Open Thread

“bullet” This is why the police have lost credibility and lost the cooperation of the citizens. An 8-year-old girl is on a trip with her grandfather (who is also her best friend). The grandfather is killed, crushed under his truck while trying to fix it, leaving the poor girl alone in the cab. Finally the police are taking the distraught girl home, but when they get inside the house, they arrest the family on marijuana charges. It was Washington State and they had a doctor’s prescription, but that didn’t matter to the police.
“bullet” Katha Pollitt has an excellent response to the Libby commutation in the Nation: Pardon whom?
“bullet” Colorless green ideas sleep furiously. Language Log does what the Supreme Court failed to do — actually look at the structure of the phrase “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” — and demonstrates that the Justices don’t know what they’re saying.
“bullet” Rita has a drug war poem over at StoptheDrugWar. Don’t forget to send me your poetry submissions.

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