The courts will not protect us


Oakland medical marijuana patient and activist Angel Raich dropped her
lawsuit against the federal government Thursday, ending a five-year legal
odyssey which had taken her all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.
“I’ve lost all faith in the judicial system, I don’t understand how somebody
can lose their constitutional right to life in this country,” she said

It has become abundantly clear that the courts cannot be depended upon to protect the rights of individuals from government abuse.
Unfortunately, that means our hope lies in the cesspool that is Congress, and it will take a massive uprising of motivated citizenry to rouse them from masticating in their trough and to prod them into an uncharacteristically noble action — righting a wrong.
And in the meantime, despicable parasites like John Walters feed off the anguish of the dying and the shattered lives and communities, and pat Congress on the head saying “It’s OK. Continue gnawing on the bones of the innocent. It’ll all work out. Trust me.”
Fortunately, the voice of drug policy reform is growing stronger every day, and despite stuffing ears with cotton and brains with mush, it is getting very hard to ignore us. We will prevail. We must.

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