Anti-legalization derangement

When I’m searching through the volumes of drug war-related news that comes out each day, I’m occasionally struck by something just plain bizarre – a point of view that is hilariously sad.
Daniel McElwain’s views are pretty much irrelevant as few are likely to be swayed by him. And countering his “arguments” is like countering the arguments of flat-earthers.
Still, it’s good to see what’s out there in the fringes of the prohibitionist mind.
I say no to legalization of drugs by Daniel B. McElwain, Jr. of Culpeper, Virginia.

America will gain increased tax income if drugs are legalized, but life will change.

  • Every generation will be destroyed, as with tobacco and alcohol, while illegal drugs will grow in almost every backyard and household/office flower pot.
  • One illegal drug might be approved to alleviate the agony of dying people.
  • Security and medical forces will collapse with rises in crime, new diseases and soaring death rates.
  • We will need to advise how our guns are made, annually inspected and ownership controlled.
  • Peer pressure will render pointless the teachings of parents, educators clergy and society.
  • Quality of air, water, food and critical industries will be further compromised.
  • Our military will be forced to function with increasingly unclear heads.
  • Effectiveness of our legislatures and justice systems will diminish, as prisoners are freed.
  • We might require officials, et al, to submit to random drug and alcohol tests, or face arrest and/or firing/impeachment.
  • Employees might demand ‹druggieŠ breaks, along with currently allowed smoke breaks and alcohol lunches.
  • All official and private vehicles should be equipped with alcohol/breath-testers and sensors, for all operations, for all occupants, for every re-start.
  • All entrants to official buildings must submit to drug breath-tests/inspections, as we now do for metal/weapons, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical companies and the media will profit greatly with false promises and advertising.
  • Enemies will reap greater drug income and increased power from America‰s further decline into drug-induced stupor and financial impotence.
  • Our borders will become legally meaningless, as they are at present.

McElwain is a retired colonel in the U.S. Air Force.

My brain hurts just reading it.
If something that disjointed was written by someone favoring legalization, people would assume that he was stoned. So what is McElwain’s condition?
Clearly there’s some irrational fear, there. He thinks that illegal drugs are so dangerous that legalization would lead to the requirement of breath-tests for all occupants of cars, presumably because these druggies (who never were interested in drugs until legalization) would grab the steering wheel from the driver and force the car into oncoming traffic.
It really is funny/sad.

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