Things that make you go hmmm….

“bullet” Samhita at Feministing asks:

is pot culture sexist? And is smoking weed a feminist act?

“bullet” Tanya at Blame the Drug War suggests: I’m a better mother when I’m stoned
“bullet” Rogier van Bakel writes a letter. A Drug War and a Toothless Press
“bullet” More drug war heresy in the Washington Times? Arnold Trebach steps up to the podium

American drug laws and strategies have managed the majestic alchemy of converting relatively worthless plants into substances often worth more, ounce for ounce, than gold and diamonds. […]
But is there a way to make the plants cheap again? There is of course an obvious but politically unpopular answer: It is to treat the plants and the derivative powders as legal articles of commerce. If, say, marijuana and cocaine were worth roughly as much as alcohol and tobacco, there would be no Mexican gangs involved with these legal substances […]
To those who say that we will all be destroyed by drugs if we make drugs legal articles of commerce, I have several responses. For starters, I won’t be destroyed by them because the very thought of using them bores me. Moreover, based upon research, I estimate that perhaps 95 percent of the American people feel the same way. We are not a nation of suicidal fools. Millions of American recently drastically reduced their consumption of readily available red meat, alcohol and tobacco for reasons of personal health. […]
It is high time in this perilous era that we say to these dedicated officials in the DEA and in hundreds of other police agencies that we as free citizens accept the personal responsibility to save ourselves and our families from drugs (and red meat, alcohol and tobacco).

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