“bullet” A picture named 070901_cover.jpgEthan Nadelmann makes a splash. His cover article: Think Again: Drugs in Foreign Policy is garnering a lot of attention, including this story on FOX news that actually wonders whether legalizing drugs might be better than prohibition (watch the video).
“bullet” Obama joins the other Democratic candidates in promising to end federal medical marijuana raids.
“bullet” Not only is drug warrior Dennis Hastert (R-Illinois) leaving, he’s leaving before the election, allowing a Democratic governor to control the special election timing. He must be wanting to spend time with his family really bad (or is something else about to bite him in the ass?) Curious.
“bullet” Steve Tucker has had to start again from scratch. He’s free now, a decade after he was put away for the crime of selling light bulbs. The drug war strikes in cruel and surreal ways.
“bullet” Mo Rocca wants to know if he should get baked. The mere fact that he asks the question means that he still doesn’t get it. It’s not about somebody else telling you what you should do.
“bullet” I’m one who gets extremely upset with government waste, and find the excessive use of no-bid contracts in government to generally be a violation of trust. That said, this oddly doesn’t bother me much. Since I consider all drug war spending to be a corrupt waste, I find myself apathetic about whether a no-bid contractor stuck it to the ONDCP.
“bullet” Drug warrior Joseph Califano gets trashed in Financial Times’ Economists forum

…It is depressing that this combination of hysteria, misrepresentation, intellectual confusion and mindless moralism continues to foist upon our countries a policy with such catastrophic consequences.

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