CNBC’s Larry Kudlow doesn’t get it


According to CNBC ‹The Kudlow ReportŠ host Larry Kudlow, the way current California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is trying to promote [marijuana legalization] isn‰t for the purest of intentions, but just to bring in more revenue for his state‰s beleaguered budget.
‹ á Gov. Schwarzenegger, I mean he basically wants to get everybody stoned and then raise taxes,Š Kudlow said on his May 12 broadcast. ‹Now I have a problem with that. If we raise taxes, we ought to do it in a sober way so people can lash back at it.Š

Let me explain how it works, Larry. Legalizing marijuana doesn’t mean that everyone has to get stoned. We’re not going to put it in the water supply. And clearly you haven’t been paying any attention to the marijuana discussion online. The pro-legalization folks haven’t been showing any evidence of being too stoned to have an informed debate. In fact, their knowledge of the subject far out-shines that of mediocre cable news hosts.
And as far as Schwarzenegger possibly promoting legalization without the purest of intentions, gosh, that’s got to be the first time that ever happened in politics.
And I don’t particularly care about the purity of his intentions if the idea is a good one.
Finally, Kudlow’s seeming concern for people getting their taxes raised is a complete crock of sh*t, since we’re talking about people who could otherwise be facing criminal sanctions if marijuana remains illegal.

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