Pictures that make my head explode

This is a screen shot of Fox News’ Happy Hour, featuring Rebecca Diamond, interviewing Ethan Nadelmann about marijuana legalization in California.
Note that this takes place in a bar with tons of booze on the shelves behind Rebecca, and a screen tag saying “Legalizing Marijuana: High Times or Buzz Kill?”
A picture named screenshot.jpg
Right at this point, Rebecca is saying:

Yeah, but, Ethan, I mean you know exact desperate times call for desperate measures, but should it because they’re desperate for money, then sacrifice your standards and sayin’ “Hey yeah, we’re just going to let anybody smoke pot” – what could that do long term to the productivity of this state?

That’s right – in front of bottles of gin and whiskey, and sounding a little bit like this wasn’t the first place she’d been to that night (Listen to her attempt to say “We shall see” later in the piece.)
The full video is available on YouTube.

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