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“bullet” thehim’s Shooting Fish in a Barrel discusses a High School undercover operation (where the officer approaches students asking them to procure drugs for them) and just how ridiculous it is to assume that arrests in that situation have any meaning at all. It’s also reminiscent of this despicable case, where an attractive female undercover cop gets H.S. boys with raging hormones to buy drugs for her.
“bullet” At Reason’s Hit and Run: The Minnesota Supreme Court chips away even more at the Fourth Amendment, in a case involving drugs and dogs, of course.
“bullet” This was in the Drug War Chronicle I posted yesterday, but it’s worth highlighting. Phillip Smith discusses the Ed Rosenthal trial and the interesting activist tactic of people in the medical marijuana movement refusing to testify against Rosenthal.
“bullet” Good post by Scott Morgan on ONDCP’s “Dr.” David Murray’s appearance at CATO for a discussion of “Lies, Damned Lies, and Drug War Statistics: A Critical Analysis of Claims Made by the Office of National Drug Control Policy.” See also the comments there.
“bullet” Grits for Breakfast has several interesting posts: Austin Tells TV show COPS “No Thanks”, plus Unreliable urinalyses accuse innocent people, and A really bizarre reaction to police corruption.
“bullet” Alex at Drug Law Blog asks Will it Regulate?

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