Open Thread

All sorts of interesting stuff that probably deserves individual posts, but I want to get it out here…
“bullet” Vindictive Prosecution – an editorial in the Las Vegas Review-Journal smacks down the Feds’ most recent medical marijuana busts.
“bullet” U.S. conditions threaten Mexico anti-drug package. There’s talk that some high placed Mexican officials are looking for an excuse to turn down the money.
“bullet” Drug War Madness: Smoke a Joint and Your Whole Family May End Up Homeless by Tony Newman
“bullet” Failing Upward: New Frontiers in Scalia‰s ‹New Professionalism by Radley Balko
“bullet” Barbara Kay Says Mean Things About Marijuana Users and the Reform Movement by Scott Morgan
“bullet” Bush can’t remember if he used cocaine or not
“bullet” Killing the Messenger: Bexar probation chief wants to fire PO who snitched on faulty urinalysis results at Grits for Breakfast.
“bullet” “drcnet”

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