Open Thread

“bullet” In Germany, people are getting poisoned by smoking pot that has been mixed with particles of lead in order to increase its weight and maximize profits. A dangerous and stupid practice that should, and probably will, backfire on those who did it. Just one more reason that marijuana should be legal.
“bullet” This pisses me off. For five plants in their house, this couple will both lose their jobs as arts center managers. Maybe it’s because that’s my field that it hits me so hard, but my God, this is a stupid f-ing war.
“bullet” This week’s Drug War Chronicle has an excellent article by Philip Smith: Beware the Dreaded Skunk: British Press Suffers Contact High, Contracts Bad Case of Reefer Madness
“bullet” The Chronicle also analyzes some of the more visible contenders for the Libertarian Party nomination and their position on the drug war.
“bullet” “drcnet”

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