Pointing out the Drug Czar’s role in encouraging illicit activity

I like this approach by the MPP in pre-empting the Drug Czar’s photo op:

Drug Czar’s CA Photo-Op Can’t Hide Failure of Marijuana Policies, MPP Charges
REDDING, CALIFORNIA — White House Drug Czar John Walters’ Thursday marijuana “eradication” photo-op in Shasta County will only underline the utter failure of current U.S. marijuana policies, officials at the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) charged today. […]
“The drug czar will tout his expensive eradication adventures and hope nobody notices that they’ve actually helped the illicit marijuana industry thrive,” said Bruce Mirken, MPP’s San Francisco-based director of communications. “Eradication has simply boosted profits and pushed growers to more remote locations.” […]
“Walters denounces marijuana growing in national forests and other public lands, but the very ‘eradication’ efforts he champions are what drive marijuana producers into sensitive wilderness areas,” Mirken said. “There’s a reason you never hear about clandestine vineyards hidden in national parks and forests. If we regulated marijuana as we do wine, the problem Walters denounces so vehemently would disappear overnight.”

Walters has, for years, tried to pass himself off as caring for the environment, but the truth is plain to see. The policies he has promoted have been responsible for immense damage, and he needs to be held accountable.

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