Drug War Foes King of Capitol Hill Softball League

Via Dare Generation Diary:

WASHINGTON, DC š The One Hitters, a softball team sponsored by Students for Sensible Drug Policy and the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, took over the #1 ranking in the Congressional Softball League last night. The team‰s 13-3 record has vaulted them to the top of the league, which is made up of Congressional offices, lobbying and consulting firms, non-profit organizations, and local businesses.
Team leaders are especially proud of the ranking, which contradicts negative stereotypes of drug policy reformers as unmotivated ‹stoners.Š ‹The drug policy reform community is made up of dedicated, hardworking people who take the issues of drug abuse and drug prohibition very seriously,Š said One Hitters captain and SSDP Executive Director Kris Krane. ‹We take pride in fielding a fun but competitive team that dispels myths and stereotypes about people who care about ending the so called ‘War on Drugs.'”
The One Hitters have competed in the league for five years. Two years ago they made national headlines when the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy refused to play a game due to ideological reasons. ‹Everyone knows that ONDCP backed out because they were scared of losing to us on the field, much the same way they are afraid to debate us because their policies fail in the court of public opinion,Š said center fielder David Guard, who is associate director of the Drug Reform Coordination Network. ‹We have an open challenge to the Drug Czar to play or debate anytime, anywhere.”

Congratulations to the one-hitters (what a great name).
And, of course, while we’re certainly not implying that the one-hitters use drugs on or off the field, we’re happy to have them stick that whole nonsensical “stoner” stereotype of being unmotivated and unproductive where it belongs — in the garbage bins of historical bigotry.
Plenty of sports figures have used marijuana — and generally the only ones to get in trouble are those who get caught through testing. I’ve never heard of an athlete who had problems because his private marijuana use hurt his game.
Add to that the jazz musicians and writers and artists. And Carl Sagan. And millions of other hard working, talented, and creative people in all walks of life.
It is the people who demonize and stereotype all pot smokers who are lazy, unintelligent, uncreative, and bigoted. Unfortunately, I fear that they may be beyond the power of cannabis to cure.

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