Just one more reason to get rid of Alberto Gonzales

Not that we need any more… but in his testimony today, he was asked by Republican Senator Jeff Sessions, who has introduced a bill to reduce the crack-powder cocaine sentencing disparity, what the DOJ thought of it. Gonzales replied:

“Personally, as I sit here today, I’d say that where we’re at today is certainly reasonable. We think crack is more dangerous. It’s related to, I think, addiction more quickly. It’s more related to more dangerous crimes. The effects of it, I think, are more dangerous. So from a law enforcement perspective, it makes sense to have the kind of sentences that exist today.”

Where we’re at is reasonable? Makes sense?
I’m sorry, but why isn’t Gonzales spending the next 55 years in prison for what he’s done to this country? He’s much more dangerous than crack.

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