Plan Mexico (and other drug war fun and follies)

“bullet” Heh. It looks like it won’t be too hard to get the “Plan Mexico” label out there.
“bullet” Why is TIME such a clueless rag? Tim Padgett’s The War Next Door is really reaching for a way to avoid the real truth:

Why is Mexico’s drug war worsening? Democracy may be one culprit.

That’s right… Ignore the natural economic consequences of a black market, the escalation of violence through the idiocy of the U.S. and Mexican governments, and the fact that some of these violent drug lords that were directly created and trained by those governments… and blame it on Democracy?
“bullet” Anthony Papa at Huffing Post: The Upside Down Flag — Art, the war on drugs, and a country in distress.
“bullet” Last week I pointed out the moronic giggle writing of Gareth McGrath in the July 27 Wilmington Morning Star. This week, the Charlotte Observer ran the same article, but without the opening and closing Cheech and Chong lines. Either somebody in Charlotte practices better journalism, or the ridicule of this blog made a difference.
“bullet” If I left right now, I could make it in time to hear Willie Nelson at Austin Freedom Fest. Boy, I’m tempted.
“bullet” Transform’s Tools for the Debate is now available for download. An excellent resource.
“bullet” Nice feature on Showtime’s excellent series ‘Weeds’ at USA Today

Kohan, a veteran producer and writer who wanted to do a show about an outlaw, says Weeds’ pot-selling-mom premise was a novel but relatable concept. With government estimates that 96 million Americans have tried pot, Weeds “crosses all social, ethnic, political and economic lines.” […]
The show’s pot-centric theme hasn’t drawn much ire outside of anti-drug advocacy groups, says Showtime entertainment chief Robert Greenblatt…

“bullet” Scott Morgan has an excellent piece at Cocaine Shortages Don’t Prevent Violence, They Cause It
“bullet” “drcnet”

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