John Walters and Jeffrey Miron on CNN

CNN covers Schwarzenegger’s call for a debate on marijuana legalization and brings on Jeffrey Miron and John Walters (Warning: Walters will make you want to throw things, so get breakables out of close reach. See if you can count the outright lies.)
Miron does a great job, but Walters speaks without taking breaks dominating the time. Walters’ big theme: marijuana causes violence.

Bizarre moment early in the piece (before the debate) was John Coleman of Drug Watch International comparing pot in the day to today’s weed:

No question about it… it’s the difference between having, maybe, a four-ounce glass of beer versus an eight-ounce glass of Jack Daniels

Um, really?

  1. Who drinks a four-ounce glass of beer?
  2. Where does pot come in pre-determined consumable amounts?

Of course, in actuality, the difference between low grade marijuana and that with high THC content ends up being more like the difference between drinking a six-pack of beer and having an ounce of scotch neat.
And, of course, here’s the other thing: You drink too much Jack Daniels and you can die. Not so with marijuana.

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