FBI fails to use proper procedures on arrest

There must have been some massive breakdown in procedure in the arrest of a suspect in Chicago early this morning by the FBI. Check out how they went about it.

Robert Grant, the FBI special agent in charge, called the house on the phone.
“I advised him that we had a warrant for his arrest, that there were two FBI agents outside his door
“I woke him up. So the first thing was, he asked if this was a joke. He tried to make sure that was an honest call.”
Once convinced, Blagojevich gave himself up to the agents on his front porch and was taken away in handcuffs to FBI headquarters where he sat for four hours before he was moved to court.
The governor’s children were apparently unaware of their father’s arrest.
“They were beginning to stir, and we left but they were not awake. But his wife was awake,” Grant said.

What’s that about? There’s something seriously wrong here. No flash-bangs? No smashing the door down with lots of men in black carrying machine guns rushing through the house killing dogs? No accidental shooting of children? After all, this was a guy who had an entire militia at his command.
And I’ve been told that such procedures are necessary for the safety of officers and civilians.
What a notion. They called him on the phone to let him know that he was under arrest, and that agents were outside his house. Not even the startle of a doorbell or a knock. And so, the children remained asleep.

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