75th Anniversary of Repeal Day is Friday

Five years of Prohibition have had, at least, this one benign effect: they have completely disposed of all the favourite arguments of the Prohibitionists. None of the great boons and usufructs that were to follow the passage of the Eighteenth Amendment has come to pass. There is not less drunkenness in the Republic, but more. There is not less crime, but more. There is not less insanity, but more. The cost of government is not smaller, but vastly greater. Respect for law has not increased, but diminished. – H.L. Mencken

– from Radley Balko’s article at FOXNews: Repeal Day Serves as Reminder of the Folly of Our Drug Laws
There will be a number of activities this week celebrating the 75th anniversary of the repeal of the first prohibition. I’ll be reporting more as the week goes on.

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