Good Post at Drug Czar’s Blog

The Office of National Drug Control Policy’s “blog” has a good post about the dangers of accidental poisoning: Is Your Home Safe?

National Poison Prevention Week is a good time for people with young children to ensure that kitchen cabinets, medicine cabinets and other storage areas are kept locked, or have child-proof latches, if they contain potentially harmful products. Garages, too, are important areas to check. Be sure that pesticides or other poisons are locked up or well out of children‰s reach.
This is also a good time for adults to check possible interactions between the different drugs they take, especially if they are taking a prescription painkiller.

They also link to a useful tip sheet (for instance, did you know that anti-freeze tastes sweet to dogs and cats?).

(boy, that was a weird post to write — I feel like I’m momentarily in some kind of bizarro world, where government programs are actually designed to help people rather than hurt them)

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