Somebody shoot me

Sen. Stoner Targets Stoner Pops

ATLANTA– A Georgia state senator with the last name “Stoner” has put his name on a bill to ban the sale of so-called “Stoner Pops” to minors. The legal lollipops taste like illegal marijuana and critics say they help hook youngsters on the real thing. […]
Students from Osborne High School were among those lobbying for passage of the bill. They argued that the chronic candy is sold on the street in a style that resembles the sale of real drugs. The message to children is that marijuana is cool. […]
“I know several people who’s addicted to marijuana and other drugs like heroin and cocaine and I’m just tired of seeing my fellow youths suffering from stuff like this,” said Percy Broussard.

Doesn’t it sometimes feel like turnips have a higher I.Q. than people?

[Thanks, Tom]
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