A question for John McCain

Radley Balko asks the question over at Fox News:

– In 1989, your wife Cindy became addicted to the prescription drugs Percocet and Vicodin. Eventually, she began stealing medication from the non-profit medical charity she ran to assist the victims of war and disaster areas. You and your wife were able to negotiate a settlement with the Justice Department that let her off with restitution and admission to a rehabilitation center, but no fines, jail time or even public disclosure. Certainly no one could fault you for trying to save your spouse from criminal sanction. But you’re consistently one of the most strident drug warriors in Congress. You’ve voted to strengthen penalties against those who use and traffic in both illicit drugs and who divert prescription drugs. You’ve supported mandatory minimums and harsher penalties for first-time offenders. Why shouldn’t average people without powerful connections who make the same mistakes your wife made be shown the same leniency and mercy the criminal justice system showed her?

[Thanks, Scott]
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