Yet another reason why the drug war can’t work


GUATEMALA CITY – Authorities arrested Guatemala’s anti-drug czar and national police chief Tuesday in a case involving stolen cocaine and slain police, acting just two days before U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton arrives to discuss the drug war.


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9 Responses to Yet another reason why the drug war can’t work

  1. allan420 says:

    lol! more proof the drug war is working. Hot damn…

    Remember, the cartel share of total annual global trade is about 8%, just from illegal drugs. Syndicated crime controls about 15% of total annual global trade from all their enterprises. They buy who they want. I’m sure they can do some pretty mean arm twisting when they need to convince someone.

  2. allan420 says:

    heck, I guess I should read the article first. These guys were ripping off the cartels… holy cocaleros! That’s ballsy. Still corrupt but what a twist!

  3. Buc says:

    Well now there is no more corruption at the top, right? After all, that’s the underlying message in all of the stories that involve high-level people getting arrested in the drug war.

  4. Paul says:

    Yep. Squeaky clean at the top now, no doubt about it.

  5. claygooding says:

    Stealing is stealing,and when you consider that they were breaking a law stealing something,so they can break another law when the sell it,shows people just how dangerous the prohibition has made drugs by making the profits so enticing as to tempt a top police official.

  6. kaptinemo says:

    ‘Criminality of government’ in-your-face. This reminds me of what happened with the Mex DrugCzar General Rebollo in the late 1990’s; after Gen’rul Barry McCaffery praised him to the heights, Rebollo was arrested. Turns out that Rebollo was on the take from the cartels. Very embarrassing.

    Corruption is inescapable, unavoidable, omnipresent when dealing with illegal drugs. No institution is safe. No individual is incorruptible. But the purblind prohibs keep trying to make like the famous Three Monkeys when it comes to the damage caused by their support of the indefensible. No wonder the cartels are laughing; the prohibs are their very best friends…

  7. Just me says:

    LOL!!! No comment needed,except wheres the CIA? Isnt it “Where theres coke theres CIA?” “Got coke? Got CIA?”
    Ok ,Had my fun.

  8. claygooding says:

    All the CIA are in Afghanistan,trying to figure out what ploy they will use for this years crop. I am awaiting the reports and it is only about 2 or 3 more months till harvest.

  9. DarthNole says:

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