Another poll

I’m not familiar with Angus Reid Global Monitor, but here’s another poll, this one showing a majority supporting marijuana legalization, but also showing that we’ve got a long way to go to educate people about legalizing other drugs.




Not sure









Powder cocaine








Methamphetamine or "crystal meth"




Crack cocaine




Full poll results here, including the fact that 68% believe the “War on Drugs” has been a failure.

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54 Responses to Another poll

  1. Jesse says:

    You know I think you guys are getting to worked up about your specific philosophies.

    Just remember that use of ganja specifically is more normalized to more people than it’s ever been. personal grow ops run rampant and theres NOTHING they can do to change those facts. The pubilc sentiment is here and it will remain.

    Need I remind you folks of what happened to kellogs after dropping Micheal Phelps?

    No matter what form the change in the future takes, it will come..

    people are looking to Ron Paul because his ideas about auditing the fed and immigration make sense to alot of folks, and it opens many eyes to the real state of things in the country.

    He understands how a sensible world would deal with drugs, and presents it as a senible issue that is part of his comprehensive plan for the country.

    Ive seen so,so many young people like myself (as Daniel Williams said) FINALLY engaging in the political process and getting worked up about the real issues in this country.

    I’m not a Ron Paul fanboy, but I am a fan of what he represents… REAL CHANGE and PERSONAL LIBERTY. FREEDOM FROM TYRANY and DEBT aka SLAVERY.

    We’re reaching a breaking point in our prision systems and economy. people will soon have no choice except to finally start participating.

    Humanity is a “body” composed of millions of cells, and for the survaival and preservation of our body, more and more cells will mutate and adapt, it is inevitable.

    We’ve ahead of the curve here at drugwarrant. We’re the X-men of politics so to speak.

  2. Jesse says:

    And just like the comic book Xmen, people want us gone.

    Thats why we gotta stick together yo. =)

  3. cabdriver~

    How’s January 14th, or the 24th?

    Here’s my email address for direct contact:

  4. Tonight inside The Opium Den I’ll be discussing incrementalism vs. all-in as it relates to drug policy.

    I invite everyone, especially cabdriver (as he has yet to respond to my offer to appear on the show), to tune in and give me a call. the number:727.493.2205

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