On our college campuses

I’ve highlighted a couple of rather ignorant OpEds in college newspapers in the past, but it’s good to note that, particularly due to the efforts of SSDP, you’re more likely to get a good piece like this one by Beth Mendenhall in the Kansas State Collegian (I don’t know if Beth is an SSDP member): Consistency Demands Cannabis

Our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are enough to warrant legalization of marijuana. So be a good patriot…

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2 Responses to On our college campuses

  1. Beth Mendenhall says:

    Glad you liked it. I hadn’t heard of SSDP until now but it looks like a great organization. I think there are a lot of other good arguments out there for regulated legalization, but unfortunately limited word count only allowed me to discuss this one!

  2. Hope says:

    Beth Mendenhall. You did a very good job. Thank you.

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