Quick Takes

“bullet” Via Radley, a letter to the editor that makes my head explode: Quit drug raid grandstanding
“bullet” Stoners in the Mist

I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile — the above is a trailer for ONDCP’s bizarre new flash video/web mockumentary that’s part of the “Above the Influence” campaign: Stoners in the Mist. It’s way too silly to really need outside debunking, but here’s some anyway.
“bullet” Drug war violence out of control in Mexico. But in the up-is-down world of drug war spin, that’s a good thing.

Mexican Attorney General Eduardo Medina Mora, however, said that the violence is a sign of the cartels’ weakness “and how these structures as we knew them are collapsing.”

Note the billboard in the picture in the above article advertising for more police officers? Apparently both sides are advertising that way. Lots of job openings…
“bullet” Robert Parry looks at the current administrative and judicial climate and asks Will the Constitution Be Altered to Eliminate Key Liberties? Our reply: Where have you been? The question is not “will it be altered” but “how much more will it be altered.”
“bullet” An interesting counterpoint OpEd series in Montana, which I think helps point out the deficiencies in some opposition arguments regarding drug testing. Check out Drug Policy Is Fear-Based, Punitive by Andy Hudak, followed by Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear in Drug Testing by Jeff Bailey. Bailey’s non-arguments actually demonstrate Hudak’s points, even though Bailey can’t see it

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