McCain on Drug Policy

“Drugs is a big, big problem in America.”John McCain

Ah yes, finally, some clear, decisive, rational thoughts about drug policy. I guess I can hang up my blogging cap now — with astute leaders like that, we no longer need my discussions on the issues.

You see, I used to think that the qualifications for being President actually involved, uh, knowing some stuff. But then I tuned into cable news and discovered that the qualification for being President is actually getting shot down in a plane. I must have missed that Constitutional amendment (and I’m not sure when George W. got shot down – must have been during those National Guard hours that they forgot to record).
So now we’re looking at a potential President of the United States in 2009 who doesn’t know how to use a computer, and who is able to manage drug policy statements like:

“Drugs is a big, big problem in America.”

But at least he’s been shot down in a plane. That makes me feel so much better about his capacity to understand complex policies.
Including this one, obviously fed to him by staff at the encouragement of John Walters:

McCain praised Plan Colombia, a program the U.S. government launched 10 years ago to reduce cocaine production in the country. Because of Plan Colombia and other efforts, the price of an ounce of cocaine on U.S. streets had risen substantially, McCain said.

Ah, yes, the ubiquitous street ounce of cocaine, which, of course, has actually dropped substantially in price in the last 10 years (both in real dollars and inflation adjusted dollars (source– page 260) despite the recent problems with the U.S. dollar and huge interdiction and eradication efforts).
Obligatory troll note: I respect Senator McCain’s service to his country, and nothing I have said could possibly be interpreted as denigrating his service, except by people with the I.Q. of a toaster with the pop-up feature not working. It’s just that the simple fact of being in a plane when it is shot down does not make you Presidential and more than you’re likely to hear people say “Hey, Bob got hit in the face last week. We should put him in charge of our company.”
On the other hand, saying things like “Drugs is a big, big problem in America” when discussing our global drug policies with the leader of a foreign country — that is a pretty obvious disqualification for being President.
Update: More drug policy expertise from the man with the kindergarten-level understanding:

“There is clearly a continued threat of drugs pouring into the United States of America, which can harm us and our young people very badly.” – John McCain

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