Silly beyond belief

The Washington Times has given the Drug Czar a platform to defend one of his pets — the spectacularly disastrous Plan Colombia.

Drug czar John P. Walters yesterday praised a long-standing anti-drug initiative in South America known as Plan Colombia, calling efforts by Democrats in Congress to cut funding for the program “silly beyond belief.”
“It’s hard to explain what they’re thinking,” Mr. Walters told editors and reporters at The Washington Times.

Um. Is it really that hard?
Let’s see… spending billions upon billions for years in Colombia (because of course we have no need for such money here) with absolutely nothing to show for it. No reduction in overall cocaine availability.
Oh wait — but I’m wrong — we do have something to show for it:

  • Poisoning farmers’ crops (and families)
  • Destruction of rainforests (as profitable trafficking is merely displaced to environmentally sensitive areas)
  • Corruption of government officials
  • Increasing the profits to major criminal organizations
  • Human rights abuses

Yeah, those Democrats are silly beyond belief…

…for only threatening to temporarily withhold the money or to reduce it, rather than eliminating it outright.
It’s hard to explain what they’re thinking.

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