Plan Mexico gathering steam

Since the details are being negotiated in secret, we’ll have to wait a bit to find out what our leaders have cooked up with our tax money to escalate the drug war and corruption in Mexico.
One thing seems sure — they’re going to have a very difficult time with their efforts to avoid the “Plan Mexico” label (and it’s a bit telling that they’re trying to — why would you avoid the label if it was indicative of success?)
Anyway, people seem to like the term — both on the web and in the news.
Of course, it is the Mexican government in particular that’s anxious to avoid the label because they see Plan Colombia as a de facto usurpation of Colombia’s autonomy. (Gee, I wonder why?)

[Mexico’s Attorney General] further emphasized that the expected pact is not really comparable to the U.S.-Colombia accord, since ‹under no circumstance will [there be] outside meddling in responsibilities that the Mexican state cannot delegate [to non-Mexicans].Š


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