mouths off. But, since it is free, let’s all treat it as it should be treated; as just one indicator of a situation or circumstance. Let’s all give thanks to the fact that we live in a country where, if we want, we can change the channel.

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