Fearing the message update

Here’s an outstanding news piece covering the situation with Constable David Bratzer reported here yesterday.

The coverage is a real breath of fresh air.

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14 Responses to Fearing the message update

  1. DavesNotHere says:

    This is good to see. Funny how they try to shut up some but not others, depending on what the speech is that is coming out of their mouths.

    Here’s a paid drug warrior getting his propaganda printed without anyone trying to shut him up.

    Compassionate marijuana programs ploy to legalize pot

    Police in the Midwest have been dealing with medical marijuana trafficking for several years now. In just the last seven weeks of 2010, the Illinois State Police in Henry County have seized 500 pounds of medical marijuana grown in California and Oregon destined for sale in Illinois and the east coast. In each case, the defendant was a medical marijuana patient.

    As a narcotics unit commander, at the front lines of this national crime wave, I cannot bite my tongue and watch as the marijuana legalization groups try to pull one over on the citizens of Iowa and the greater Quad-Cities.
    Chris Endress is director of the Quad City Metropolitan Enforcement Group.

  2. divadab says:

    Fortunately, British COlumbia is a jurisdiction that respects the rights of people to free speech. Also a place where, despite the same legal framework of prohibition as elsewhere, cannabis is widespread and tolerated and the police put cannabis enforcement as a low priority.

    However, VIctoria is a city with a high proportion of retired folks due to its benign climate (the “newly wed and nearly dead” demographic). SO there is a lot of support for what the police chief did among the older conservative set.

    We’ll see how this is resolved – the local cannabis movement is big and well organized.

  3. kaptinemo says:

    I keep saying it, and one day it will happen: a DrugWarrior, like the one in Quad City, is going to publicly impugn the honesty of a reformer…and the reformer will take the DrugWarrior to court, and force him/her to not only retract their slander and/or libel, but in the process put drug prohibition, itself, on trial.

    Because drug prohibition itself is based on lies. We all know the history. We’ve all read the writings of the most virulent drug prohibitionists…who were, almost to a man and woman, racists themselves, ignorant of science but well-schooled in bigotry. Such a foundation of lies, deceit and prejudice as they’ve built for drug prohibition is inherently unstable.

    The DrugWarriors have built their temple on barely stabilized quicksand. One good shake, courtesy of presenting the historical proven and pseudo-scientifically racially bigoted background of drug prohibition into a venue where lies are punishable, will send the DrugWarriors in under their heads very quickly.

    So, please, DrugWarriors, keep insinuating dishonesty on the part of reformers. One of us will ensure that that mistake will be the beginning of the end of drug prohibition…and your meal ticket.

  4. DarthNole says:

    VOTE for Legalizing Marijuana on Change.org:

    I am hoping that MPP, NORML, SSDP, LEAP and others will use their email lists and get behind this vote. They ask us to go support their videos, questions, ideas…. so hopefully they will rally behind us and get their email lists involved. The idea has dropped into 8th place, and there are many that are very close behind. Now is the time for us to be active!

    9 days to go….

    There is time to secure our spot in the discussion and there is plenty of time to lose it. What is your choice???

    MPP, NORML, SSDP, LEAP…. Can we count on you???


  5. Just me says:

    “As a narcotics unit commander, at the front lines of this national crime wave, I cannot bite my tongue and watch as the marijuana legalization groups try to pull one over on the citizens of Iowa and the greater Quad-Cities.
    Chris Endress is director of the Quad City Metropolitan Enforcement Group.”

    Pull one over on the citizens ? really? I think the citizens of the Quad Cities and of Iowa are much smarter than this drug warrior thinks. Lets see…count them…4 meeting of the medical profession over the last year in Iowa…a vote of 6-0 from these same professionals to reschedule cannabis and recognize it has medical value. Humm sounds like this drug warrior is in over his head already. And How else are these people supposed to get this MMJ ? Ya sure there will be some pot heads toking it too but thats the price Iowans will have to pay till the laws are changed and its legal. There will be illegal sales and more money spent out of the Iowa and the Quad city coffers to arrest and seize . This is how it will all end. Legal cannabis being sold in states its not yet legal. How much do you tax payers want to spend to try and stop the unstoppable? Iowa, how fat is your wallets? Care to slim down any?

    This is just another story as that of bratzer . Drug warriors opening their mouths and showing just how insane this war on American people is. Showing just how much truth there is to reforming this insane law.So please..go ahead Quad Cities..go ahead Victoria…run your mouths and prove our point for us.

    It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.
    Thomas Jefferson (1743 – 1826), Notes on Virginia

  6. kaptinemo says:

    I’d like to add something else: just how much this attempt to silence the constable illustrates the authoritarian mindset of the prohibs. And that they will ‘eat their own’, when it comes down to it.

    I don’t call them ‘control freaks’ out of shallow pique. They really are intent upon managing every aspect of your life…for your own good, of course, because they know so much better than you do about how you should live it…and how dare you suggest that they may have ulterior motives for their holy and selfless efforts! (While oblivious of the irony in cashing their paychecks.)

    Again and again and again, they keep reminding me of what Heinlein said about how the Human race divides into those who want to control people for the ‘greatest good of the greatest number’, and those who have no such inclination (or delusion) doing everything they can short of the (sadly, usually necessary) violence to prevent that. The former group usually has to have its’ nose bloodied before they listen to anything other than their own unctuous, hypocritical voices…

  7. Pete says:

    DarthNole. Thanks for posting that four times….

    Sure, I’ll go over there and vote. But Why???

    I seem to recall that we already voted for legalization at change.org. More than once. Decisively.

    What’s the point? This time they’re going to do something about it? What?

  8. Hope says:

    Compassionate marijuana programs ploy to legalize pot


    Function: noun
    Meaning: a clever often underhanded means to achieve an end — see trick

  9. Cannabis says:

    Yes, Pete, let’s do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.

  10. Buc says:

    You know, at first I forgot that this story wasn’t from the United States. My first thoughts when listening to the reporter was, ‘Where does that accent come from?’ and ‘Wow, this is some insanely non-pro police coverage for a change.’

    Then I saw it was from British Columbia and it all made sense.

  11. Buc says:

    Change.org will keep allowing people to ask any question they want indefinitely.

    Then, when the drug policy reform advocates finally get sick of their message not being heard, their questions not answered and Obama being pathetic, they will stop voting. The media/drug warrior lobbyists will say, “See, it was just a small group of people.”

  12. Pete says:

    Buc, I understand what you’re saying, and agree mostly. But keep in mind that change.org is different than change.gov.

  13. Hope says:

    Buc. Maybe there’s a way to say it loud and clear so that there is no misunderstanding about why you are not frequenting their site.

    Emails? Letters? Phone calls? Tell them they are on the boycott list. They might care. They might not.

  14. DarthNole says:

    @Pete: I understand the frustration, but are we just going to give up because we don’t like what they did last time. Yeah, this might not get us any further in the discussion than we are now, but what if it does? Please vote… we have to show our support!

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