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“bullet” Scott Morgan covers another segment of Margaret Wente’s horrible series in the Globe and Mail. In this one, she just makes up her “facts” out of thin air. He suggests you write Globe and Mail. I agree.
“bullet” Bob Barr Endorses Accountability Now/Strange Bedfellows coalition. Good for him. Not specifically drug war, but it is about beating back the cross-partisan authoritarianism that’s dominating Washington.
“bullet” Kevin Carson has Just Another Drug War Rant at the art of the possible.
“bullet” Norm Stamper: One way out of endless drug war
“bullet” William Reed for Insight News: War on drugs costly for Blacks

When the Draconian drug laws were being enacted African American legislators went along with “law and order” politicians with practices that would incarcerate millions of drug offenders from inner city neighborhoods and help rural politicians make the business of imprisonment a major industry in their districts.
Every passing year the drug problem gets worse and its time African Americans make legislative representatives face up to the impact the War on Drug has on us.

“bullet” Joy Strickland Drug laws fertilize teen violence

Those concerned about the message decriminalization would send to our children would do well to consider the message we are sending by continuing the status quo. […]
We don’t want our children to die as innocent victims of turf wars and gang violence.

“bullet” A very interesting and thorough discussion of marijuana by Matt Johnson at the Vernon Broadcaster. Marijuana’s Tangled Roots Run Through Society
“bullet” Alex at Drug Law Blog reports that Elaine McKellips has filed a lawsuit against San Louis Obispo County Sheriff Pat Hedges alleging that he violated the California Constitution when he invited federal law enforcement officials to raid a medical marijuana dispensary.
“bullet” Looks like the war on marijuana is just about over: Massive Load Of Marijuana Seized In Miami and Tokyo Police Make Biggest Marijuana Bust and in Monterey, California, police eradicated $128 million worth of marijuana. That’s gotta be pretty much all of it, don’t you think? Now it’s just a matter of mopping up what’s left. I mean, it’s not like this stuff grows on trees, you know. Oh… never mind.
“bullet” DrugSense Weekly
“bullet” “drcnet”

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