Lou Dobbs and the Mexican Attorney General’s office just can’t understand why there is violence in the drug war.

From Lou Dobbs’ show on Friday (unofficial transcript)…

Lou Dobbs: “You’ve gotta hand it to Philipe Calderon, the President of Mexico. He’s trying, and trying very hard to deal with an out-of-control drug industry in his country. Illegal drugs. The war between the drug cartels and Mexican troops escalating the toll from what has been an especially violent week […]
Casey Wian: “Just 20 miles south of the Arizona border, the deadliest battle so far in Mexico’s war against the drug cartels that control much of the country. 22 people in the Sonoran town of Cananea are dead after federal troops stormed a ranch Wednesday. 15 drug cartel members, 5 policemen and 2 civilians.” […]
Ricardo Najera (Mexican Atty. General’s Office): “We’re working very hard to find out what’s caused this violence. And we hope to have a quick response to the situation.”
Casey Wian: “The Mexican Government’s response has been to deploy 24,000 federal troops to battle drug traffickers nationwide. Still, violence has been escalating.

2+2= …
Come on, you can do it… 2+2=…
Or as the dimwitted fireman once said to me:

I don’t understand it. I threw a grenade at the burning building to put out the fire, but for some unknown reason the fire actually kept getting worse and spread to another house. I’m going to have to get some more grenades.

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